Occupy San Diego Events 2012 Mar

Thursday, 2012-03-01

  • 01 Mar 2012 - National Day of Action For Education. See below for local actions:
  • 01 Mar 2012 - (11a) -- San Diego City College - Walkout, rally and march at Curran Plaza All occupiers are invited to participate; bring signs, cowbells, drums, noisemakers. A rough timeline: 11 AM - Gather and rally at Curran Plaza. 11:20 - March through campus to meet at noon back at Curran Plaza for speakers from different local groups, open mic, musical entertainment, then at 1 PM or sometime thereafter march from Curran Plaza through Civic Center Plaza, then down to gather at Childrens Park at 2 PM, for food/water/refreshments. Anyone is encouraged to bring any sort of ready-to-eat dish and/or liquid refreshments to share. Later on a march up to the "Governor's Office", the state building at 1350 Front St., where Occupy South Bay San Diego will continue with a rally from 4:30 - 6:30 to protest budget cuts to education and call for the 1% to pay for their fair share of taxes.
  • 01 Mar 2012 - (8a-8p) -- SDSU - 12 PM - 1 PM -- Walkout to Scripps Patio, check Facebook page for updates.
  • 01 Mar 2012 - [8a-8p) -- UCSD -- Walkout begins at 11:30 ((converge on Library Walk at the Silent Tree), followed by a rally at noon, march at 1 PM, followed by a Declaration Of Demands And Reclamation (Bring a tent!), and teachouts on library walk all day. More details at March 1st Walkout & Day of Action!
  • 01 Mar 2012 - (9a) The Jury trial of Brother Hex, who was arrested while jaywalking across the port entrance, continues and may conclude today at dept. 15 on the 2nd floor of the San Diego Superior Court. Supporters of Hex are encouraged to attend. Should you have any questions call Mitchell Sterling at 619-808-2199.
  • 01 Mar 2012 - Occupier Tony leaves today from Freedom Plaza on a 15 mile per day walk/bicycle ride up to L.A., to proceed east along old route 66, to proceed north to arrive in D.C. on 9/11, then up to Zuccotti Park to make planned arrival during a (livestreamed) NYC GA.

Friday, 2012-03-02

Saturday, 2012-03-03

  • 03 Mar 2012 - (12:30p) Labor Solidarity Committee's Multi-Organization Planning Meeting for May Day 2012 and Outreach Day at Freedom Plaza
  • 03 Mar 2012 - (2p) GA at Freedom Plaza. Agenda: May Day discussion on Direct Actions and planning, GA reform, the next Strategic Planning Meeting event [SD County-wide Inter-Occupy] in late March, and the local and global outlook for the Occupy Movement
  • 03 Mar 2012 - (3p) GA normally scheduled for this group every other Saturday at 2 PM starts one hour later today at Balboa Park (northeast of 6th and Laurel) to accommodate travel time from Labor Solidarity Committee's planning meeting for the May 1st General Strike.
  • 03 Mar 2012 - after the 3 PM GA concludes at Balboa Park there will be a Solidarity Social Dinner, welome to all Occupiers,
  • 03 Mar 2012 - (9a-6p) UnitedGREEN: Empowering Sustainable Communities presents a two-day symposium at SDSU, room ENS280 on "Forging a Sustainable Future". The keynote speaker will be Robert F. Kennedy Jr, (at 3:30 PM today) with panelists and speakers Rep. John Garamendi, Rep. Susan Davis, Rep. Bob Filner, Dr. Heather Honea, Capt. Marko Medved, and Councilmember Marti Emerald. Also reps from NECA, Sierra Club, IBEW and others will be present. Complete agenda for both days is at http://unitedgreen.org/events. For more info contact Bob Hurley at 619-729-2283 or at phurley@heartlandfdn.org. To purchase tickets go to http://unitedgreen.org/

