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The following videos were produced by Citizens Oversight. They are listed in reverse date order (most recent first).

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VideoArticle(M1856) 2018-06-13 Ray Lutz interviews Raji Rab on LA Election Irregularities -- Ray Lutz, Citizens Oversight, Features Raji Rab


Video(M1858) 2018-06-11 San Luis Obispo Bars camera from Public Random Draw -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1853) 2018-06-06 2018-06-06 Random Selection for San Diego County, 2018 Primary -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentation(M1850) 2018-06-02 2018-06-02 Election Team Orientation -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1849) 2018-06-01 2018-06-01 COPS visits San Diego County Registrar -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, Overview of Early VBM processing at San Diego County Registrar Office.


VideoArticle(M1842) 2018-05-15 2018-05-15 CD49 Candidate Forum -- , CitizensOversight,


Video(M1838) 2018-05-02 2018-05-02 SONGS OII Status Conference (LA) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, Absolutely nothing happened in this meeting. Of note, Public Watchdogs was not there.


Video(M1839) 2018-05-02 2018-05-02 SONGS OII Public Participation Hearing on 2018 Settlement -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1836) 2018-04-04 CPUC Hearing 2018-04-04 on San Onofre Closure -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPDF(M1831) 2018-03-22 San Onofre CEP Meeting -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, This event is hosted by Southern California Edison and it presents their point of view regarding the decommissioning of San Onofre and plans for nuclear waste storage. Public comment is available (3 min). Press Release announcing acceptance of the petition to the NRC rulemaking process.


VideoArticle(M1835) 2018-03-20 Ray Lutz appears on Real Progressives Roundtable -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1830) 2018-03-07 Election Integrity Update -- Ray Lutz on Facebook live -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, Includes updates on ElectionAuditLawsuit, SanDiegoPrimaryContest2016, BallotAccessLawsuit


VideoPresentation(M1816) 2017-11-17 2017 11 17 San Onofre Waste and HELMS at Ocean Hills (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1794) 2017-10-11 Coastal Commission Meeting w/ San Onofre Waste on the Agenda -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPDFArticle(M1785) 2017-08-31 Citizens Oversight OPPOSES AB-840, the bill to gut CA election audits -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, AB-840


VideoPDFPresentationArticle(M1781) 2017-07-28 Press Conf: Lawsuit Filed to Allow Ballot Review -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1775) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 1: Basic topic editing (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1776) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 2: Creating a Project (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1777) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 3: Advanced project: Take Action, Email lists, thermometer. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1778) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 4: Add a media item based on an email. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1779) 2017-06-30 Tutorial 5: Creating listserve emails from FB posts. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentation(M1755) 2017-05-04 Oceanside Public Meeting on Beach Nuclear Waste Facility -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1751) 2017-04-14 Stop Nuke Dump Event 2017-04-14 -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1746) 2017-03-27 Snapshot Protocol Tutorial for Los Angeles 2017-04 election -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, CA_LosAngeles


Video(M1767) 2017-03-19 Why SCE keeps making bad decisions: No Nuke Dump! -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


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