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Occupy San Diego General Assembly Meeting 31 Dec 2011

General Assembly Meeting, from 2011-12-31.
  • This is one of the best GA meetings I have been to. Many are a waste of time. This one was very effectively run, and it seemed we were getting stuff done that would have a real impact. Audio recording... click below to play.

  • Facilitator was Melissa B. Note taker is RayLutz
  • Meeting started exactly at 2pm.
  • Sung song, clapped.
  • Chris McKay talked about OCCUPY ROSE BOWL on Monday, Jan 2. Contact Chris McKay for more information.
    • Have a spot in 44th section of the parade and 99th section.
    • 44th spot you need to hold up a balloon -- an octopus representing corporations.
    • Time for the van: 8:20pm Sunday night. Wear occupy shirts, banners, etc.
    • If you can drive a van, be at FP at 8pm Sunday night.
    • Drive yourself: Get up there by 6am in the morning ON MONDAY.
    • Signs, etc. on getting Corporate greed out of politics -- not all the other various issues.
    • If you are driving up, meet at 3am at FP on Monday Morning to pick up riders.
    • We most likely will want to split our group up in two. They need people on the corner of Orange and Colorado. This is the place they want people with banners and signs that do not think they can make the entire walk on the parade. For those that want to march the entire parade route. I am going to be driving a 15 person rental van up there If youwant a spot in the van we will be leaving on sunday night at 8 pm We will camp up there on the street corner to save a spot for those that can not march, I will then be heading over to the parade preparation area at singer park 6:30 am the first 100 people get T shirts to wear and the first 500 people there are flags available for. If you have any other questions please contact me and I should be able to answer most of them.

Martha Sullivan
  • Get money out working group. Two propositions: a) clean elections, b) Constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood.
  • Clean elections:
    • Deadline for submissions is Jan 7.
    • Proposing OSD submit a ballot proposition to the San Diego City council, proposing clean elections initiative, submitted for consideration on the November ballot.
    • City council must consider this in June for the November Ballot.
    • Part of "free speech January"
    • Outline - No use of own money or other donations.
      • Collect $5 from 500 people to get funds.
      • Then can use funds from the city.
      • This is voluntary so it is Supreme Court proof.
    • Amir brought up concerns:
      1. not enough time.
      2. seems like it endorses the current political structure.
    • Does not endorse candidates, does not select candidates, tries to clean up our current elections system.
    • It is available on line.
    • Amir: does not remove money from politics.
    • Woman: This is a strategy, City council may not put it on the ballot even though we ask for it.
      • This strategy will move the process forward. City council probably will not support it.
    • Ray: gave a short tutorial how corps use PACs and other campaigns to get unlimited donations to candidates today.
    • Masada: Other cities have adopted this sort of thing. Gives us an "in" in City council, even if they refuse to place on the ballot.
    • Zuma: Agrees with the strategy. Pacs put out ads about candidates, etc. Independent expenditures are still a problem.
    • Ben: In favor of getting money out of politics.
    • Facilitator: additional ideas are great, statements so far are not generally in opposition.
    • Group meets on thursday evenings in Pt Loma.
    • Facilitator postponed to Tuesday, Jan 3 GA.

  • Second ballot proposal regarding encroachment ordinance in San Diego (SDMC54.0110)
    • needs to be submitted Jan 6, to require the city council to consider for the June ballot.
    • Simple elegant addition to the encroachment code. It has "Except as otherwise provided by this code."
    • MC 52.80.81 - exception for peaceful picketing, peaceful political activities.
    • Add that final phrase. "a) exceptions: the provisions of this section shall not apply when they peaceful picketing, lawful labor actions, or peaceful political activities." (see document for exact proposal... this was from verbal description.)
    • Ben: Why not just appeal the law. A: because it applies in some cases, such as dumpsters.
    • Amy's Concern: "Peaceful" is a squishy word and would allow them to enforce it anyway they want to.
    • Martha: one of the persons I consulted with, Racheal Scoma (sp?), had some remarks regarding how this might affect the federal case, and said she supported the action because it supports their case.
    • Ray: responding to Amy's concern: propose adding explicit activities. with wording, "including but not limited to" and then listing some activities that should be no brainers... "voter registration tables, chairs, teach-ins, impromptu meetings, protesting, and other free speech activities."
    • Amir: Does not see the energy spent on this being worthwhile -- a waste of time.
    • Jason: is there a way to support homeless issue too? Martha - they can hold a sign too.
    • Evie: Any way we can bring attention to this is important, it is not a waste of time.
    • Forces them to have to answer something.
    • Amy: By going forward with the municipal code, it will not prevent arrests.
    • Kali: They will find other codes to arrest us with. But that does not mean we should not do this. Important to take these steps. People did not even know about that code.
    • Amir: we have a great amendment to law that is being overlooked -- first amendment. Don't think we can force the politician to do anything. Should include homelessness.
    • Ray: Working not this sort of thing is absolutely not a waste of time. Frequently, there are people on the inside that agree with us but will not go against the status quo unless citizens take the initiative. Plus, it is our job as citizens to push back when appropriate.
    • John: Lawson vs. Kohlender -- may have to go to the Supreme Court if they refuse.
    • CONSENSUS -- Support moving forward with some opposition but no hard blocks.
    • Plan small press conference. Rules committee meeting is Jan 11.

  • New NLG number: 619-500-4486 Write in indelible ink on your arm
  • Citizens' Review Board of Police Activities meeting to be meeting on Jan 24.
    • We will be setting up an on-line database of:
      • All people arrested, detained, and/or cited, bail, court cases, etc.
      • Police IDs and mug shots.
      • compliants submitted and their disposition.
  • Will not be occupying a home in Pt. Loma
  • Tito will be Facilitator at upcoming meeting.

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