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This web site is dedicated to enabling citizens to provide needed oversight to our democracy. Engage officials in public meetings Record public meetings H...
Press Release: * PDF: press rel_ Three County Audit in GA and WI.pdf * Googledoc (best formatting or if you wish to comment) * Background Document: ...
CrowdWatch is a smartphone app (Android and iPhone) that helps users to find important "watch points" near them, then provide instructions about how to provide ef...
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AuditEngine Q: How does AuditEngine work? Simply stated, AuditEngine uses the ballot images of each ballot that are now p...
* Click for googledoc: Click Here to add comments * 2022 05 27 COPS Letter to Clackamas County OR.pdf: 2022 05 27 COPS Letter to Clackamas County OR.pdf
* This is described in recent zoom meeting: * Googledoc of Election Hazards for comment:
Note: This analysis considers the risk factors to allow RLA audits to be compared with Ballot image audits. There are many other risks, such as due to improper el...
Hart Verity Voting System Demo * * Hart uses a consistent platform. * Bar codes on the ballots do not encode voter selec...
Clear Vote Solution * * Clear ballot voting systems uses the same ballot format for ADA as not. * They use gray scale i...
ES S ES 220, ExpressVote, ES 450 * DS 200 * ExpressVote * Th...
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AboutUs Citizens Oversight, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit Delaware corporation with primary offices in California. The Certificate of Incorporation for Citiz...
Narrative Report * Automated Report by AuditEngine * https...
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* COURT ORDER TO HONOR SENATE SUBPOENAS_m9467954.pdf: Court Order to Honor Subpoenas by AZ State Senate * Document Cache:
Click to open googledoc for comments * /Common/M1980/COPS Review of AZ Audit of the 2020 General Election 2021 10 05 (M1980).pdf * Pallet Manifests (28MB...
* BEACON PHOTO/MARSHA MCLAUGHLIN MUCH APPRECIATED — Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis, center, is presented with a certificate of appreciation fro...
* Ballot Images Valuable or Worthless.pdf: PDF Version (paper format) V1.2 Comment on this Googledoc
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## Voter Intent Standards CA vote counting standards/ MN ## Cali...
Click HERE to view on googledocs * 2020 09 10 (M1978) Recall Auditing Procedures.pdf: Final letter, PDF
Click to open google doc for better formatting Subsequent Comments submitted on Aug 16, 20201 * Cover Letter: gC_hI...
Introduction Citizens' Oversight Projects has made progress in a focus on election integrity. It has become clear that changes in the elections code is our only c...
Latest News * AB 840 modified on August 28 to allow only early VBM and Polls ballots now signed into law. * In the appellate court, they judged that due t...
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Click to open as googledoc * M1974 Letter_To_Sen_Karan_Fann 2021 06 25.pdf Here is the prior letter:
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This letter was sent by email, fax, and certified mail on 4/8/2021, with certified mail to be sent on 4/9/2021 Later, it was discovered that the email was incorre...
This case study shows the performance of AuditEngine peforming ballot image audits when applied to three counties in Florida for the 2020 November Election, Colli...
* LetterToKaranFann 2021 06 15.pdf: Letter to AZ Sen. Karen Fann re: Maricopa County Ballot Image Audit
They conclude that: "Overall, this study provides valuable quantitative and qualitative evidence that manual post election auditing is not an error free process. ...
Latest News AuditEngine Case Study Report AuditEngine was used to audit three counties in Florida: Collier, Volusia, and St. Lucie Counties. Learn about audit en...
The Arizona Senate, apparently not satisfied with one recount, is close to signing a deal for its second review of Maricopa County’s 2020 general election ballots...
PostingEtiquette See also: * ListServe Overall summary of email lists related to our projects * ManagingListEmail Helpful suggestions for handling lots...
* See also: Main.RaymondLutz in the Main Web. * National Coordinator, Founder, Citizens' Oversight Projects: * Administrato...
A Brief History of Citizens' Oversight Projects I think it may help if I give a thumbnail sketch of the history of this entity. It is a 501(c)3 nonpartisan nonpro...
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Now, here is a complaint re: Michigan. I created a webpage for this to allow sharing. (This one has a lot of similar language a...
The "biblical" lawsuit by Sidney Powell in GA. content/uploads/2020/11/COMPLAINT CJ PEARSON V. KEMP 11.25.2020.pdf Claims in s...
Those are great points and I am sorry I added an evaluation of their report. But I will add my opinion here because I did a lot of work to model these audits in M...
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