Media Committee Notes 20111104

Finance Cte. Liaison
  • Donations to ASD website Max of 5 email addresses for notification.
  • One is --> Passwords changed and Cali can use it as long as it is open.
    • --> forwards to -- use this for finance cte reports.
    • changed passwords to five password holders
    • could not get into gmail account
    • browser at Cali's home account can still access it.

Management of Media Team
  • Not communicating with each other. Many working on similar things. Send emails to the group.
  • Cali - have meetings to get organized, can't keep everyone informed that is not at the meeting. Need meeting minutes.
    • Meeting every other day, working group on other days.
  • Mike Garcia - made a suggestion for subcommittee process.
    • Technology Group -- File Zilla is a drop box that is accessible to anyone.
    • Social media group
    • Press Group -- Press Kit Group
  • Mac Mac -- complaint on FB caused a lot of comments, but did get something done.
    • every other day is hard to cover because of school.
    • Admins who remove each other -- If someone wants another person removed, they have to be removed.
    • Group can vote to remove someone without removing someone else.
    • People who are on the media committee are the ones who have been here from Oct 7.
    • Person in Media should not also be wearing a hat in finance cte.
    • Dialog every day -- email. Google wave is up.
  • John Kenney - GA announcements
    • Need reports from all committees and report of the GA.
  • Kali
    • Proposal of organization used of Master PW holders.
  • Ray
    • Have higher level executive committee that determines who has the passwords works on the overall organization of the media cte.
  • Macmac
    • Have password rotation -- various circles pr web, etc. so passwords can be changed.
  • Rick
    • Last meeting we decided who was going to be in charge of each of the various areas.
  • William
    • Password rotations - not always a good idea, esp. if other people have obligations.
    • Need to figure out org so we can get more done.
    • Not getting enough out and that is why we are not growing.
  • Donna
    • Not here since Saturday Night.
    • Concerned about getting information through the media committee
    • Education committee (they have their own website, and it has the schedule of teach-ins.)
  • Jarrett
    • New Web Site.
    • Over the past week or two workign on a website that deals with many of these issues.
    • Site lets users submit whatever they want and allows people to publish to the front page or not.
    • Committee reports can go on line immediately.
    • Event Calendar also being added.
  • Michael Garcia summarized the group
  • Kayla * Not sure what she said.
  • James * Use five master password holders, rotate them.
  • Drop box point person for each subcommittee

Think Tank
  • Omar -- Think tank.
    • Lots of ideas bubbling -- use polling on Facebook.
  • Ray -- I think the web site by Jarrett would do this.
  • Jarrett -- website can integrate with FB, anything can also be placed on facebook.
  • Donna -- Facebook and Twitter are planning to introduce new limitations with using them for Occupy.
  • Michael -- can use polls just like used in Egyptian spring, and it is a spring board to
  • Concensus si to move aheads with polling as proposed and later integrate with some future system as it comes up.

Email Blast help

Website Suggestions
  • Kali - suggests no names on items, create more of a team.
  • William - no problem putting the name on the item - no problem attaching a name to anything. Give credits by putting a link in.
  • Mac mac - ditto
  • Kali - Jace had his name and copyright on the website, at the bottom.
  • Donna - important to put names on items, although some items can be done by the entire committee.
    • Need the name so we can follow up and contact for source information
  • James - this is not a corporate media group
    • Press releases are OSD, and many people do review it.

These agenda items were not discussed.

Collection of Media

Coordination with Upcoming Events

Press Release
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