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Whenever someone asks me for my position on an issue, I update this page. I'm interested in your feedback!

Q: I would like to know where you stand on gay rights? Marriage Equality? "Dont Ask, Dont tell"?, ENDA? The California STUDENT CIVIL RIGHTS ACT?

A: One of my key philosophies for deciding these issues is the notion of a STRONG FAMILY. That means that I view a wall of separation between the decisions that a family makes and the intrusion of the government. Such things as end-of-life decisions falls into this category. The government should not dictate to the family whether or not to "pull the plug," to give yet-another blood transfusion, etc. These are very difficult decisions and the family must have the ability to decide these on their own. The same goes for who is a member of the family, regarding race or sexual orientation. And pregnancy termination goes a bit further, being the sole decision of the woman who is pregnant, as it is her body.

Those who wish to make laws that intrude on the sovereignty of the family are actually assuming that the family is weak, and cannot make decisions for itself. I prefer to endorse the strong family, and delegate all those decisions to the family.

With all that said, we can process your questions:

  • Gay Rights - I oppose any discrimination based on the sexual orientation of the individuals. This is a matter of individual rights.
  • Marriage Equality - Support. The Strong Family dictates that the members of the family (race, gender) is up to the family.
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Oppose. This is a ridiculous notion that must be eliminated. Everyone should be able to equally serve in the military without discrimination. (However, as a member of the State Assembly, I have no say in this federal matter).
  • ENDA - Employment Non-Discrimination Act - Support (But, this is a proposed federal law that is also out of the jurisdiction of a state assemblymember.)
  • The California STUDENT CIVIL RIGHTS ACT - Support.

-- Raymond Lutz - 20 Jun 2008
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