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* Letter to Janice Johnston re BIA Classifications, Dallas Data, GA pilot.pdf: Letter to Janice Johnston re BIA Classifications, Dallas Data, GA pilot
* Letter to Monmouth County re AuditEngine.pdf: Letter to Monmouth Board of Elections re AuditEngine
M2013 In addition to this, we later learned that some researchers found that the map, supposedly was of Atlanta, was actuall...
M2012 ZM/edit?usp=sharing * 2024 06 01 M2012 To Ken Bennett re_ BIA Classifications, Dal...
Logic and accuracy testing (LAT) * Guidelines for Creating a Deck of Test Ballots (John Washburn)
M2011 * GA Ballot Image Audits including OCR of BMD ballots in light o...
Get Bumper Stickers! Objective: Permanent decommissioning of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) WE WON! Southern California Edison announced a pe...
This project is working to improve the integrity of our elections, one of the most critical areas in a democracy. It now seems certain that the last two elections...
To view this document as a googledoc, click here: eUC_SA * AuditEngine Findings.pdf: A...
* 2023 07 04 M2009 NJ Three County 2022 Audits.pdf: Ballot Image Audits of Burlington, Mercer and Monmouth Counties (2022) New Jersey
* Case Study Report 2020 General Election.pdf: Case Study Report 2020 General Election.pdf
* Letter to CO SOS Jena Griswold re_ Arvada Mayors Contest.pdf: Letter to CO SOS Jena Griswold re_ Arvada Mayors Contest.pdf *
* 2023 12 21 M2008 BIA pilot in El Paso County.pdf: 2023 12 21 M2008 BIA pilot in El Paso County.pdf
* gbi report redacted 1.pdf: gbi report redacted 1.pdf
* MD Pilot Audit 20231107 Narrative Report.pdf: MD Pilot Audit 20231107 Narrative Report.pdf
* 2023 12 05 M2003 Letter re Northampton PA.pdf: 2023 12 05 M2003 Letter re Northampton PA.pdf
MediaGroup This is a field of the MediaForm. That form is included in topics that describe media, such as newspaper articles, video, pictures, TV clips, etc. that...
* M2000 COPS Letter to Monmouth County Clerk.pdf: M2000 COPS Letter to Monmouth County Clerk.pdf
ContactUs Sign up for email updates: * Click here to sign up! Contact Citizens' Oversight Projects * Corporate Headquarters: 619 440 3646 * support #64...
This web site is dedicated to enabling citizens to provide needed oversight to our democracy. At present, Citizens Oversight is focused only on deploying AuditEng...
Details about this list: This list: electionintegrity #64; is NONPARTISAN and posts related to political issues that are not directly related...
MainProjectList NOTE: Creating project list for WebLeftBar is too compute intensive to do the search each time. Therefore, this topic should be re edited each tim...
Please see this page on the website. Click Here: AuditEngine FAQS
* See also: Main.RaymondLutz in the Main Web. * National Coordinator, Founder, Citizens' Oversight Projects: * Lead Develo...
Inside the Turmoil at the Agency Running Ranked Choice Voting The New York City Board of Elections, which has a history of mishaps, is now under intense fire for ...
* PDF Document as sent to the NYSBOE: * /Common/M1999/Letter%20to%20NYSBOE%20re%20ExpressVote%20XL.pdf
* Please see PDF documents: * Press Release: Three Counties Audited in Georgia *
Click to open googledoc for comments * /Common/M1980/COPS Review of AZ Audit of the 2020 General Election 2021 10 05 (M1980).pdf * Pallet Manifests (28MB...
* Thanks for your support! (Return to main page) DonateToCitizensOversight We are a 501c3, tax exempt organization. You can deduct any contributions you make fro...
COPS VVSG 2.0 Comments * This is our primary comments document to the Election Assistance Commission (AEC) as comment to the Voluntary Voting Systems Guideline...
* 18 page report: halderman.pdf * sec22 halderman.pdf: sec22 halderman.pdf (Local copy) * Antrim_Alex Halderman...
* Voting on Thin Ice 121917.pdf: Research on election issues in Shelby County TN * Voting on thin ice (Mike Kernell) * Aug 2, 2012 elections, thousands o...
* LAA_RG_2023_Report_Card.pdf: LAA Report Card * Matt Braynard * Thumbprint Authentication of Absentee Ballots. * Mandated voter list hygiene. Comp...
* Review of Video of AZ Senate Elections and House Municipal oversight and Elections Joint Meeting. * First guy Spickeem? * 61 batches (about 200 b...
Latest News AuditEngine Case Study Report AuditEngine was used to audit three counties in Florida: Collier, Volusia, and St. Lucie Counties. Learn about audit en...
In this video, I provide a review of the !"ElectionGuard" E2E voting system. BTW, I also reviewed the co...
View presentation on YouTube * Dual Tabulation Issue in ESS Voting Equipment.pdf: ES S Dual Tabulations (PDF) * * Dual Tabulation Issue in ESS Voting Equ...
* Googledoc (to make comments) * DVSorder Recommendations.pdf: DVSorder Recommendations.pdf
Open Googledoc for best formatting and to make comments
Googledoc for comments and best format
CrowdWatch is a smartphone app (Android and iPhone) that helps users to find important "watch points" near them, then provide instructions about how to provide ef...
* Click for googledoc: Click Here to add comments * 2022 05 27 COPS Letter to Clackamas County OR.pdf: 2022 05 27 COPS Letter to Clackamas County OR.pdf
* This is described in recent zoom meeting: * Googledoc of Election Hazards for comment:
Note: This analysis considers the risk factors to allow RLA audits to be compared with Ballot image audits. There are many other risks, such as due to improper el...
Hart Verity Voting System Demo * * Hart uses a consistent platform. * Bar codes on the ballots do not encode voter selec...
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