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New tutorials added.


This project exists to provide a place for tutorials and information about the colloboration platform. is based on the "Free, Open-Source Wiki" known as "Foswiki". This was originally known as TWiki, but due to proprietary issues, was split into a separate community-based project known as Foswiki. The Foswiki branch has been improved with many release cycles. All wikis, including Wikipedia, which is based on Media Wiki, have their roots in the original Wiki Wiki. Most wikis like Media Wiki (Wikipedia) offer the user to edit pages of the site, but those pages are static once edited. This is essential for high-traffic sites like Wikipedia.

Foswiki can be used that way too. But it also offers many "Macros" and dynamic features not offered by wikipedia.

Much of the architecture of the site is custom, but still within the standard framework of Foswiki, which offers a great deal of flexibility.

The Basics

Tutorials (somewhat) specific to Copswiki platform

These are provided here in step-by-step order using instructional videos.

VideoPresentation(M1680) 2016-08-26 Copswiki Basic Editing -- Ray Lutz, Citizens Oversight, Provides instruction for basic editing of topics in the collaboration platform.


VideoPresentation(M1681) 2016-08-26 Adding Media to Copswiki Database -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1775) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 1: Basic topic editing (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1776) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 2: Creating a Project (Ray Lutz) -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1777) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 3: Advanced project: Take Action, Email lists, thermometer. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1778) 2017-06-30 Copswiki 4: Add a media item based on an email. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


VideoPresentationArticle(M1779) 2017-06-30 Tutorial 5: Creating listserve emails from FB posts. -- RayLutz, CitizensOversight,


Launch Pad

Here are some topics that are frequently needed to review by more advanced users.
  • System.Macros -- This provides the baseline functionality of the platform
    • System.FormattedSearch - %SEARCH{}% macro can create reports about other topics.
    • System.QuerySearch - The most powerful method of searching based on topic attributes and content.
  • System.Installed Plugins -- Additional extensions that have been added.
  • Main.Site Preferences -- This topic contains many custom macros specific to this site.

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Number of topics: 9

Discussion List

See ListServe for all email discussion lists and to add more.

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Project Founder Ray Lutz
Project Curator Ray Lutz
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Project Parents COPs Program
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Project Status Active
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