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Blackwater Worldwide, part of the Prince Group and one of the largest private military contractors in the world, proposed "Blackwater West" to be built in a valley just north of the small town of Potrero, in East San Diego County. The facility would have comprised 824 acres, including a portion of the Cleveland National Forest. The valley is one of a chain of valleys starting in Descanso, part of the original two-million acre preserve originally designated by Teddy Roosevelt. Since then, it has been reduced to 650K acres, and swiss-cheesed with private ownership. This valley has been used as a chicken ranch.

Blackwater pulled this project due to fierce public outcry on March 7, 2008. See Blackwater Otay to review their new secret invasion into Otay Mesa!

The proposed use will substantially develop the property and utilize it for target practice using pistols and carbines, a two-mile race track for emergency vehicle training, an 18,000 sqft armory, dormitories, mess hall, etc. The intention is to service 300 students each week (15,000 trainees per year) with 60 staff in residence on-site. See Blackwater West Project Description for details, and Detailed Plot Plan.

Blackwater does not want to admit that they represent a mercenary firm. "Civilians under arms for hire = mercenaries" precisely defines their activities. More than that, they frequently train and deploy foreigners, which makes the point even stronger. Although Blackwater says they will only engage in some activities at the proposed Blackwater West facility near Potrero, such as training of law enforcement and military, there is no licensing or oversight function that exists that can ensure that this is in fact the case, and the function of the facility could change overnight. Its proximity to Mexico is another concern.

Was this location selected so they can profit from lucrative border-security contracts, is it preferred so they can train cheap Mexican soldiers for their private army, or is this preferred so they can perform extraordinary rendition of "enemy combatants" in a partner facility in the El Hongo district of Tecate? Unfortunately, due to the Black-Ops contracts with the CIA, NSA, and military industrial complex, we may never know for sure.

One thing is certain, this insanity must be stopped.

Hot News!

  • Blackwater Otay project discovered, 4-22-2008. See pictures and satellite images of this secret project flying under the radar under the pseudonym "Southwest Law Enforcement"
  • Potrero Planning Group Recall Election - Details of the election which recalled all five pro-Blackwater members from the Potrero Planning Group.
  • Stop Blackwater Rally -- Our huge rally at the gates of Blackwater West Oct 6-7, 2007 was very successful!
  • FOR MORE NEWS -- see Blackwater News Media for a complete list.

Portion of Forest Service Map Showing the site. Cleveland National Forest is to the North, and a portion of the purchased property is within the Forest boundary.

blackwatersite.jpg View looking northwest from the entrance of the valley. Chicken coops are the buildings in the distance. See Round Potrero Valley Images for more pictures!

Virtual Visit to the site:

The Rise and Fall of Blackwater in Potrero -- As seen on TV

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Status and Recent History:

General location and Project Plan

General information about Blackwater

Selected Articles and Media:

Selected by site curator Raymond Lutz, these articles, videos, and news releases mark important milestones in the rise of Blackwater Worldwide and our struggle to Stop Blackwater Potrero and other locations!. Listed most recent first.

Recent Articles and Media:

  • All Blackwater News Media - This page contains all the news media about Blackwater that has been submitted to the site. Some media that is very important was recently submitted to the site but has an earlier publication date... You can find it here.

%IMAGE{"map-backcountrylandtrust.jpg" type="thumb" caption="Back Country Land Trust of the San Diego Conservation Resources Network" align="right"}%

Environmental Impact Report Comments

  • The Department of Planning and Land use has requested comments. Send email to: and those will be incorporated into the report. Or, click here: Stop Blackwater Web Petition and we'll make sure it gets submitted in as many places as possible.
  • Mail in your comments and letters: This is a bit better as it will show additional effort on your part. (However, detailed comment on the EIR is better left till after they complete it). Send to:
    • Project manager: Jarrett Ramaiya, 858-694-3015
    • Project Designators: P06-069, R06-019, AP 06-004, Log No. 06-20-001
    • Lead agency name and address: County of San Diego, Department of Planning and Land Use 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92123-1666

From "Registered Lobbyists"
Clay, Nicole and Saathoff, Stephanie of Carpi & Clay
Are listed representing Blackwater USA. This is the same lobbying firm that represents the County of San Diego(?)
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
BWW_Proj_Descr-1.pdfpdf BWW_Proj_Descr-1.pdf manage 50 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Blackwater West - Project Description from earliest proposal documents (2006)
Blackwater_Project_on_Forest_Service_map.jpgjpg Blackwater_Project_on_Forest_Service_map.jpg manage 33 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Forest Service Map extraction
CentralCommitteePotreroRelease1.pdfpdf CentralCommitteePotreroRelease1.pdf manage 112 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Resolution by San Diego County Democratic Party in Opposition to Blackwater West.
DPLU_Notification_List_0766_001.pdfpdf DPLU_Notification_List_0766_001.pdf manage 129 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz List of people notified by DPLU of the project
Jeremy_Scahill-3.pdfpdf Jeremy_Scahill-3.pdf manage 200 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Final Jeremy Scahill Flier for May 1/2
PPG_Original_Form_534_2006-11-22.pdfpdf PPG_Original_Form_534_2006-11-22.pdf manage 75 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Form 534 as submitted by the PPG upon their original approval vote
ParamilitaryTrainingCampsForum.pdfpdf ParamilitaryTrainingCampsForum.pdf manage 195 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Paramilitary Training Camps Flier
Position_on_Potrero_Planning_Group_Recall_Vote.pdfpdf Position_on_Potrero_Planning_Group_Recall_Vote.pdf manage 195 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Position Paper On the Potrero Community Planning Group Recall Election
Proposed_Blackwater_Facility_Overall_Site_Plan.pdfpdf Proposed_Blackwater_Facility_Overall_Site_Plan.pdf manage 346 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Site plan provided by Blackwater, (Very rough)
Proposed_Blackwater_detailed_plot_plan.pdfpdf Proposed_Blackwater_detailed_plot_plan.pdf manage 807 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz BWW Detailed Plot Plan
StopBlackwaterPetition.pdfpdf StopBlackwaterPetition.pdf manage 34 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Stop Blackwater Petition -- Pass around and mail in when complete!
blackwaterWestOverviewFromSDUT.pdfpdf blackwaterWestOverviewFromSDUT.pdf manage 2 MB 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Overview Map from SDUT
blackwatersite.jpgjpg blackwatersite.jpg manage 6 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz View looking North-East on target valley.
jeremyscahill.pdfpdf jeremyscahill.pdf manage 82 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Flier for Jeremy Scahill (With corrected address)
map-backcountrylandtrust.jpgjpg map-backcountrylandtrust.jpg manage 225 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Area of service of the Back Country Land Trust, San Diego Conservation Resources Network
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