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Cops Videos

The following videos were produced by Citizens Oversight. They are listed in reverse date order (most recent first).

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VideoArticle(M2013) 2022-05-21 Election Experts review 2000 Mules misinformation video -- Ray Lutz, Citizens Oversight,


VideoPDFPresentation(M1970) 2021-05-29 AuditEngine Case Study Report & Videos -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1966) 2020-11-30 Video of SB 283 High Speed Scanner Test in New Hampshire -- , CitizensOversight,


Video(M1957) 2020-11-14 SHIVA Claims are Bogus -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1954) 2020-11-03 Tabulation Audit Oversight and Snapshot Protocol Tutorial -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1927) 2019-10-07 Earth Summit Presentation on 5G - Is it worth it? -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1928) 2019-10-05 AuditEngine Announcement at 3rd National Election Integrity Conference, Berkeley -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1926) 2019-09-19 Staff Report and Comments by Ray Lutz at Rhode Island BOE on Audits -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1923) 2019-09-13 ES&S Voting Machine Equipment Demo -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1924) 2019-09-13 Hart Voting System Equipment Demo -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1925) 2019-09-13 Clear Ballot Voting System Demonstration -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1911) 2019-09-09 Earth Summit Series presents "Tijuana River: Let's clean it up." -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1921) 2019-09-04 Voting Systems: Voting Technology Public Hearing -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1912) 2019-08-20 Nuclear Regulatory Commission hosting a town hall on San Onofre operations -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1916) 2019-08-18 Tutorial on Risk Limiting Audits -- Ballot Polling -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1905) 2019-08-05 Earth Summit Series presents "Emergency at San Onofre: From Shutdown to Nuclear Waste on the Beach" -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1909) 2019-06-07 Nuclear Waste Congressional Hearing In Laguna Niguel -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPDFArticle(M1896) 2019-03-26 Letter to San Diego BOS on Election Integrity for 2019-03-26 meeting -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1897) 2019-03-25 NRC Webinar on Canister Drop Incident -- , CitizensOversight,


Video(M1892) 2019-03-10 Election Integrity Update -- Ray Lutz -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1882) 2018-10-31 How to vote so your vote is counted -- Esp. in San Diego -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1880) 2018-10-21 Ray Lutz explains the best ways to vote to be counted and how to help with oversight -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1910) 2018-10-02 CD49 Debate -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Video(M1878) 2018-08-30 Marion County, Florida choosing random race and precincts for tally of 2018-08-28 primary -- Margaret Carlock, CitizensOversight,


VideoArticle(M1870) 2018-08-09 Whistle-Blower David Fritch describes canister nearly falling 18 ft at CEP meeting -- , CitizensOversight, CEP Meeting in Oceanside


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