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The following email was received from (NAME WITHHELD), with timestamp of 22 Apr 2008 3:40am PDT. I would guess this came from the east coast, perhaps Washington D.C. or their North Carolina location.

Blackwater West will open for business in 2 weeks in San Diego. The building was leased by one of Erik Prince's offshore companies, E & J Holdings Llc, last year. While everybody focused on Potrero, Blackwater silently built their indoor training facility.

The 61000 sq ft building is located at 7685 Siempre Viva Rd, San Diego. It is just a few blocks south of Brown Field right near the border.

Looks like it is in the City of San Diego. Do they need permits for this? Osha approval? Citizen approval? Or do these guys just throw money around and do whatever they want?

Later, he said the following, to the comment that the location was better than Potrero on many levels, and after the news media had covered the location.

A group of tax-evading murderers in town is never preferable. I find it surprising that all they have done has been dismissed with a shrug of the shoulders. I bet the families of all the Blackwater victims have not forgotten. This includes Blackwater's own, that were killed because of cutting corners on contracts (Fallujah), incompetence in Afghanistan, and the innocent Iraqi civilians in Sep 07.

I find it strange that with all the documented illegal acts and atrocities by Blackwater...and they still get contracts awarded to them and are allowed to do business.

I saw on Fox 6 that they claim to have built up this indoor Otay facility to conduct Navy security training. These Navy training contracts are currently being performed by two San Diego companies, American Shooting Center and San Diego City College. What does this mean...? This means that we do not need Blackwater as they would like you to think.

If your or my company committed massive tax evasion, murder (yes even if its foreigners, it murder), over-billing, cutting corners on contracts resulting in employee death, etc, etc, etc...we would not only be out of business, but in jail for a long time.

I guess when you pay off enough politicians, you can get away with anything.

Thanks for the response,

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