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Home Tex

Blackwater Otay is leasing a building from a company called Home Tex. The more this connection is researched, the stranger the world seems to be.

Hometex Inc, or Home Tex Packaging Corporation, is mostly a large international textile company. There are several lines of business, mostly home furnishings, furniture, linens, and real estate, at least in the United States. The company owns at several textile mills in Pakistan, their "flagship mill" is in Karachi (the capital), according to their website.

The President of Home Tex is based in Los Angeles, and since at least 2002, is a man named Shoaib Kothawala, and he was selected in 2002 to serve on the California Business Commission (CBC), "an elite group of leading business people and political strategists who will be advising the Republican leadership on how to protect the Republican majority in the House".

Somewhat paradoxically, Mr. Kothawala donated $500.00 to the campaign of Cynthia Mc Kinney (D-GA), in June of 2002. (

Ms Mc Kinney served as the Democratic representative from Georgia's fourth district from 1993-2003, and from 2005-2007. She was defeated in the primary in 2002, according to Wikipedia, "due to Republican crossover voting". Ms Mc Kinney is one of the most progressive representatives ever to serve in Congress. She is currently running for President as a member of the Green Party.

There is a trade show called "Saudi Hometex" that happens annually in Riyadh, apparently it's a happy bunch of cotton manufacturers having a party hosted by the House of Saud. Here's a link to an internet announcement of this year's event happening May 12th. I am not certain what specific relationship this tradeshow has to Hometex in California (but I'm working on it).

The headquarters office is located at:

Hometex Inc
1925 Century Park E # 1950
Los Angeles, CA 90067-2701
Shoaib Kothawala, President

I also found an alternate address & phone for Hometex: Hometex Packaging Corporaton
3348 Main St
San Diego, CA 92113

This is an old link, from 2002, but it pertains to what kind of company Hometex actually is.

Apparently they've been playing ball with the republicans for some time...

Shoaib Kothawala to Serve on CBC

Washington, D.C.: Congressman Jim Ryun of Kansas has announced that Mr. Shoaib A. Kothawala, President, Hometex Packaging Corporation and a prominent Pakistani American entrepreneur, has been selected to serve the state of California on the new Congressional Business Commission.

The Congressional Business Commission (CBC) is an elite group of leading business people and political strategists who will be advising the Republican leadership on how to protect the Republican majority in the House in the Fall elections.

Mr. Kothawala was selected on the basis of his outstanding contributions as an Honorary Chairman of the Party's Business Advisory Council. On the CBC, Mr. Kothawala is expected to play a key role in helping the party craft their campaign strategy for the 2002 elections.

The CBC is contained to supporting and recruiting fiscally conservative candidates who are committed to tax reduction and relief. Commenting on Mr. Kothawala's selection, Congressman Ryun said, "The 2002 election will be critical in determining the course of our nation. I am thrilled to have Kothawala's expertise and input as a resource as we head toward November."

Mr. Kothawala will also be listed on the Congressional Business Honor Roll, which will be displayed in the Republican Headquarters Building in Washington.

*PLEASE NOTE* Since my original research, it has come to light that I confused two companies, and for that I apologize.

Hometexco is a company based in Calhoun Georgia, and is owned by two men, brothers, originally from India. