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VideoArticle(M1994) 2023-02-23 02/23/2023 - Senate Elections and House Municipal Oversight & Elections Joint Meeting -- , AZ legislature,


VideoPresentation(M1915) 2019-08-07 Presentation by Steven Rosenfeld on Ballot Image Audits in Maryland -- StevenRosenfeld, AuditUsa, This video is queued to start at about 51 minute offset. Powerpoint slides from Maryland included


Video(M1889) 2019-01-24 San Onofre Special Inspection Predecisional Enforcement Conference -- , NuclearRegulatoryCommission,


Video(M1859) 2018-06-14 Random Draw in SF, 2018-06 -- , SFElections,


Video(M1848) 2017-10-19 2017-10-19 Dry Cask Risks Not Known When Design Approved by NRC -- Diablo Canyon Ind. Safety Committee -- DiabloCanyonIndependentSafetyCommittee, EcologicalOptionsNetwork,


VideoArticle(M1766) 2017-05-21 Aussie Surfer Leads the Charge to Protect Californian Coast from Nuclear Waste -- , 9 News Australia,



VideoArticle(M1764) 2017-05-17 Activists Sue to Block Plans to Bury 3.6 Million Pounds of Nuclear Waste Near California Beach -- , DemocracyNow, Features RayLutz


Video(M1762) 2017-05-11 California Coastal Commission Meeting in San Diego -- , CaliforniaCoastalCommission, Features DrTomEnglish, TorgenJohnson


Video(M1758) 2017-04-21 Politically Speaking: Dealing with San Onofre Waste -- GeneCubbison, SanDiegoNBC7,

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VideoArticle(M1739) 2017-02-02 Nuclear waste storage moves ahead as Issa, others, seek to relocate it -- JeffMcDonald, UnionTribune,


VideoPDF(M1705) 2016-10-15 Lawsuit to require preservation of ballot images in Pima County AZ, 2016 -- JohnBrakey, AuditAZ,


VideoArticle(M1738) 2016-09-23 Critics Question Plans For Nuclear Waste Storage At San Onofre -- Nuclear expert says it’s a 'witches brew of radioactivity' -- JwAugust, SanDiegoNBC7,


Video(M1695) 2016-09-02 Ray Lutz interviewed by Sane Progressive on Election Integrity -- Debbie Lusignan, Sane Progressive,


Video(M1687) 2016-08-30 Court Hearing for TRO to Stop Pima Co From Distroying Ballot Images 8.30.16 -- JohnBrakey, AuditAZ, Related to AZ_Pima


VideoArticle(M1741) 2016-08-19 Group calls for moving San Onofre waste to Arizona -- RobNikolewski, UnionTribune,


VideoArticle(M1665) 2016-06-28 Primary Election Lawsuit -- , KusiNews,


VideoArticle(M1634) 2016-01-27 San Onofre Power Plant closure sparks lawsuit -- DanPlante, KUSI,


Video(M1637) 2016-01-17 Relief Well Operations -- , So Cal Gas,


VideoArticle(M1631) 2016-01-14 Naked America -- Nuclear Power, Insurance and Health -- Earth Focus, KCET, "Going naked" is a term the insurance industry uses to describe not having insurance. And when it comes to the worst hazards of nuclear power, America is going naked. Correspondent Miles Benson investigates why the U.S. nuclear power industry is underinsured by hundreds of billions of dollars. He also speaks with Australian physician, author, and nuclear industry critic Dr. Helen Caldicott on the health effects of nuclear radiation, which include cancer, fetal damage, and genetic mutation.


Video(M1639) 2016-01-06 California’s Methane Gas Leak Environmental Catastrophe Explained -- , The Lip TV,


Video(M1640) 2016-01-06 A Staggering Methane Leak Has Caused a State of Emergency in CA -- Thom Hartmann,, Features Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


VideoArticle(M1589) 2015-05-23 Hundreds rally against genetically modified foods -- Angie Lee, News 8,

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CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8


VideoArticle(M1580) 2015-04-27 Chipotle is now GMO-free -- Cristina Alesci, Cnn Money,


VideoArticle(M1574) 2015-03-18 Polluted San Diego sues Monsanto -- , RT,


Video(M1557) 2015-03-16 Assy Cte on Utilities and Commerce Hearing on CPUC -- , California State Assembly,


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