Public Access Program Guide

Public Access Television in San Diego County (Cox Cable)

From COX Schedule Revised May 15, 2009

  • CBB = Community Bulletin Board

Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
6:00 a CBB CBB CBB CBB CBB OPEN The Prophetic Word
6:30 a CBB CBB CBB CBB CBB OPEN The Kings Hour
7:00 a CBB CBB CBB CBB CBB Essene Foundation St. Stephens
7:30 a CBB CBB CBB CBB CBB Power of the Word Higher Praise Tabernacle
8:00 a CBB CBB CBB CBB CBB Divine Panoramic Revival Time
8:30 a CBB CBB CBB CBB CBB Mohammed and Guest TV Gospel Time
9:00 a The California Channel
Includes State Legislature sessions (Live)
New Beginnings in Christ
9:30 a Anointing for Today Christian Compassion Hour
10:00 a Nectar of Faith
10:30 a Inspiration Time Victorious Living
11:00 a Labor Link TV Farrakhan
11:30 a El Poder
Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
12:00 p The California Channel
Includes State Legislature sessions (Live)
Keep On Looking Up Pazzaz
12:30 p Bible Answers SPECIAL
1:00 p Revealing the Truth Dr. Capers
1:30 p Bishop Jeremiah Reed Ye Shall Know the Truth
2:00 p Faith Deliverance Present Truth
2:30 p Shalom Scriptures
3:00 p Unarius Church of Christ
3:30 p That Which Is
3:45 p CBB
4:00 p Psychic Experience OPEN OPEN OPEN Eckankar Grace Unending
4:30 p OPEN Let's Educate Real Estate Roundtable Truth Words of Peace
5:00 p Beyond Today Godly Mothers Instructions FGM SPECIAL Progress in San Diego
Walter Davis
5:30 p Women of Vision Pace TV It shall come to pass Selenas Showcase Journey Into the void TV Club International
Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
6:00 p Alternate Focus Hour of Freedom Diwaniya for Women Tomorrow's World En Vivo Journey Into the void Tapestry of Concerns
6:30 p Messiah Holy Spirit Bible Student Hour (New) Common Ground Light & Truth Words of Encouragement Urgent message
7:00 p Word to the Believer Its about you SPECIAL Make it Plain SPECIAL Surer Word Aviation Theatre
7:30 p Satsang with Gangaji Christian Business Forum Turning the Hearts Grace Alive 30 Minutes of Praise
8:00 p Calvary Chapel Simple Bible Truth Bright Morning Star Scription Yourself Presents Bet-Nahrain Conversations in Spirtuality
8:30 p Door to Faith Midnight Village Theatre Lord is Calling You Cheering ?? Night Lights
9:00 p SPECIAL A touch from Above Total Healing Spotlight Presents Grace Bible His Way the Only Way Hot Gospel Traxx
9:30 p Religion is the solution Emergence of the World Teacher Community Artist Connection Jesus Our Healer Growing in Christ
10:00 p SPECIAL Dr. Ted. Bible Way Word of Righteousness Assyrian TV
10:30 p Hour of Grace The House San Diego Somali-TV
11:00 p CBB OPEN Libertarian Kick N' It Amazing Facts OPEN
11:30 p CBB Dahil Kay Hesus Today's good news for you OPEN
12:00 a CBB CBB CBB CBB Summit University More Excellent Way
12:30 a CBB CBB CBB CBB CBB Love and Truth

Summary by name:

