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I hereby register my opposition to the Blackwater West mercenary training camp proposed for the Round Potrero Valley, in San Diego County. The development proposal is in violation of the agriculture zoning of this sensitive mountain area, is in direct violation of the recent vote to limit the density of this area to one home per forty acres, will increase traffic substantially due to 15,000 soldiers visiting per year, and will cause untold noise from numerous shooting ranges. The 18,000 sqft armory for guns and ammunition is far larger than even the largest cities, and poses a serious fire danger. The valley should be returned to its native state and combined with wilderness areas.

Furthermore, I stand in opposition to the siting of any private military/mercenary training camp in the State of California, as such war profiteering is a prescription for endless wars and conflicts. Military training must be kept the responsibility of the military, with the requisite accountability to the public, and not turned over to unaccountable corporate interests.

(Will be provided to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, to the Governor, and to all State Senators and Assemblymembers)

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