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Facebook is a very easy place to post, but it does not provide a way to organize material. Here are some links but this is not very current.
  • School nutrition regulations come under fire -- I am amazed that these cafeterias don't already pride themselves on the quality of their meals. Instead, they are complaining about needing to add more fruit and vegetables and less fat and salt. Good eating habits is an important part of education. Hunter Jr. of course is on the wrong side of the issue. Hey, let's just figure this out in some practical dialog.
  • White House Objects to DADT Amendment: House language seeks more impediments to DADT repeal; other a -- No, Hunter Jr., no extra steps into the process that should be under the control of the Executive branch. Also, why so many amendments to the defense bill that have nothing to do with defense? Hunter proposed cutting 43 Education programs. Where are his proposed cuts to the sacred defense bill? All the talk on DADT and DOMA are a smokescreen.
  • Blackwater Founder Forms Secret Army for Arab State -- This seems harmless to many people, an ex-SEAL setting up a private mercenary army in a "friendly" authoritarian state. Mark my words, we will eventually find ourselves on opposite sides of the battle field, with our "brother" Erik Prince, in charge of the opposing army, probably putting down pesky "Arab Spring" uprisings. Sad story.
  • Bin Laden Raid Was Captured On SEAL Team Helmet Cameras -- Another reversal. Earlier, we were told there was a blackout of the cameras. Now, they admit it is recorded on 25 mini helmet cams. No actual videos release yet, though. Maybe Wikileaks can help us here...
  • California Rep. Duncan Hunter's Education Bill Would Cut 43 Programs -- Just what we need right now, more cuts to education. No Child Left Behind was designed to turn public schools over to charter and private schools that have no better record than public schools if they have the same student population. And NCLB was never really funded to get those "Schools in Need of Improvement" turned around. Now, Mr. Conservative Dictator wants to cut more.
  • AC360 Preview: Getting bin Laden was costly, says Ron Paul -- Ron Paul is willing to buck the party line, and here he speaks the truth: 1) killing bin Laden does not automatically make us safer 2) ten years and thousands of lives to find this guy is a very high price to pay 3) It is time to pull out of these wars. Finally, someone on the right saying what I've been saying for 10 years.
  • Kill/Capture -- After reviewing this FRONTLINE documentary, I am more convinced than ever that we are not just wasting our time and $$ in Afghanistan, what we are doing there is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Using force will never work to gain friends. GET OUT NOW.
  • Japan sets up compensation plan for nuclear plant -- How quickly we forget that we have a MAJOR NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE on our hands here. With bin Laden masking everything, this story has all but disappeared from our local paper, which is more concerned about the new Will Ferrell movie. See also: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/13/world/asia/13japan.html "Japanese Reactor Damage Is Worse Than Expected"
  • 10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax : Indybay -- Christine Mann: this story breaks it down beautifully....
  • Al Gore and Keith Olbermann: A Moment of Truth for Cable News -- "Cable news in general has turned American democracy into a freak show, where bigots and nuts receive a free megaphone, where shills and hacks parade to the cameras to treat the audience like idiots, dishing out spin that many of them don't even believe..." True of all corporate-media news.
  • Interview with Polish Migration Expert: 'Germany Needs Immigrants' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - Interna -- Here is an example showing the fact that Germany is embracing more immigration
  • Made in America: What's In Your Home? -- BUY AMERICAN! Yes, we already know this, but I am happy to see this being covered on ABC News. The family had virtually nothing left in their house after non-American made products were removed. See also the recovery: http://youtu.be/OttqMTDIUFw (First step -- avoid Wal Mart!)
  • Hunter again pushes for extra checks on DADT -- Here is an example of the reason we have far too many laws. Duncan D. Hunter, son of 28-yr ex-Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, wants to pass a bill that would direct the executive branch how to handle their business. Micromanagement for political gain, and a law that we don't need to process. Homophobic = Hunter.
  • San Diego company simulates battle, bullets, blood -- Why does not our military handle training like this? Did we "forget" how to train ourselves? OR, is this a great way for a private firm with insider ties to get juicy contracts from the pentagon? No wonder our defense budget is out of control.
  • Former SEDC officials charged with embezzling -- Christine Mann: this has been my big issue. This is precisely why we need to get rid of these agencies all-together. They are all frauds unfortunately and although "affordable housing" sounds like a nobel cause, it is really just a really easy way to steal tax $ that should go to schools and libraries and parks.
  • Meshaal told to choose between committing to Quartet's conditions and Bin Laden's fate -- Is assassination becoming a popular way to deal with political problems? Israel thinks it is appropriate to assassinate a Hamas figurehead "the same way bin Laden was dealt with." No wonder we took such actions off limits. Hamas was democratically elected, but if you don't like the result of the ballot box, bullets rule. I think this is a slippery slope, folks.
  • Bin Laden Killing in Legal Gray Zone -- Killing Illegal? 1) In 1976, then-President Gerald Ford issued Executive Order 11905 that “no employee of the United States government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination.” 2) There is also the issue of Pakistan’s sovereignty: It’s against international law to carry out operations like this in another country, without their apriori consent.
  • Obama: 'Getting our man' outweighed raid's risks
  • Osama Bin Laden Home Video (Pentagon Release) -- Okay, here are the "home videos" of bin laden, released but without any audio. See also http://youtu.be/v9OUCxso05A. The figure watching TV could be just about anyone. Why not release the audio? What are they trying to hide?? I still assert this killing was an example of excessive executive power. He should have been captured and tried.
