Save ECPACMeeting Report 29 May 2012

In attendance:
Ray Lutz, Miriam Raftery, Ivars Bezdechi/Paul Kruze, Bonnie Price, Duane Swainston, Wanda Elmore, Gene Elmore, Shirley Stowers.

Paul Kruz / Ivars:
  • Talked with Rob Appel, a major theater operator with a large list, they will help us out.
  • Met with the Mayor for 1.5 hours. Somewhat concerned bc start of the meeting did not match the end of the meeting.
  • Met with Gary Kendrick as well.

Gala Kickoff Event

  • who should come
    • Founding Sponsors
    • Merchants
    • Cluster traded companies -- Taylor Guitar, Deering Banjo
    • Users / Renters of the theater: GCCA, Grossmont Symphony Orchestra, CCT, etc.
    • Prior major contributors.
      • Tom Hawk, son of Virgina Fletcher Hawk
    • AAUW, other groups
    • Younger Yuppie crowd, can we attract them?

  • East County Magazine donates $1000 of free ads
  • Winery will likely donate wine
  • Local businesses
  • Entertainment
    • East County Youth Symphony
    • Scholarship winners
    • Invite Public officials
    • CCT Performers roaming around
    • sam the pirate
    • Al the accordian player
    • Mariachi groups
    • Beauty Contest participants ?
    • Local restaurants with samples
  • Silent Auction or Non silent auction, maybe of artwork
  • Artwork displayed
  • VIP Event
    • tour the theater
    • Meet officials?
  • Stars --
    • Anyone who once performed at the theater and wants to see it return
    • Melinda Gibb -- At Granite Hills High School, "inquiring minds want to know"


  • Courtyard + Foyer of the theater. It must be in/at the theater.
    • Theater open house
    • Would need some way to keep people in or out, namebadge wristband, etc.

Gala Committee

  • Shirley Stowers with get this rolling
  • will ask Pat Parlin and Bobbie Slater, hopefully. Also Mary Wells, hopefully.
  • will ask Margie Howard-Hartman

Business Plan -- ECPAC Foundation

  • City asked us to present a plan to them
  • Need Small Working Group
    • at least Ray, Duane, Ivars, Dave, maybe Ben
    • Shirley Stowers (after the 9th)
    • Others?
  • First step is to circulate other similar documents we can work from

Press Release

  • On fact the city says we can go ahead to generate a business plan
  • Miriam will create one.

FYI: (June 9th -- Installation of Shirley Stowers as President of AAUW)
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