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Monsanto Hazmat Corn (A drawing by Eva Roufe)

Bumper Sticker


Mark your calendars for May 21, 2016!

Details for 2016 have now been determined!

  • March Against Monsanto 2016
    • WHEN: May 21, 2016;
      • 9:30am -- Set up
      • 10am -- Gather for Social networking and freebies from many booths around the fountain.
      • Rally at 11am -- (Speakers and keynotes TBD)
      • Noon (approx.) -- March begins.
      • 12:45 or so -- Additional activities at World Beat Center. Coffee and snacks available at WBC too.
    • WHO: Anyone and everyone who is concerned about Monsanto poisoning our planet!


This event is tentative only at this time!

  • WHEN: May 20, 2016, 7::45pm
  • WHERE: Meet at Visitor Center, 2688 East Mission Bay Drive, 92109 just west of the Clairemont Dr. / I-5 overpass.
  • WHAT: Hold lighted signs on Overpass to “Stop Monsanto SDMAM.ORG” (We provide) or you hold your own sign!
  • RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/685409188228632/


The March on Monsanto San Diego drew more than 2,400 marchers the first year, and the quality of the event has improved each year. Organizers expect a large turnout and heavy media coverage this year due to the World Health Organization announcement that Monsanto's Roundup is carcinogenic, lawsuits by the City of San Diego and the San Diego Port District against Monsanto for polluting San Diego Bay with PCBs, and now this stunning announcement that a major restaurant chain is banning GMOs. Encinitas has announced they have banned the use of Round Up and other pesticides containing glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up as well as Neonicotinoids which have been linked to the decline of bees.

The March and Rally is scheduled for May 21, 2016. People are encouraged to arrive at 10am to visit educational displays, followed by the Rally at 11am, and the March, starting at Noon. The event location is at the Bea Evenson Fountain at Balboa Park, between the Ruben H. Fleet Space Theater and the Natural History Museum. Some people call this the Balboa Park Science Center Fountain. Parking is plentiful and free.


The City of San Diego and the San Diego Port District are suing Monsanto for pollution of San Diego Bay with PCBs, invented by Monsanto.

From the March 16 complaint: "PCBs manufactured by Monsanto have been found in Bay sediments and water and have been identified in tissues of fish, lobsters, and other marine life in the Bay. PCB contamination in and around the Bay affects all San Diegans and visitors who enjoy the Bay, who reasonably would be disturbed by the presence of a hazardous, banned substance in the sediment, water, and wildlife.

"PCBs were not only a substantial factor in causing the City and Port District to incur damages, but a primary driving force behind the need to clean up and abate Bay sediments. In addition, fish consumption warnings are posted at locations in and around Bay tidelands warning the public that fish within the Bay may contain contaminants and directing consumption limitations."

The complaint seeks to recoup the costs to not only remove PCBs from the Bay but also pay for the loss of natural resources.

"Other cities have sued over PCB pollution, but San Diego’s case is unique. Other PCB-contaminated areas mostly fall under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 — better known as Superfund — a federal law meant to provide cleanup of the nation’s most polluted sites. But San Diego is using a claim of public nuisance to bring a case against Monsanto."


Many people have said that there is no reason to fear GMO products, as they are composed of amino acids like any other plant or animal. Although, there is no proof that GMO products are harmless, there are many other reasons to object to Monsanto and the GMO products they sell.

One of their most devastating products is GLYPHOSATE, made by MONSANTO and linked to GMO products.

What is it? Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide, developed by Monsanto in 1974 and used in their product line including “Roundup.” It kills almost all plants when applied.

How does it work? Glyphosate blocks the activity of an enzyme used to make certain important amino acids. Thus, the plant cannot make proteins required for various life processes, resulting in the death of the plant. Genetically modified crops, like corn, wheat, rice, cotton and others have been designed to be “Roundup-Ready” and live even with Roundup applied. Farmer spray this on their fields and it kills all the weeds and leaves only the target crop. It is now pervasive in the environment, being detectable in 75% of air and rain water samples.

Is it harmful to animals? Not directly because animals don't produce those amino acids the same way as plants do. But it kills other organisms, esp. in our gut, and aquatic life, and has been linked to many human diseases and ailments such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes, obesity, lipoprotein metabolism disorder, Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infections, end stage renal disease, acute kidney failure, cancers of the thyroid, liver, bladder, pancreas, kidney and myeloid leukaemia.

Stop Using Roundup and Glyphosate products at home. A simple alternative is vinegar. Spray on weeds to “burn down” the plant.

Get others to stop using it: Contact your church, school, public playground, and city, county, hospital, etc. landscape maintenance departments and ask them if they use Roundup, and also ask them to stop.

Avoid GMO Foods and Products: Fight for GMO labeling and buy only GMO-free foods and products. GMO-free cotton means farmers are not using roundup on their fields and polluting the environment.



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