Name Category Time Comments
Psychic Experience   Mon 4p  
OPEN   Mon 4:30p  
Beyond Today   Mon 5p  
Women of Vision   Mon 5:30p  
Alternate Focus Politics-International Mon 6p  
Messiah Religious-Christian Mon 6:30p  
Word to the Believer Religious-Christian Mon 7p  
Satsang with Gangaji Religious-Metaphysics Mon 7:30p  
Calvary Chapel Religious-Christian Mon 8p - 1hr 760-489-6255
(Special)   Mon 9p 6-8-09: no program aired.
Name Category Time Comments
OPEN   Tue 4p  
Let's Educate Education? Tue 4:30p - 1hr  
Pace TV General Interest Tue 5:30p Public Access Cable by Elders; longest running PA show.
Hour of Freedom Religious-Christian Tue 6p  
Holy Spirit Religious-Christian Tue 6:30p  
Its about you Self-Help Tue 7p - 1hr Woman talking with handheld microphone about "our bodies" and works in "our heavenly father.
Simple Bible Truth Religious-Christian Tue 8p Young man talking about baptism, etc.
Door to Faith Religious-Christian Tue 8:30p female host talking to couple who run financial review seminars.
A touch from Above Religious-Christian Tue 9p  
Religion is the solution Religious-Christian Tue 9:30  
Name Category Time Comments
OPEN   Wed 4p - hr  
Godly Mothers Instructions Religious-Christian Wed 5p  
It shall come to pass Religious-Christian Wed 5:30p  
Diwaniya for Women   Wed 6p  
Bible Student Hour   Wed 6:30p David Rice giving bible study, 6/3/2009
SPECIAL   Wed 7p  
Christian Business Forum Religious-Christian Wed 7:30p  
Bright Morning Star   Wed 8p  
Midnight Village Theatre   Wed 8:30p  
Total Healing   Wed 9p (May 27) Silly skits instead, very bad technical quality.
Emergence of the World Teacher Religious-Christian Wed 9:30p  
Dr. Ted Borgeas, DPM Conspiracy Theorist Wed 10p 1-800-494-5341 "Foreign Agent Lobbyists"
Hour of Grace Religious-Christian Wed 10:30p  
OPEN   Wed 11p  
Dahil Kay Hesus   Wed 11:30p  
Name Category Time Comments
OPEN   Wed 4p  
Real Estate Roundtable Business Thu 4:30p  
FGM Ethnic Thu 5p - 1hr Chinese TV. mentions, Sound of Hope Radio (1 hr)
Tomorrow's World Religious-Christian Thu 6p; Newscaster look with Bible readings. Charlotte, NC 28227-8010 USA
Common Ground Religious-Christian Thu 6:30p Business success with Biblical principles. Host: Joyce Edge.
Make it Plain Religious-Christian Thu 7p Black minister preaches to congregation of amen-ing parishioners
Turning the Hearts   Thu 7:30p  
Scription Religious-Christian Thu 8p Reading of bible scriptures with narrator only.
Lord is Calling You Religious-Christian Thu 8:30p Preacher giving a sermon to a camera.
Spotlight Presents Religious-Christian Thu 9p Two guys at a table presenting scripture and praying, teleprompter 619-475-1414
Community Artist Connection (new) Local Artists Thu 9:30p  
Glory Faith TV   Thu 10p  
The House   Thu 10:30p  
Libertarian Politics Thu 11p  
Today's good news for you   Thu 11:30p  
Name Category Time Comments
Eckankar Religious-Christian Fri 4p  
Truth Religious-Christian Fri 4:30- 1hr Promotes Church-State integration.
Selenas Showcase Music-Country Western Fri 5:30p Singer, video from Del Mar Fair. Crummy technical quality. Lots of jerks and stops.
En Vivo Music+Political comment Fri 6p 5/29: Musical trio guitar, fiddle, bass, folk music. Went into the history of the song "shores of tripoli, and said the fact that mercenaries were used effectively in WWII meant that Blackwater should be used today.
Light & Truth Religious-Christian Fri 6:30p  
(SPECIAL)   Fri 7p  
Grace Alive Religious-Christian Fri 7:30p  
Yourself Presents Music Fri 8p Yourself Presents is the name of the band.
Cheering   Fri 8:30p  
Grace Bible Religious-Christian Fri 9p - 1hr  
Bible Way Religious-Christian Fri 10p  
San Diego Somali-TV Ethnic Fri 10:30p  
Kick N' It   Fri 11p - 1hr  
Name Category Time Comments
OPEN   Sat 6a  
OPEN   Sat 6:30a Total Healing moved to Wed 9pm
Essene Foundation Religious-Christian Sat 7a  
Power of the Word Religious-Christian Sat 7:30a Moved from Sun 11:30p  
Divine Panoramic Religious-Christian Sat 8a  
Mohammed and Guest Religious-Islamic Sat 8:30 - 1hr  
Anointing for Today Religious-Christian Sat 9:30  