Sunday, 2012-03-04

  • 04 Mar 2012 - (11:00a-12:00p) - Teach-In at Civic Center Freedom Square: "Meditation Class", Nick Neild
  • 04 Mar 2012 - (1:00p-2:00p) - Teach-In at Children’s Park: "Meditation Class", Nick Neild
  • 04 Mar 2012 - (2:00p-3:00p) - Teach-In at Children’s Park: " Free Trade or Food Sovereignty ", Nicholas Paget-Clarke (2nd Part of 4-Part Series)
  • 04 Mar 2012 - (3:00p-4:00p) - Teach-In at Children’s Park: "Demystifying Iran", Amir Shoja
  • 04 Mar 2012 - (9a-6p) UnitedGREEN: Empowering Sustainable Communities presents a two-day symposium at SDSU, room ENS280 on "Forging a Sustainable Future". Panelists and speakers will include Rep. John Garamendi, Rep. Susan Davis, Rep. Bob Filner, Dr. Heather Honea, Capt. Marko Medved, and Councilmember Marti Emerald. Also reps from NECA, Sierra Club, IBEW and others will be present. Complete agenda for both days is at http://unitedgreen.org/events. For more info contact Bob Hurley at 619-729-2283 or at phurley@heartlandfdn.org. To purchase tickets go to http://unitedgreen.org/

Monday, 2012-03-05

  • 05 Mar 2012 - (2p) San Diego City Council Meeting -- Agenda item includes salary increases of City Council members from $75K to $175K and Mayor from about $100K to $230K -- This is an agenda item meaning three minutes per speaker about why they do not deserve such ridiculous raises. See the Agenda

Tuesday, 2012-03-06

  • 06 Mar 2012 - (5p) Possible protest at Clear Channel Communications, home of KOGO AM 600, which carries the Rush Limbaugh show. Make signs (Boot Rush, Heartless Radio, I (not symbol) Heart Radio, Rush must go, etc.) and meet at 9660 Granite Ridge Dr. map at 4:30p. Walk along the sidewalk in front of the station and also down to Daley Center Dr (right above Fry's Electronics) during rush hour. Will likely get on live TV at 5pm. Women please show up in force to make this successful!

Wednesday, 2012-03-07

  • 07 Mar 2012 - (12p leave from CP) Wal-Mart has plans to invade Sherman Heights with a "neighborhood Wal-Mart" which will destroy decent jobs with benefits, locally owned small businesses, and suck money away from our local economy. In response, OccupYrCorner will gather at Childrens Park to give or get rides if needed from there over to Sherman Heights at 12:30 at the site of the proposed "neighborhood Wal-Mart" on Imperial between 21st and 22nd, then at 2 PM will flyer the parents of kids at the school nearby at 22nd and J with some cold, hard facts that Wal-Mart would rather not have you know, then at 3:30 To Occupy the corner of 25th and Imperial. Call David if needed at 530-902-8223 to find where everybody's at. Flyer here.

Thursday, 2012-03-08

  • 08 Mar 2012 - (12p-1p) Today, on International Women's Day, there will be a rally for women’s rights at the Federal Courthouse at 940 Front St. at E, endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Women Occupy San Diego, in response to attacks on women’s reproductive rights, including by way of the “Blunt Amendment” to an unrelated Senate bill which would allow employers or insurers the option to deny funding for birth control. We have seen an all male Congressional hearing on women's right to contraception (Where are the Women?). Guest speakers/performers to include Jennifer Coburn from Planned Parenthood, former assemblywoman Lori Saldana, comedian Diane Jean and San Diego Women Occupellas. More info at FB event page.

Saturday, 2012-03-10

  • 10 Mar 2012 - (9a-12p) San Diego Public Teachers have organized a march, “Stand Up and Walk for Education” to begin in Balboa Park (Presidents Way and Park Blvd) on to the State Building on Front St. ANYONE concerned about quality public education in California should try to come out to proactively protest any upcoming cuts to the very bedrock and job creation engine of our future – our schools. Please help spread the word! Lots more info on the Facebook event page.
  • 10 Mar 2012 - (12:30p) Today’s Labor Solidarity meeting at Freedom Plaza will be dedicated to planning an April 6th action protesting state austerity cuts on behalf of Raul Carranza and others also affected at the Chula Vista MediCal office. Raul has muscular dystrophy and requires 24/7 nursing care, but has been denied assistance by the state’s program director even though a judge ruled he is eligible.
  • 10 Mar 2012 - (6p-9p) Fukushima Remembered, presented by SanClementeGreen, an evening in remembrance of the eve of the anniversary of the disaster in Japan, with guest speakers Kyoko Sugasawa and Kyle Thiermann, following a screening of the documentary “Fukishima, Never Again”, at the San Clemente Community Center

