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GA notes from Benjamin Knob:
I. Upcoming events as of November 17th -- Announced by Outreach
  • Occupy Your Corner-
    • Description -- Occupy Your Street Corner starts this Wednesday and any Wednesday after that, during your break, lunch break, between dr appointments, in front of your hospital, grocery store, post office, or neighborhood corner, wherever!
    • Just make a sign that says what you want to see changed in the world followed by (or the appropriate occupy near you) so people can get more info. Then hold your sign up wherever you are for however long you can. Take 10 minutes out of your day to hold a sign. Or a 1/2 hour...or 2 hours.... or 2 days. Occupy on your breaks, during lunch with the rest of us, or whenever you can wherever you can.
    • Occupy your Street Corner on your lunch break, wherever you are, for however long you can, all over Phoenix and beyond. This idea brought to you by the universe (it started on livestream and was brought up by 3 people separately on and offline as well.... so it sounds like some synchronicity we should follow up on)

  • Rise and Decolonize- Description
    • (This already happened so I have deleted the rest of it -- it was blasted earlier.)

  • Knock for an Occupation
    • Saturday, November 19th, 10:00am at the Civic Center Plaza!
    • In our continued effort to find a sustainable space for Occupy San Diego, we realize that outreach and public support are key! So we at Canvass for a Cause are doing what we know best: canvassing! We need YOU to join us!
    • You will be joining us as we do both street and door-to-door outreach to talk to the public about what the Occupy movement fights for, why it's important, and how they can get involved!
    • We will be collecting petitions to support a resolution in the City Council to support a space (online petition here: ) and asking supporters to write letters to their Council Member, to donate, and to facilitate teach-ins.
    • Not sure you can talk about the issues? Don't worry! We will have a training w/ coffee and friendly faces at the Civic Center, as well as a script with talking points and QUESTIONS that people have to think and respond to... this model is very successful and has given us a 38% persuasion rate on gay rights issues!
    • This is the best way to support our occupation: getting more people involved and clarifying our message to the public!
    • This Saturday we will be canvassing door-to-door in Hillcrest and street canvassing in downtown.
    • Our hope is that this will continue to other neighborhoods after this Saturday. We'd eventually love to see a multi-lingual canvassing day.
    • Don't Miss the first "Knock 4 Occupy!"
  • Immortal Technique
    • 8PM Saturday November 19th at Porters Pub at UCSD 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA, 92093
    • Immortal Technique, real name Felipe Coronel, was born on 19th February, 1978 in Lima, Peru and was raised in Harlem, New York. Immortal Technique is an hip hop artist and political activist, his lyrics focus on socio-political issues. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely a mixture of commentary on issues such as poverty, religion, and racism. He also focuses on the harsh resulting realities of criminality in the housing projects of New York

Occupy San Diego Needs volunteers for fliering!

II. Projects Announced by Direct Action
  1. Occupy Foreclosures
  2. Direct Action at Walmart
Direct Action committee meets at 5:30 at the civic center plaza. Attend the committee to get involved in these projects.

III. Announcement from “Us” committee November 25th is Black Friday. Let’s make it Holiday Shopping Transfer Day. Tell everyone to stand in solidarity with the occupy movement by shopping at small mom and pop shops instead of large mega-stores. Support local small businesses this holiday season!

IV. Announcement from Food We need food.

V. Announcement from Finance Reminder to Media: Please get the DONATE button back up on the regular occupy SD websites.

  • Hunger Strike -- John Kenney continues his hunger strike, now in day 11. He is requesting that the City come to the table and discuss the right of Occupy San Diego to conduct protests in the form of an encampment.




See All Occupy San Diego Announcements to read all previous announcements about
  • Where we meet, how to recover confiscated property from the San Diego Police Department, information for people were arrested, etc.

Unless noted, all events are at "Freedom Square" (the San Diego CivicCenterPlaza, 1200 3rd Ave. San Diego, Intersection of 3rd Ave. and B St.)
Unless otherwise noted, we meet daily as follows:
  • 4 pm -- Finance Committee Meeting, Downtown Johnny Brown's, Mon. thru Friday
    • Each committee should send a representative to this meeting! Budget is currently being defined.
  • 5:30 pm -- Committee meetings -- many meet at the "big circle" (the part of the plaza where there's map of San Diego in a big circle) with very few exceptions.
  • 7pm -- General Assembly (Civic Center Plaza)


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Occupy San Diego & Imperial County (Visit each site and "Like" it)

National Coordination

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