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ActivistToolbox * BrownAct Your rights in public meetings. * Debate Advisory Standards Project: Proposes groundrules and formats for debates.
Blackwater Potrero "Blackwater West" Mercenary Camp BlackwaterWorldwide, part of the PrinceGroup and one of the largest private military contractors in the worl...
EventsArchive EventsArchive2009 Calendar events for 2009 2006 Paste in events that are deleted from the Calendar Page. * 30 Sep 2006 Hanson Fundraiser, R...
County has prohibited such training on site By Anne Krueger STAFF WRITER January 26, 2008 ALPINE #8211; A proposed shooting range for the military and law enforc...
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Potrero Planning Group * PotreroCommunityCenter (25771 Potrero Valley Rd, Potrero); Second Thursday 7pm * Fact Sheet:
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Stop Blackwater! Organizations Please add your organization to this list if you have adopted a formal resolution opposing Blackwater West and Private Mercenary ca...
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