Sunday, 2012-03-11

  • 11 Mar 2012 - (Gather 12p) Fukushima Remembered -- Protest/Rally at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) -- OSD ENDORSED -- On the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster that is still ongoing, we will commemorate the disaster and also protest continued use of dangerous and costly nuclear reactors and push for clean renewable energy. Transportation and other details: M 11 San Onofre Protest and Rally Seats on two buses already full. If you are driving and have a seat or if you need a ride, please stop by bus stops to see who needs a ride. Balboa Park (Park Ave. and President's way, east side of Park) at 9:30am to 10am. Buses load at 10am and depart at 10:30 at Balboa Park, 11:30 at Oceanside Transit Center. Speakers include: Two guests flown in from Fukushima area of Japan; Mimi Kennedy, actress in Academy Award winning "Midnight in Paris" and Chair, Progressive Democrats of America; Ace Hoffman, nuclear industry expert, Gary Headrick, San Clemente Activist; Kyle Thiermann, Surfing pro and environmentalist; Cori Schumacher, Surfing Champ; Torgen Johnson, Urban Planner; Dave Patterson, Vets for Peace; Patti Davis, California Nuclear Initiative. Entertainment by Charlie Imes and also the Occupella Choir. Ray Lutz will MC.
  • 11 Mar 2012 - (10a-1p) March and rally from Swamis Seaside Park up South Coast Highway on the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. For more info see FB Page or call 619) 813-3113
  • 11 Mar 2012 - (8a-8p) InterOccupy SoCal meetup at MacArthur Park at 2230 West 6th Street in L.A., tentative schedule at OLA Facebook page

Monday, 2012-03-12

  • 12 Mar 2012 - (6p) Accountability Committee meets at Panera Bread at 225 B'way downtown.

Tuesday, 2012-03-13

  • 13 Mar 2012 - (12p) National Week of Bank Protest, March 13th through the 16th is OccupyOurHomes week, demanding that banks negotiate loan terms with homeowners rather than giving them a boot out the door, boarding 'em up, and letting the homes fall into disrepair, unduly affecting surrounding neighborhoods. "OSD CP" has endorsed these actions. Action today will be at Chase Bank at 100 Broadway on CEO Jamie Dimon's 56th birthday. Then on Wednesday US Bank, Thursday B of A, and Friday Wells Fargo.
  • 13 Mar 2012 - (6p-9p) Women's Picket at Darrel Issa Event - Gateway Drive and Shadowridge Drive, Vista CA FB Event
  • 13 Mar 2012 - (7p-9p) San Diego Chapter of Americans for Safe Access meets at La Jolla Brewhouse

Wednesday, 2012-03-14

  • 14 Mar 2012 - (12p) National Week of Bank Protest continues, the action today at U.S. Bank at 600 West Broadway. Meet up at Freedom Plaza. Let's keep the momentum going all week! Bring signs and fellow Occupiers!
  • 14 Mar 2012 - (6p-8p) Canvass For a Cause will have a March Field Committee Meeting to plan future actions including:
    --* Safe Kids Project - FAIR & Teach-In on LGBTQ Trafficking in San Diego
    --* Womyn's Reproductive Rights & Womyn's Herstory Month
    --* Cannabis Reform and more.