Nectar of Faith Religious-Islamic Sat 10a English islamic minister. One camera. Filmed at Fort Lawderdale, Broward County (FL) Darusalaam Foundation, San Diego.
Inspiration Time Religious-Christian Sat 10:30a Bayview Baptist Church, Timothy Winters. Teaches in front of white board. (May 30, part 4)
Labor Link TV Politics Sat 11a Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) (May 30)
El Poder del Evangelio Religious-Christian Sat 11:30a Teri Lopez: Bible study in English even though the intro is in Spanish. 6-6: in Spanish.
Keep On Looking Up Religious-Christian Sat 12p  
Bible Answers Religious-Christian Sat 12:30p  
Revealing the Truth Religious-Christian Sat 1p  
Bishop Jeremiah Reed Religious-Christian Sat 1:30p  
Faith Deliverance Religious-Christian Sat 2p  
Shalom Scriptures Religious-Jewish? Sat 2:30p  
Unarius Religious-Other Sat 3p - 1hr  
Grace Unending Religious-Christian Sat 4p - 1hr  
(SPECIAL)   Sat 5p Was Brian Bilbray
Journey Into the void   Sat 5:30p - 1hr  
Words of Encouragement   Sat 6:30p  
Surer Word Religious-Christian Sat 7p - 1hr Asian Minister preaches in English
2009-09-19 saw "The Liberty Tree Guitar" (very good).
Bet-Nahrain Religious-Chaldean Sat 8p - 1hr Chaldean church service in Chaldean.
His way the only way   Sat 9p  
Jesus Our Healer Religious-Christian Sat 9:30p  
Word of Righteousness Religious-Christian Sat 10p - 1hr - Minister at pulpit. - Dr. Robert Thompson on May 30. Mt. Zion Fellowship, Escondido.
Amazing Facts Religious-Christian Sat 11p - 1hr Doug Batchelor from church in Sacramento, sermons in front of a congregation.
Summit University   Sat 12a - 1hr  
Name Category Time Comments
The Prophetic Word Religious-Christian Sun 6a  
The Kings Hour Religious-Christian Sun 6:30a  
St. Stephens Religious-Christian Sun 7a  
Higher Praise Tabernacle Religious-Christian Sun 7:30a  
Revival Time Religious-Christian Sun 8a  
TV Gospel Time Religious-Christian Sun 8:30a  
New Beginnings in Christ Religious-Christian Sun 9a New Beginnings Christian Fellowship, 3180 Main St, Chula Vista 619-604-4826
Christian Compassion Hour Religious-Christian Sun 9:30a - 1hr, (broken) 7309 El Cajon Blvd, #202 La Mesa. Pastor Bonis. Preaches in front of a picture of mountain stream. 619-463-7155
Victorious Living Religious-Christian Sun 10:30a  
Farrakhan Religious-Christian Sun 11a - 1hr  
Pazzaz   Sun 12p  
(SPECIAL)   Sun 12:30p  
Dr. Capers   Sun 1p  
Ye Shall Know the Truth Religious-Christian Sun 1:30p  
Present Truth Religious-Christian Sun 2p - 1hr Fire-and-brimstone style preacher at a church.
Church of Christ Religious-Christian Sun 3p  
That Which Is Religious-Christian Sun 3:30p - 1hr Jittery, terrible video quality. One man talking to an unseen but responsive audience.
Words of Peace Religious-Christian Sun 4:30p  
Progress In San Diego
Walter Davis
Progressive Politics Sun 5p  
TV Club International   Sun 5:30p No program -- CBB only on 5-31
Tapestry of Concerns not sure Sun 6p Female host interviewing author
Urgent message Religious/Politics Sun 6:30p Wacko program that mixes religion with politics, talking a great deal about the evils of Russia
Aviation Theatre Special Interest Sun 7p Confirmed.
30 Minutes of Praise Religious-Christian Sun 7:30p Christian Life 460-7200
Conversations in Spirituality (new)   Sun 8p  
Night Lights   Sun 8:30p  
Hot Gospel Traxx Religious-Christian Sun 9p  
Growing in Christ Religious-Christian Sun 9:30p  
Assyrian TV Ethnic Sun 10p - 1hr  
OPEN   Sun 11p  
OPEN   Sun 11:30p  
More Excellent Way   Sun 12a  
Love and Truth   Sun 12:30a - 1hr  

I notice many of the shows flash their name and address on the screen very briefly, making it almost impossible to copy down. Others leave it up during the whole program.

Good practice: Place logo in lower-left corner, weibsite + Phone in lower-right

Deprecated Programs
Get Lifted Religious-Christian Thu 9:30p 5/28 (1 hr) "Circle of the Earth" hosted by Cliff Robertson. Describes work of NASA and promotes connection to Bible, etc.
6/4: Establishing a church in Kenya.
Mikey Jay   Sun 11p  
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