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Cops Videos

The following videos were produced by Citizens Oversight. They are listed in reverse date order (most recent first).

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VideoArticle(M1830) Election Integrity Update -- Ray Lutz on Facebook live -- Ray Lutz, Citizens Oversight, 7 Mar 2018 Includes updates on Election Audit Lawsuit, San Diego County Contest 2016, Ballot Access Lawsuit


VideoPresentation(M1816) 2017 11 17 San Onofre Waste and HELMS at Ocean Hills (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-11-17


Video(M1794) Coastal Commission Meeting w/ San Onofre Waste on the Agenda -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-10-11


VideoPDFArticle(M1785) Citizens Oversight OPPOSES AB-840, the bill to gut CA election audits -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-08-31


VideoPDFPresentationArticle(M1781) Press Conf: Lawsuit Filed to Allow Ballot Review -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-07-28


VideoPresentationArticle(M1775) Copswiki 1: Basic topic editing (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-06-30


VideoPresentationArticle(M1776) Copswiki 2: Creating a Project (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-06-30


VideoPresentationArticle(M1777) Copswiki 3: Advanced project: Take Action, Email lists, thermometer. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-06-30


VideoPresentationArticle(M1778) Copswiki 4: Add a media item based on an email. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-06-30


VideoPresentationArticle(M1779) Tutorial 5: Creating listserve emails from FB posts. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-06-30


VideoPresentation(M1755) Oceanside Public Meeting on Beach Nuclear Waste Facility -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-05-04


Video(M1751) Stop Nuke Dump Event 2017-04-14 -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-04-14


VideoPresentationArticle(M1746) Snapshot Protocol Tutorial for Los Angeles 2017-04 election -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-03-27 CA_LosAngeles


Video(M1767) Why SCE keeps making bad decisions: No Nuke Dump! -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-03-19


VideoPresentation(M1744) 2017 03 02 San Onofre Waste Lawsuit and Seismic Risks -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-03-02


VideoArticle(SanDiegoPrimaryContest2016) San Diego Primary Contest 2016 UPDATED -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-02-02 Originally filed by attorney BillSimpich


Video(M1824) We Won! Press Conference, announcing success in the ElectionAuditLawsuit -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-01-31


VideoArticle(M1728) Election Team Conference Call of 2017-01-05 -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2017-01-05


ImagesVideoArticle(M1721) CA_SantaClara Manual Tally Nov 2016 -- Lise Rehbock, CitizensOversight, 2016-11-23


Video(M1718) CA_SanBernardino Manual Tally November 2016 -- Anna Mc Naughton, CitizensOversight, 2016-11-21


VideoArticle(M1719) FL_PalmBeach Manual Audit -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2016-11-18


VideoArticle(M1715) CA_San Diego Nov 2016 Manual Tally -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2016-11-15


Video(M1713) Election Team Conference Call of 2016-11-13 from Sarasota FL -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2016-11-13


Video(M1712) CA_Riverside Nov 2016 Manual Tally -- Anna Mc Naughton, CitizensOversight, 2016-11-10 CA_Riverside


Video(M1708) 2016-11-01 Press Conference on 'Intended Decision' of Election Audit Lawsuit -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight, 2016-11-01


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