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      • We urgently need a storage location for supplies (about 100 sqft) that is out of the elements, as we are being evicted from our current location on Monday. Please contact logistics or finance committee if you have a solution.
      • Need tarps! Please support full-time occupiers!
  • General Notes:
    • DONATION LINK: https://npo.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.aspx?npoSubscriptionId=1005034
      • This is the only official way to donate to Occupy San Diego. Do not donate to other scammer sites.
      • Activist San Diego, a local nonprofit with an 11 year history of activism in San Diego is hosting our fundraising.
      • All donations are tax deductible
    • New CELLY text blaster now available, see in LINKS section below. Send one text and everyone on the list gets it. Similar to Twitter but more like a listserv.

  • General Assembly
    • Safety Committee:
      • The smoking policy was presented to GA on Nov 2 by Jose and passed, but smokers volunteered to have a smoking area.
      • The safety committee passed with consensus that the smoking area as designated by smokers at GA meetings will be the stairs away from the non-smokers, and will be presented to GA.
      • Secondly, we finally passed with consensus the new OSD Good Neighbor Policy. Michael B presented the policy at GA meeting and IT PASSED!

To allow for a respectful and safe environment for our Occupy family, Occupy San Diego announces the following Good Neighbor Policy (similar to that adopted by Occupy Wall Street):
  • Zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol anywhere in the occupied space in Civic Center Plaza;
  • Zero tolerance for threats or acts of physical or sexual violence towards anyone;
  • Zero tolerance for abuse of personal or public property.
  • OSD will limit drumming on the site to between the hours of 11am and 5pm only.
  • OSD encourages all participants to respect health and sanitary regulations, and will direct all participants to respectfully utilize appropriate off-site sanitary facilities.
  • OSD will display signage and will try to have safety and/or community relations mediators in Civic Center, in order to ensure awareness of and respect for our guidelines and Good Neighbor Policy.
  • OSD will at all times have a community relations mediator on-site (to be appointed each day), to monitor and respond to community concerns and complaints.


Unless otherwise noted, we meet daily as follows:
  • 4 pm -- Finance Committee Meeting, Downtown Johnny Brown's, Mon. thru Friday
    • Each committee should send a representative to this meeting! Budget is currently being defined.
  • 5:30 pm -- Committee meetings -- many meet at the "big circle" (the part of the plaza where there's an oldey timey map of san diego in a big circle) with very few exceptions.
  • 7pm -- General Assembly (Civic Center Plaza)

Personal Items Seized by Police at OSD

Anyone who lost property should go immediately to SDPD HQ at 14th and Broadway. At the front entrance, turn right, go down the steps and follow the blue diamonds to the back door at the property room. Check in with the woman at the counter. There are still many personal belongings there, and you are allowed to look through it to see what is yours. They said all the stuff at the Civic Center was trashed. Only stuff from Children's Park was kept.
Some of the stuff that I saw:
  • About 10 different tables of various sizes. One really long plastic banquet table. One regular brown banquet table. One 4 ft mini plastic table. Other weird tables.
  • A bunch of folding chairs, some metal ones, some aluminum patio chairs, etc.
  • A whole bunch of backpacks, duffel bags, etc. with personal belongings inside.
  • A number of tents, canopies, etc. that were confiscated in the initial clearing of the Civic Center Plaza (11-14) or were taken from Children's Park last Thursday. Many of these are broken or in random containers, so I'm not sure how productive any recovery attempt will be.
  • Boxes of books and DVDs from the education area.
  • Games and Art Supplies from Children's Park.
  • I lost the large megaphone and two small megaphones, unless someone has those (all from Harbor Freight Tools).
  • There was a mini-DV camera, somewhat larger form factor than the super modern ones.
  • There were a number of sleeping bags, shoes and other personal stuff from Children's park.

