State Democratic E-Board Meeting 2007-07-14

Progressive Caucus

The progressive caucus is very popular, and was overflowing with attendees, perhaps about 300. They presented a number of reports at this meeting.

  • Audit Committee Proposal - Was discussed by an ad-hoc committee after the original proposal at the Convention. The concern is that it would review information about the budget and we don't want that falling into the hands of the enemy Republicans. "Trust Art" and since the unions and large donors get what they want and they support status quo. Others reported that the ad-hoc meeting was not as divisive than the report made it sound. However, it is apparently stalled.

  • All Counties Funding Proposal - Art said he was in favor of the plan, and later in the meeting, made it sound like it was his idea. He wants fundraising to be handled separately for the 58-county proposal.

  • Transparency (Brad Parker) - wants to have all members shown on the web site so we know if they were elected or appointed. There was a concern about privacy but it would only be a concern if those people did not need to run. This is regarding the State Central Committee adn the e-board (DSCC). The list can be purchased for $35.

  • Iraq Resolution (Karen Bernal) - Resolution procedures are confusing. At the convention, the resolution was combined with another, but were told it was not "denied" so gathering 300 signatures on the floor was not allowed. Floor amendment was attempted and that is what resulted in the quorum count. Gary Shaw says resolutions rules will be clarified. Karen says that since it was stopped with a quorum call, the amendment is still pending.

  • Immigration (Ahjamu Makalani) - Black Americans are split on the issue. Ted Hays is leading the charge against amnesty and a pro-worker solution and racists groups are aligning themselves with that viewpoint. The proposed $3.25 minimum wage for Mexico, if implemented, may help the undocumented-worker problem.

  • Election Integrity (Don Goldmacher) - Debra Bowen has ordered top-to-bottom review of the voting situation. This has rattled cages nationally as other states will probably follow suit. Until last week, ES&S would not turn over their source code. Steven Wier (sp?) of Contra Costa county says we don't need any review because the machines are already certified by the federal government. Approved support of the actions of Bowen.

  • Single-Payer Healthcare (Jo Olson) - SB840 passed but will be vetoed. Use the new film Sicko to reach out and develop support for SB840. "One Care Now" video describes single-payer healthcare. Regal Cinema is owned by ultra right wingers and resist screening Sicko. 8-11-2007 rally in L.A. on single-payer will only allow candidates who clearly support single-payer and not just say "universal", which does not really change the status quo.

  • DNC Delegate Selection - Due to the change in the primary schedule, moved up to Feb. 5th, the normal schedule is changed and is complicated by year-end holidays. Simple approach would be to have lots of caucus meetings (some 424) Oct/Nov but candidates would rather not invest in these meetings.
    • Issue is to have delegates who are dedicated to the candidate in case there is an open convention.
    • An alternative is to declare one week before the primary and then have the meeting March 2nd.
    • In the end, a post-primary caucus schedule was approved at a separate meeting.

  • Net Neutrality - Everyone supports it except for carriers such as AT&T. US and Calif. are way behind most of the world on bandwidth and broadband availability. Referred to the Labor Caucus.

  • Presidential Straw Poll - Performed an unofficial straw poll among members of the Progressive Caucus, with results as follows:
Candidate Count
Kucinich 17
Gravel 0
Clinton 2
Edwards 47
Obama 12
Dodd 0
Richardson 10
Biden 1
Gore * 27
Undecided 6
Note: members were allowed to vote for Gore in addition to their other vote if they thought he should enter the race.

Labor Caucus

  • Had the whole room introduce themselves. Held in the general session room, expecting a huge turnout, but the actual number was substantially less than the Progressive Caucus
  • Finance report had about $2300 or so.
  • Steve Preminger - Resolutions Cte Liaison gave a report.
    • ~40 resolutions left over from the convention
    • ~40 are new
    • He did not read my resolutions but confirmed that they are on the agenda.
  • Discussed Net Neutrality, a topic that was referred to the Labor Caucus. Although there was some discussion and a desire to make it easier to understand, the resolution was approved as written as well as a proposal by Brad Parker that was not as specific and did not use as many technical terms.
  • I note that to me a member of the Labor Caucus, it is required that you are already a members of a labor union. That would leave out anyone who is trying to get into a union... Seems to be a problem.


  • Art Torres confirmed that delegates can review finances upon request.
  • 58 County Plan
    • 15 trainings scheduled - Ask Steve Rivera
    • Hired new voter Registration Strategist
    • List of staffers and Depts - Ask Steve Rivera
    • New fundraising proposed for 58 county plan.
  • DNC asks for 3 days of action
    • clean up streets
    • Tire pressure check
    • Safety tips, etc.

Resolutions Committee

-- Raymond Lutz - 15 Jul 2007
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