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People Against Wind Zero (PAWZ) presents March against Wind-Zero "Mercenary" Training Facility

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Join us to march to the site of Wind Zero’s proposed 16 semi-open shooting ranges, heliport and racetrack (and a lot more noisy stuff)!

Help Ocotillo and Nomirage residents protest the attempt to build this inappropriate facility in their residential neighborhood!

Saturday, March 20, 11:00 a.m.

Meet at 961 Mesquite for a three block march to the proposed site.

Directions to 961 Mesquite: get off I-8 at the Ocotillo exit and take Highway 98 east for 1.5 miles. Look for a red and blue flag. Turn left on Mesquite and look for cars on the left.

Don’t let Imperial County be a dumping ground for projects rejected by more affluent areas! Sponsored by People Against Wind Zero

============================================================== People Against Wind Zero

March 1, 2009


People Against Wind Zero Plan March to Protest Massive Facility in Residential Neighborhood

Driven by a concern for the destruction of the peace of their community, residents of the Ocotillo-Nomirage area have joined with people living in other parts of Imperial County to oppose a project proposed by Wind Zero Group, Inc. The project would be built in three phases. At its completion there would be 16 semi-enclosed -shooting ranges each of which would accommodate 20 shooters. There would be two helicopter landing areas, a burn tower for the training of fire fighters, and an emergency vehicle operations center, with a track to train for high speed driving. The training facility is only one part of Wind Zero’s proposal. The entire proposal, named the Coyote Wells Specific Plan, also includes a 6 mile three loop motor sports racetrack, 158 garages, and, in its final stage, a 100 room hotel. This is all to be built on the same property bordering on a residential neighborhood.

Wind Zero is a corporation originating out of San Diego which has in the past obtained contracts with the U. S. Department of Defense to do highly specialized training. The CEO. Brandon Webb, is a former Navy SEAL. The proposal is currently going through the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) process.

The Ocotillo-Nomirage community is located in Imperial County, 90 miles east of San Diego and 5 miles north of the Mexican border. It is comprised of about 300 residents, the majority of whom are retired. The county has zoned it at 40 acres per dwelling because of ground water concerns. The current county plan calls for the preservation of its rural character as well as its natural resources.

People Against Wind Zero list the following reasons for vehemently opposing this project. · This project threatens the quality and availability of the limited groundwater resources for the existing community. · There are significant unexplored cultural resources in the area. · The noise from gunfire, helicopters and a high speed race track will make this tranquil area sound like a war zone and could trigger PTSD responses from residents who have previously experienced conflict. Noise will scare away wildlife. · CEO Brandon Webb stated in a public meeting in 2007 that he wanted to build the facility in San Diego, but found that people there were too concerned about the environment, so he decided to locate in the Ocotillo area. Imperial County should not be a dumping ground for projects rejected by more affluent areas.

People Against Wind Zero is planning a protest march on March 20 which will start at 961 Mesquite in Nomirage and go to the property purchased by Wind Zero. The march begins at ll:00 a.m. People arriving from other areas will find they are in the heart of the desert flower area at the height of the very short season.

The Draft Environment Impact Report is available online at The comment period ends on March 29.

For further information call Tom Hembree at (760) 358-7579.

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  • 20 Mar 2010 - March against Wind-Zero "Mercenary" Training Facility (11a), starts at 961 Mesquite in Nomirage. Bring signs, etc. Details Related Project (Van leaves from El Cajon Trolley Center at 9:30am, please RSVP.)

Van Seats Reserved:
  1. Ray Lutz (Driver)
  2. Jill
  3. Mark Smith
  4. Valerie San Fillippo
  5. Valerie's partner
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