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  • SDG&E surprises Lakeside with the announcement that El Monte Valley will be decimated by the huge transmission project.
  • CPUC approves the project against EIR recommendations, and does not agree to use the line 33% for renewables.
  • 25 Aug 2008 - Deadline for comments to Sunrise Powerlink RECIRCULATED DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT
  • 26 Aug 2008 - Dept. of Energy EA scoping hearing for Sempra's 500 kV cross-border power line for their proposed 1,250 MW La Rumorosa Wind south of border at Jacumba. (1-3 & 5-7 p.m.) at the Highland Senior Center, 44681,Old Hwy 80, Jacumba
  • 27 Aug 2008 - Deadline for comments on BLM Eastern San Diego County Resource Management Plan
  • 09 Dec 2010 - Bogus groundbreaking in Mc Cain valley, attended by Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger, staged to provide the impression that the project is a "done deal" even though there are several pending legal challenges.

Really, it is just another bait and switch project like Stirling, to greenwash a transmission project.
Sempra did not disclose that their LNG line runs through the wind project area and a new water line is under construction. Gas, water and transmission equals another gas-fired power plant at the border. The DOE application states that Sunrise Powerlink or another transmission line is needed to move this new energy. See media for the DOE Federal Register EA Scoping Notice which includes comment deadline and details.


The proposed SDG&E Sunrise Powerlink (an unnecessary transmission line through Anza Borrego State Park intended to send "dirty" electric power from Mexico to LA).

From "Rock Canyon":

I follow both Sunrise Powerlink and Sempra's Costa Azul and all the corruption in their wake. Did you know that our Southwest Powerline (that we currently use) is connected to Sempra's Mexicali (Costa Azul fed) plant?? That the CPUC allowed Sempra to drop all of San Diego's domestic natural gas accounts, and then "reversed the flow" of all of our natural gas lines in 2009 (at a cost to California ratepayers of $200 MILLION) so that Sempra/SDG&E would have a monopoly and FORCE us to use exclusively- Costa Azul LNG? That the Costa Azul LNG is way more expensive than our domestic natural gas, that Costa Azul LNG carries a 25% GREATER greenhouse gas burden than our domestic natural gas, that the US has a LNG GLUT and prices have never been lower, that our usage in natural gas is getting lower every year and that it's forecast by 2030..Costa Azul and all LNGs at least in Western USA will be USELESS (mothball status)?

Right now I'm following the outright bribery and fraud Sempra committed to get the Costa Azul built...oh by the way...Sempra did not pay for Costa Azul...California ratepayers's did ($900 MILLION)...How does ANYONE in authority think that the Sunrise Powerlink "approval" is any different? Why would the CPUC force us to use this Costa Azul LNG especially since Ensenada is trying to close it down for the health and safety of the people due to Sempra's obvious illegal actions? LNG is extremely dangerous- like a Hiroshima Bomb!

Why are "We The People" forced to invest and pay a criminal like Sempra?..Only the most naive or corrupt believes the Sunrise Powerlink is for "green energy in San Diego"?...if that were the case...we have more than enough capacity for ALL of SDG&E's so-called "renewable energy" on our existing Southwest Powerline..admitted by SDG&E VP, EIR, even Schwarzenegger! and we still don't need it!!



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  • Stop The Powerlink Stop Illegal Lobbying Petition -- Sign this petition to request that Attorney General Jerry Brown investigate illegal lobbying and vacate the approval ruling.
  • Reinact Pace Petition -- Sign this petition to request that President Barack Obama reinact the PACE (property accessment clean energy) program. With this program inacted, a tidal wave of solar system installations will make the Sunrise Powerlink obsolete even before it is built.


  • Sycamore to Torrey Hills Transmission Line:

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Project Name Sunrise Powerlink
Project Description Project to oppose the installation of the Sunrise Powerlink
Project Founder Raymond Lutz
Project Curator Raymond Lutz
Project Type Issue Oversight
Project Parents Energy Policy
Related Keywords California Public Utilities Commission, Energy Policy, Sunrise Powerlink
Project Status Closed
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IMG00015.jpgjpg IMG00015.jpg manage 744 K 26 Jun 2014 - 21:23 Raymond Lutz Standing room only at community meeting on 2-25-2009 in Lakeside.
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