  • RAPTURE COMING May 21 Allison Warden WeCanKnow.com Interview -- Are you ready for the end of the world on May 21, 2011? Apparently, everyone who is a believer will disappear from the earth in a worldwide earthquake while nonbelievers will be left here on May 22, to enter a five month period of judgment, and then the end of the earth will occur in Oct. Check out this interview. Who's buying into this?
  • Movie Review - 'The Tillman Story' - One Family's Quest For The Truth : NPR -- Apparently, the public has not only forgotten the staged Jessica Lynch rescue, but also the whole Tillman Affair, a story which was eventually blown apart, but which all top brass went along with for a long time. Is a cover-up a conspiracy?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fwo_TLz3cg -- Christine Mann: people have such a short memory. We established that the Jessica Lynch story was a complete and total fabrication....again a big macho Navy Seal Op....a total LIE. Watch this video on BBC on the Story...see any similarities?:
  • Questioning Events is not 'Conspiracy Theories' -- Here is my response to all the uproar over this potentially sham event, as indicated by the video blackout, no photos, quick body dumping, etc. Enjoy.
  • Blackwater’s New Ethics Chief: John Ashcroft -- The revolving door continues...John Ashcroft, famous for his support of the PATRIOT act and domestic wiretapping, now works for the Company Formerly Known as Blackwater -- Xe, in charge of "restructuring" the firm so it can win lucrative Govt contracts. I say no more contracts for Xe, not matter who they hire.
  • Medicare isn't the problem, it's the solution -- Robert Reich nails it in this piece regarding Medicare. Obamacare has some good points, but did not go far enough and was gutted by a congress that bent over backwards to solicit the cooperation of Republicans instead of passing a good bill. Whatever Republicans want (gut Medicare) we need to do the opposite -- fix it and expand it. Why is this not covered here?
  • Obama won't release bin Laden death photo - World news - Death of bin Laden - msnbc.com -- Big mistake. First, Obama encourages birthers by not releasing his birth certificate, and now this will encourage conspiracy theorists by not producing proof that the man they killed was indeed bin Laden. My guess is it was not bin Laden, who likely died from renal failure years ago, but it still may bring closure to the war on terror. (LINK BAD)
  • Mike Lumpkin Named to Special Ops Post in Pentagon; Ran for Congress -- Good news, bad news. Mike Lumpkin will be serving us in the Pentagon, and I am happy to have a level-headed thinker like Mike in that position. On the other hand, it implies he will not be running in 2012 against Duncan D. Hunter, and I was hoping he would do so because he is a stellar candidate!
  • CNN.com - Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Bin Laden would need help if on dialysis - January 21, 2002 -- News reports from 2002 figured bin Laden was already dead because he needed dialysis for renal disease. Critics have reviewed tapes and other proof that he was alive after that point and all were easily refuted. Q:would locals know if someone had to have dialysis treatment at the compound in Abbottabad?
  • Review of helicopter at bin Laden - Aviation experts are reviewing the story that a "Blackhawk helicopter" had mechanical difficulty and went down, and they blew it up. My guess is this was a drone copter for bleeding off RPGs and other fire. When it was not blown up by "bin Laden", they had to scuttle it.
  • See picture of bin laden dead! -- This is a bogus picture, but is being circulated anyway.
  • A witness to Bin Laden's 'death' says it's bullsh*t -- Listen to this interview of a local who lives in the neighborhood near the "bin Laden" compound. He says he walks there every night and can't believe bin Laden was living there. You won't see this interview on U.S. Corporate news programs.
  • Bin Laden was unarmed when SEALs stormed room -- Okay, they're already changing the story. We first heard it was a firefight and they wanted to take him alive. Now, they admit they shot an unarmed man and after quickly dumping the body in the ocean, they are worried that releasing photos will irritate everyone too much. Apparently, they are trying to buy time to put together a picture that will pass world scrutiny.
  • Official: Bin Laden buried at sea -- This is the most troubling events in the "killing of bin Laden" is the hasty scuttling of the body, so that no third parties could confirm his identity. The idea that they wanted to respect Muslim sensibilities after killing one of their leaders is laughable. "We had to dispose of it within 24 hours or they would be upset." Nonsense.
  • Democracy Now! Jeremy Scahill on the OBL Mission and Aftermath -- This must be our opportunity to "redo" our foreign policy. We have some 800 bases throughout the world, and spend about $1 trillion per year on our military operations around the world. We must dismantle the killing machine that Obama has inherited. The only way this will happen is through pressure from us -- the public.
  • Osama bin Laden -- Dead Body Picture HOAX Christine Mann -- when i saw this picture yesterday it immediately struck me as a fraud but why did so many respectable media publications publish it as evidence? Is this how poorly sourced their work in general is? How can we believe anything the media says when they got something this significant wrong?
  • Ray Lutz: Bin Laden Dead - Ray Lutz makes the case that we don't know if bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11
  • US kills Osama bin Laden decade after 9/11 attacks -- Has there been any independent corroboration that 1) this is really bin Laden and 2) he was a "Mastermind of 9/11"? Where is the real reporting on this? Where are pics of the actual safehouse, bin Laden, and DNA evidence, etc.?? Are reporters just going to accept what they are told?

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