How to add events to the Calendar

See also:
  • Event List - This is the topic that contains all the events. You will edit this file.
  • Common Calendar - this is the graphic calendar, four months at a time.
  • Daily List - Lists all the events, even ones that are repeating, in order of occurrence, the next four months.
  • Calendar Update - This is the next 14 days of events.

We encourage like-minded progressives to add their own events to the Calendar. Here are specific instructions:

  1. Register on the site. You will need a username and password, which you will set up in the registration process.
  2. Go to the Event List page. Here is the link:
  3. Click the [Edit] button on the top-right or bottom left of the page.
  4. Enter your username and password established in the registration process. That will log you in.
  5. After you Log In, you will be allowed to edit the page. The actual characters used to construct the calendar will appear. Take some time to look this page over to see the general approach for entering events. There are some instructions at the bottom about the format of the entries. There are ways to enter repeating events, and events that span several days.
  6. Scroll down to the date that is in sequence with your event, and enter it with the format, like this:

       * dd mmm yyyy - description, location (time)

    For example:

      * 28 Jan 2007 - ECDC Meeting, RanchoSanDiegoLibrary (3:30pm)

    The calendar will not put anything that does not appear on the same line in the Common Calendar or in the Calendar Update, so you must add only to the same physical line. (If it automatically wraps at the end of the edit box, that is OK. Just don't use the "Enter" key at all.)
  7. NOTE: You cannot use the usual backslash at the end of the line to continue it. Everything must be on the same line, but you can use <BR> to force a line break in the output.
  8. When you are done, Click [Save] (on the web site, not your browser) and check the calendar output at Common Calendar and Daily List. If your entry doesn't show up right, it may be as simple as too few or too many spaces, or a date in the wrong format. Try it again.
  9. If you still need help, contact Raymond Lutz and tell him what you tried to add, and he'll help you get it right.


  1. There are three spaces before the *, one space in other places.
  2. The date always has 11 characters, and spaces. You can't use 1 Jan 2007 it must be 01 Jan 2007, and you can't use 01-Jan-2007.
  3. You have to have a space-dash-space after the date. Then, anything goes.
  4. Words with mixed case, like Rancho San Diego Library will be assumed to be links to other pages. Many locations are already defined, such as Heartland Foundation Bldg. See the page Meeting Places for a list of the defined meeting places.
  5. A quirk of the system: if you want to Bold an entry, you cannot frame it with asterisks, like this: *LinkableDescription* because it won't link; You have to use the HTML bold codes: <b> LinkableDescription </b>
  6. Please respect the other entries. All changes you make to the site are logged, so please be respectful!

-- Raymond Lutz - 24 Jan 2007
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