Council Letter Otay 01


I am writing to support you in standing up to Blackwater and their secret facility in Otay Mesa.

Don't be intimidated by their scare tactics! The public has the right to review their plans and approve or disprove this sort of facility, and public hearings are in order. We need your help to make sure the project is adequately reviewed. Please stand firm against this facility.

Blackwater is trying to sneak into our county and install a training facility, extracting profits from our tax dollars and then send them to North Carolina. There are other options in this area to provide similar training. We don't need a company that has its eyes set on hiring our men and women in uniform to have the opportunity to advertise their private army during the entire training process.

Regardless of what Blackwater may say, they have their eyes on border security contracts and have admitted as much when they were working on the Potrero facility. If this facility is installed, if Blackwater can get their foot in the door in this region, it will only be a matter of time before they have those contracts.

We must stop Blackwater now, nip it in the bud before it grows to become a hideous monster.

Please continue to take a stand against Blackwater!

-- Raymond Lutz - 23 May 2008
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