Media Group

This is a field of the Media Form. That form is included in topics that describe media, such as newspaper articles, video, pictures, TV clips, etc. that may be of interest.

The Media Group provides information on the general source and use of the media item, such as News, Govt Doc , Request Letter , Response Letter , News Release , Resolution , etc. It allows us to group the media types together to make it easier to find the media of interest or at least to flag them accordingly.

NameSorted ascending Type Tooltip message
Audit option Historical review of data, here most likely regarding elections.
Blog Entry option Original Article
Corp Doc option Document from private sector, usually a corporation
CPRA option Public Records Request and responses
Govt Doc option Document obtained from a governmental body or institution.
Legal Doc option Legal or court document
Legislation option Legislation which is or was being processed by federal, state, or local governmental bodies.
News option Article, video, etc. usually obtained from news media
News Release option Information actively released by some entity. Visit Press Room for all news releases from Citizens Oversight
Op Ed option Opinion and/or editorial
Procedure option Oversight Procedure or Best Practices Document
Research option Reseach publications by Non-Governmental Organizations
Standard option Standard of practice, best practice, guidelines, recommendations
Whitepaper option persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report.

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