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  • General Notes:
    • This email will report on the GA from one day earlier so we can get it out in the evening on the day before. I need reports from GA meeting emailed to me, please!
    • New CELLY text blaster now available, see in LINKS section below. Send one text and everyone on the list gets it. Similar to Twitter but more like a listserv.
    • DONATION LINK: https://npo.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.aspx?npoSubscriptionId=1005034
      • This is the only official way to donate to Occupy San Diego. Do not donate to other scammer sites.
      • Activist San Diego, a local nonprofit with an 11 year history of activism in San Diego is hosting our fundraising.
      • All donations are tax deductible

  • Oct 31 General Assembly (Comments from John Kenney):
    • Had a good GA and Chris presented our City Council proposed line-up, which was pretty well-received .
    • Greg got arrested and had one of the "Jan Goldsmith sleeping bag permits" I had printed out for us last week.
      • It explains that Greg should have been giving a chance to sleep in a shelter - IF AVAILABLE. Further only arrested IF he had been cited for the same offense sometime within the last 30 days.
      • Neither happened. He was arrested immediately without being told why or given any Miranda rights.
    • Several labor unions, including AFT has offered as many porta-potties as we need.
    • Jay and all from FOOD have started a log, which shows that all food is served within 4 hours, or thrown away.
    • The police admit that the tents and committee stations we had not only looked better, they were also far more sanitary.
    • There should be an architects rendering of how we can present our community as well as possible.

  • REPORT OF San Diego City Council Meeting
    • Watch the AM session (OSD TOPIC) here: http://www.copswiki.org/Common/M1190
    • Thank you to the following people who spoke at the meeting, among others at public comment:
      • Mike Garcia (Salute to America's Finest Day)
      • Ray Lutz - Submitted proposed resolution plus about 1250 signatures
      • John Kenney - Logistics proposal for encampment
      • Martha Sullivan - Illegal power-washing down drains
      • Michael B.
      • Chase Fitec
      • Brian C
      • Anita Simon
      • Chris McKay
      • Amy Wright - Banking Industry
      • Kali Katt - Serious concerns about conditions in jails.
      • Mike Aguirre
      • (We were joined by several others who really helped make our point.)
    • SIGN PETITION TO CITY COUNCIL HERE: http://www.copswiki.org/Occupy/OccupySanDiego -- We should continue to gather signatures on this petition until they agree!
    • CALL AND EMAIL CITY COUNCIL, Urge them to adopt the resolution to support Occupy San Diego!
  • General status report of City Council engagement: Our work is not over. I (Ray Lutz) have a call into Council President Tony Young's office for an update, will have more tomorrow. The proposal was to have a longer meeting where many more people could take part. He also mentioned the BANKING COMMITTEE meeting which is scheduled for Nov. 17, and all the banks sit around a table -- and we're invited to come and interact with them, and that could be simply great! More on this below.

IBEW teachin 394x235.jpg
  • HAD Teach in by IBEW 569, "Connecting democracy at work and democracy in society"
    • Discussion on the big picture of what a union is and why they matter. (Water and sub sandwiches provided courtesy of IBEW 569 -- THANK YOU IBEW!!)
    • This teach-in was moved to noon so people at city council could participate.


Unless otherwise noted, we meet daily as follows:
  • 4 pm -- Finance Committee Meeting, Downtown Johnny Brown's, Mon. thru Friday
  • 6 pm -- Committee Meetings (Various Locations -- please tell me where you meet, times, etc. and recent reports)
  • 7pm -- General Assembly (Civic Center Plaza)

Personal Items Seized by Police at OSD
Some local news outlets have reported that the police have impounded any "items of value" and will hold them for 90 days.
Items will be tagged and ready within a day or two. 80 items have been saved, the rest considered "trash"
To claim:
  • go to 25th and Imperial and identify the missing property
  • Pick up property at SDPD HQ at 14th and Broadway.

WEDNESDAY, 2011-11-02

    • Meet at Civic Center Plaza. Will march down 2nd Street to "Bank Street" to shut the street down to perform "financial repairs". Encourage all customers of the big banks (B of A, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Chase, etc.) to withdraw all your funds and move them to a Credit Union.

  • 3:00 PM: Teach-In by Kevin Keenan, Executive Director of the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, "Free Speech and the Occupy Movement"
    • If we can get a huge crowd for the ACLU teach-in it would warrant using the front steps and the center of the Civic Center plaza instead of the little table around the side. With the addition of a tent or two and a few chairs, it ought to result in something that ACLU Executive Director Kevin Keenan, who will be giving the teach-in, could use to get an injunction the same way that Nashville did. http://www.bradblog.com/?p=8884
  • 4:00 PM: Teach-in by Rick, International Socialist Organization: "Police Repression - from Oakland to San Diego, Denver, Nashville, Chicago, ..."
    • We will discuss the ongoing repression of the Occupy movement, what it means, and how we can respond.
  • 5:00 PM: Teach-in by Cecile and Josh: "The Seattle General Strike of 1919"

THURSDAY, 2011-11-03

  • 3:00 PM: Teach-In by Mark E. Smith: "Electoral Systems: Voices and Votes" This presentation is okay to film.

FRIDAY, 2011-11-04

  • 3:30 PM: Teach in by IBEW 569 ; "Connecting democracy at work and democracy in society" Food will be provided This teach-in is okay to record

SATURDAY, 2011-11-05

  • National "Bank Withdrawal Day" -- If you still have an account with any for-profit bank (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Chase Bank, etc.) withdraw all your funds and move them to a credit union.
  • 11:30 am -- March to Bank of America -- Memorial / Protest for foreclosure
    • Protest Vigil: Death of the American Dream -- San Diego Gaslamp District
    • Start: March from Civic Center Plaza to 455 Island Avenue
  • 2 pm -- Legislative Committee Meeting -- Will read over proposed legislation for publicly financed elections. (This one is from memory, I need some better contact about this).
  • 1 PM (changed from 11:00 AM) : Teach in by Eva David, "The FDA's role in brain damage, obesity, and pacification of the masses"

SUNDAY, 2011-11-06

  • 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM: Teach in by James Bartoli: "Discussion about the OWS List of Grievances called 'Declaration of the Occupation of New York City'"
  • 1:00 PM: Teach in entitled: "Government Documents Research: how you can find out exactly what 'the laws' are"
    • A law librarian guides you through current available resources. Did you know that you have been able to comment on proposed regulations, online, for years? Did you know that you can directly petition the White House, and if your petitions gain enough votes, you will be guaranteed at least an official response from a WH staffer? Did you know that you can write emails and letters (and even submit reports) that can become part of the official legislative and regulatory history? Particular emphasis will be given to freely-accessible resources.
    • Recording is okay.

THURSDAY, 2011-11-17

  • 12:00 Noon -- Reinvestment Task Force (Committee Room, 12th Floor, City Hall)
    • Meeting called by City Council President Tony Young, will have all bankers that do business with the city sitting around the table, on their best behavior.
    • We are invited to engage in this meeting. We are not constrained to public comment rules.
    • Can we move millions in City money from wall-street bankers to local community banks?

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DISCLAIMER! Although we will do our best to make sure this list of events is accurate, changes may occur frequently! Please check your email daily to make sure and also the various web sites.


--Ray Lutz
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