Thursday, 2012-03-15

  • 15 Mar 2012 - (11a) National Week of Bank Protest continues. Meet for rally/speakers/entertainment at Freedom Plaza downtown. Come help us keep pressure on local and federal government to help people out of this financial crisis! ACCE has a new bill, the Property Value Protection bill they have presented to City Council as something we can do on a local level to help people out of their foreclosure crisis. This would hold bankers' feet to the fire by forcing them to maintain any properties that they have chosen to foreclose on. ACCE will talk about what we can do as well as Bryan Pease, who is running for City Council. More speakers TBD. Come support or tell your story! Also…performance by the Occupellas!!..."Bank Robbery" Guerilla Theatre!!! For bank action after the rally get up to the minute info from the event's FB Event page.
  • 15 Mar 2012 - (6p) South Bay Chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) meets at 1233 Palm Ave. in Imperial Beach.

Friday, 2012-03-16

  • 16 Mar 2012 - (12p) National Week of Bank Protest continues, the action today at Wells Fargo at 401 B Street.
  • 16 Mar 2012 - (4-6p) Protest of the "Culture of Life crisis pregnancy center" at Washington and 5th. Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) exist to keep women from having a choice to have an abortion. In many instances, they misinform and intimidate women to achieve their goal. FB Event
  • 16 Mar 2012 - (6:30p) In preparation for Saturday's neighborhood council meeting, Occupier Chris McKay will host an evening showing of the documentary film "WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price", at the corner of Imperial Ave and 21st St. Check Facebook page for updates.

Saturday, 2012-03-17

  • 17 Mar 2012 - (10a) UPDATED - (new location) - Stop Wal-Mart from moving into Sherman Heights, by attending and voicing your views at the Sherman/Logan Neighborhood Council Meeting at Sherman Elementary School at J and 22nd San Diego.
  • 17 Mar 2012 - (12:30p) - Labor Solidarity Committee’s meeting today at Freedom Plaza will be the Second Multi-Organization Planning Meeting for May Day 2012
  • 17 Mar 2012 - UPDATED (4p) BBQ, followed by GA at Balboa Park (northeast of 6th and Laurel). Join us for United GA. Bring your thoughts and ideas regarding Monsanto. Bring a dish of food if you can. Munchies always appreciated.

Monday, 2012-03-19

  • 19 Mar 2012 - Jury trial of Benjamin Gasper: the parties have agreed to continue the case so there will be no significant proceedings Monday, March 19, and a new date for the trial will be set then.. More info at the Facebook event page at Benjamin Gasper - Jury Trial.
  • 19 Mar 2012 - (5:30p-9p) Beyond Money (& the Future of Civilization) - Activist San Diego and Women Occupy San Diego host Tom Greco, author of "The End of Money and the Future of Civilization". Tom is director of the Community Information Resource Center, a nonprofit consulting organization and networking hub dedicated to economic equity, social justice and community improvement, specializing in community currency and mutual credit design, development and implementation.

Monday, 2012-03-20

  • 20 Mar 2012 - (1pm) Outside City Council 202 C Street -- The Mayor and his rich downtown cronies are at it once again, pushing a new deal at the 11th hour to give rich hoteliers the keys to the Convention Center and let them loot it for their own profit. If the Mayor and his allies pull this off, it's a direct threat to hundreds of union jobs at the Convention Center and will stifle the voices of all the workers who have a direct interest in the Convention Center. The City Council has a chance to stop this brazen giveaway, and we're going to make sure they hear from the taxpayers who may be on the hook for the giant bill while the profits go to hoteliers. Add your voice!

Thursday, 2012-03-22

  • 22 Mar 2012 - (8:15a) Fish's trial starts, at the SD County Courthouse. Public might not be able to enter until the afternoon. See FB Event for updates.
  • 22 Mar 2012 - (5p) Goldman-Sachs partnering with Cogentrix have plans to spoil some of Santee's undeveloped environs with a natural gas power plant which will spew an unrealistically lowballed estimate of 50 tons of carbon per year close to schools and more. Opposed? Concerned? Come to the CEC Public meeting at Mission Trails Park Visitors Center. There will only be room for 200 people so plan to arrive early. See Facebook Event page for more.
  • 22 Mar 2012 - (6p-8p) A family-friendly Spaghetti "Fun-Raiser" for Women Occupy San Diego will be held at The Big Kitchen on 3003 Grape St. Entertainment by the Occupella Chorus! $10 - $20 sliding scale, children $5. See Facebook Event page.

