Save ECPACMeeting Report 25 Jun 2012

Met at Cocos Restaurant on Fletcher Parkway

Released proposal to the city
  • Had several reporters at the event.
  • UT Reporter is following, will release a story when we do a presentation (Is on vacation).
  • Spent 1.5 hours with the City Manager after scheduling a 15 minute meeting.
  • Not enough people have contacted him about the theater.
  • Said there is some opportunity to improve the house lighting with help from SDG&E.
  • He says the city needs to have some skin in the game -- a set subsidy that is not a surprise at the end of the year.
    • Maybe have a set maintenance subsidy
  • Made a clear statement that many of the renters would have a hard time making the commitment to come back to the theater given the history of shaky support and commitment by the City.
  • We haven't tried the HVAC
  • GCCA: Live On Stage says GCCA is rebranding themselves.
    • Lost 50% of their membership when they moved to Joan Kroc
    • They don't trust the city council. City first said that GCCA would have to sue Art Beat Management.
    • Executive Board is leery of actual commitment of the city council. The don't have a good history of supporting the arts.
    • Changed a performance date due to "Emergency Repairs" and forced the GCCA to change their date in September in 2007.

  • La Jolla Chamber Orchestra has always wanted to play at ECPAC.

  • Followup:
    • Should reach out to Tony Ambrose -- He is the scheduler.
    • Need to generate a power point presentation for a future workshop with the City.

  • July 9 is a meeting at the Ronald Reagan Center to review the activities for the centennial.
    • Two weeks from now will not be able to have our meeting.

  • Ray looked into theatrical lights. $25K for hardware / $25K to install.
    • He can come back and look into the lights in more detail.
    • Cyc lights can be LED.
  • Piano review
    • did not bring piano up to the stage.
    • Gaffers tape all over it.
    • Probably very humid down in the basement.

  • Fire Marshall can tour the theater.

  • City Council 3pm Tuesday June 26 -- Tomorrow.
  • Corporate Sponsorship? -- Wait until we have some agreement with the city.
    • Conversations with Borona, Viejas, Sycuan, etc.
    • Taylor Guitar / Deering Banjo.

  • Send out request for people to communicate with the City Manager and City Council to save the ECPAC Theater and that the ECPAC Foundation is the right way to go.
  • Need to talk to Tony Ambrose and invite him to the meeting & find out about the schedule -- contact through Williford.
  • Ivars is meeting with the sign company, making a proposal for a sign to be placed near the freeway.
  • Ivars just got the report from the piano people.
  • Meet with rep from California Center for the Arts -- subsidy is a difficulty.
    • Would not be able to present the same sort of mix we are thinking of.
    • Ivars has already had a long conversation with him.
  • Need to have a letter from the GCCA that they are interested in the theater, but they are concerned about commitment, etc.
  • Contact Clayton Anderson again about referral to an attorney that can help.
  • CPA -- need to have one on the board.

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