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A Private Military Training Center For Military - Police - Government Professionals In the Homeland /Romoland Zoning Area of Lakeview/Nuevo Riverside County, CA

Citizens Oversight (2008-05-15) Ann Weston

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More Info: Blackwater West, Procinctu Group

Purpose: To find out if this training center is related to Blackwater West or another paramilitary group. To find out if this private military training center is legal in regard to The Constitution of the United States.(1) To find out if the facts have been disclosed and accurately followed the law.

The Riverside County Planning Commission gave approval to the Public Use Permit 885 on January 9, 2008. The request is “to construct a privately owned law enforcement, military and governmental agency tactical training center consisting of 3 admin. office buildings…approx. 8500 sq. ft…dorms, pool, uninhabited training structures, several mock streets to simulate a town, 6 indoor firing…3 indoor rifle ranges…a tactical training driving test track & skid pad.” (2)

Markham Development Management Group INC. is the applicant. The project planner is Matt Straite at 951-955-0545, e-mail: (3) It was to be approved by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors by 1-30-08.

The property owner is John Choate, a former Navy SEAL.(4) The 193 acre parcel belonged to his grandfather. The land is hilly, rugged, boulder strewn and "looks like the terrain in Afghanistan,"; he says;(5) he knows, as he served in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 as a “special operations military trainer; he and seven more “special operations…personnel will be involved in the training.(6) The name of this organization is Procinctu Group, Inc. Upon investigation I found that this word is Latin and translates to GIRD FOR BATTLE. (7) Following is their address: PROCINCTU GROUP, INC at 3405 LAKEVIEW DR, SPRING VALLEY, CA 91977. (8)

Sources for financial backing: Rob Moran, Riverside County’s economic development manager, stated the cost is around $20 million dollars.(9) Department 0f Defense gave a contract in 2006 for $11,145. (10) Procinctu also received “a loan for service-disabled veterans through the U.S. Small Business Admin.”(11)

John Choate thirty-three years old, said his center will not be used to train overseas contractors, mercenaries, or fringe groups.(12) He says his “focus is homeland security.”(13) He hopes to have the driving test track begin this year, but the project itself will take five years to complete.(14)


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