Friday, 2012-03-23

  • 23 Mar 2012 - (9a) Fish's trial continues. Jury selection in the morning, likely opening arguments in the afternoon (1:30p) Please come and support Fish, observers in the courtroom send a message to the jury. At the SD County Courthouse. Public might not be able to enter until the afternoon. See FB Event for updates.

Saturday, 2012-03-24

  • 24 Mar 2012 - (10:30a-12p) CANCELLED! Sue Zesky spoke with the GM of the dealership and they have agreed to stop advertising on Rush Limbaugh's show. REJECT RUSH - RESPECT WOMEN - Picket Rush Limbaugh sponsor Toyota Carlsbad just off the Cannon Road offramp of I-5.
  • 24 Mar 2012 - (3p-7p) No War on Iran! at Childrens Park - following Norwuz March 21st which is celebrated as a new year in Iran.

Sunday, 2012-03-25

  • 25 Mar 2012 - (2p) Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed, was shot and killed for no reason and the murderer walks free. San Diego must come together and rally support for Trayvon Martin’s parents, who are calling for (assailant) George Zimmerman’s arrest and prosecution. No parent should ever go through this tragedy. Meet for a rally in City Heights at Landis Park between the libary and rec. center at 4380 Landis near Fairmount and Wightman. FB event page
  • 25 Mar 2012 - (2p-3p) - Meditation Teach-in at Childrens Park, by Nick Neild.
  • 25 Mar 2012 - (7pm) Screening the film "Fukushima Never Again" with discussion following at Equality Hall, 1159 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, (corner of 6th and B) in the basement of the Southern Hotel. Free street parking, esp. up 6th Ave near Balboa Park. FREE (This is a new venue that is available for progressive events, so please come and check it out!)

Monday, 2012-03-26

  • 26 Mar 2012 - (8a-11a) Zenyatta's trial begins today at San Diego Superior Court...no access until after jury selection, but she would like us to meet outside the courthouse. Bring chalk and decorate the courthouse sidewalk! If you DARE. FB Event
  • 26 Mar 2012 - (10:30a) Fish's trial continues, will probably finish today. Please come and support Fish, observers in the courtroom send a message to the jury. We need at least another 20 people. At the SD County Courthouse, dept 47. See FB Event for updates.
  • 26 Mar 2012 - (10:30a) Call to action to protest and rally against Mitt Romney's appearance in SD for a fundraiser with Pete Wilson at the U.S. Grant Hotel downtown. Park free at Horton Plaza and come with signs reflecting that Romney is part of the GOP war against women's reproductive rights, healthcare, medicare and social security. Check Anita Simons' Facebook post for more info or contact her at asimonsays@gmail.com for details.
  • 26 Mar 2012 - (5p) Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally and March begins at Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park, followed by a march to Department of Justice, then a candlelight vigil.
  • 26 Mar 2012 - (7p) Meeting regarding the demolition of ECPAC (East County Performing Arts Center) at Cocos Restaurant on Main In El Cajon. Meet for dinner at 6pm. For details on this project, see Save ECPAC. Sponsored by Citizens Oversight. Anyone interested in saving ECPAC should come to the meeting for an open discussion.

Tuesday, 2012-03-27

Wednesday, 2012-03-28

  • 28 Mar 2012 - (6p) Planning meeting for We are Women March and Rally - SAN DIEGO at the Organ Pavillion in Balboa Park. NOT an OSD Event.
  • 28 Mar 2012 - (6:30p-9p) Retired Colonel/Diplomat and peace & human rights activist Ann Wright will speak at 10940 Roselle St. in Sorrento Valley about the NDAA and HR 347. She was one of three State Department officials to publicly resign in direct protest of the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. Social time at 6:30 followed by Ann's presentation/Q&A at 7 PM. Beer, wine and light snacks will be offered. Donations welcome. Seating limited to 70, so please RSVP to Martha at marthasullivan@Mac.com. More info at Facebook event page.

Friday, 2012-03-30

Saturday, 2012-03-3

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