Save ECPACMeeting Report 27 Aug 2012

  • Introductions
  • General status report
    • September City Council.
    • Concern about structure of the ECPAC Foundation, committees and what they will be doing.
    • Gala planning
    • La Mesa's centennial is also this year.

  • Nominating Committee to propose the executive Committee and heads and participants of committees
    • Christopher, Wanda, Duane, Ray, Dustin + Gordon = Nominating Cte.
    • Nominating cte will recommend people for the executive committee -- Approved unanimous.
    • Put the word out on the email list.
    • Committees forming... send email about that too.
    • Meet Friday Aug 31 probably at Starbucks.

  • City mailed back plaques to the people who had donated to put names on the seats.
    • --> Request list of sponsors from the city... 1050 per seat
    • Lakeside rodeo could have someone to attract people from the rodeo

  • Break into Committees
    • Executive Committee
      • Liaison with other groups
      • Interaction with the City of El Cajon

    • Administration / Finance / Planning
      • Financial Model
        • Book "Theatre Management" has a lot of good information.
      • Grants and Fundraising
      • Audit Subcte
    • Facility and Operations
      • Theater staff & Advisors
      • Facility and Equipment
        • Target visit 9/6 or 7 -- after labor day maybe Friday so people can come.
        • Will attempt to have insurance active so city will not have any problem with us reviewing the theater.

    • Marketing and Events
      • Centennial Event
        • Nov 12.. Have a booth not in the area in front of ECPAC
          • Separate meeting to go over details.
          • city supplies booth.
          • Banner, collateral materials, bumper stickers, sharpie giveaways, etc.
          • Print up and put in penny saver

      • Gala
        • Not sure when it can be -- need to check city calendars
      • Stakeholders, Audience & Friends
      • Internet/Web Presence

    • Shows Committee
      • Rentals
      • Self-Presented Shows
      • Educational Outreach

Finance & Planning

The city of El Cajon responded to this a CPRA request for information, which includes inventories, maintenance and renovation purchases. and utilities charges. There is some very weird stuff in these documents, including very high telephone charges through 2010 (when it was closed).

We should be able to use these documents to get some of the figures we have been asked for regarding maintenance overhead. Take a look at the various attachments.
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