FRIDAY, 2011-11-04

  • 3:30 PM: Teach in by IBEW 569 ; "Connecting democracy at work and democracy in society"
    Food will be provided. This teach-in is okay to record

SATURDAY, 2011-11-05

  • National "Bank Withdrawal Day" -- If you still have an account with any for-profit bank (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Chase Bank, etc.) withdraw all your funds and move them to a credit union. SEE FLIER BELOW (and it is attached to the web version of this update for printing and distribution.)
  • 10:30 rally, march at 11 am -- March to Bank of America -- Memorial / Protest for foreclosure
  • 11 am -- Occupy Gardens Teach-In -- Suzie's Farm encourages all mobile gardeners to "March with their gardens" If you don't have a mobile garden they'll show how to build one at the Civic Center! Gardeners Unite! Visit Occupy SD Gardens at http://occupysdgardens.blogspot.com/ (I recommend that this be held after people return from the march!)
  • 2 pm -- Legislative Committee Meeting -- Will read over proposed legislation for publicly financed elections. (This one is from memory, I need some better contact about this).
  • 1 PM (changed from 11:00 AM) : Teach in by Eva David, "The FDA's role in brain damage, obesity, and pacification of the masses"

SUNDAY, 2011-11-06

  • 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM: Teach in by James Bartoli: "Discussion about the OWS List of Grievances called 'Declaration of the Occupation of New York City'"
  • 5:00 PM Teach in sponsored by San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality entitled "LGBT and Labor History". It will focus on the cooperation that has taken place here in San Diego.

MONDAY, 2011-11-07

  • 6:00 PM -- Carl DeMaio fundraiser for “small businesses shut down by Occupy San Diego Protestors” at Downtown Johnny Brown’s. DeMaio picked that location and time for a reason: He and the media will be hoping and looking for a disturbance by any of the occupiers. We must not allow any such disturbance to occur. OSD is hosting our own fundraiser for these businesses, who should have done better with many more people in the plaza around the clock (But you can't make money if you're not open.) Carl DeMaio is trying to leverage this situation for media exposure, and nothing more. Ignoring Mr. DeMaio is our best course of action.

TUESDAY, 2011-11-08

FRIDAY, 2011-11-11

  • Forward, backward, upsidedown, it is always the same!!

THURSDAY, 2011-11-17

  • 12:00 Noon -- Reinvestment Task Force (Committee Room, 12th Floor, City Hall)
    • Meeting called by City Council President Tony Young, will have all bankers that do business with the city sitting around the table, on their best behavior.
    • We are invited to engage in this meeting. We are not constrained to public comment rules.
    • Can we move millions in City money from wall-street bankers to local community banks?

Editor's Note

I have received many thank yous for this daily email blast, I hope you agree it is a step forward in our communication infrastructure.
Please help me get the information for each daily email:
  • Committees should let me know where and when they meet and if they have any information to publish
  • The Moderator or GA note taker should forward notes and decisions to me, asap after the meeting. I may be able to get them in that day's blast.
  • If you have media, like videos or photos or even a written account, please email it to me as quickly as you can.
  • Please schedule any new meetings (like at the GA) at least two days ahead so it can appear in this email blast. In other words, don't schedule for the very next day because it won't get into the email blast and then not everyone will know about it.
  • I would like someone who is a Facebook regular to send me some links of interesting and relevant articles that are posted there. Contact me if you can do that.
  • I need at least one or two other people who can help publish the blast. contact me if you are interested: raylutz@citizensoversight.org

SEND THIS LINK AND TELL OTHERS TO SUBSCRIBE: http://lists.citizensoversight.org/mailman/listinfo/occupysd

If you have:
  • lists of emails that should be subscribed
  • events or notices that should be included
  • needs or wants to request from our supporters
  • specific requests for volunteers
SEND TO: raylutz@citizensoversight.org (Media Committee Member)
and we'll work to get that information included in this daily update.

DISCLAIMER! Although we will do our best to make sure this list of events is accurate, changes may occur frequently! Please check your email daily to make sure and also the various web sites.


--Ray Lutz

  • National Bank Transfer Day Flier:
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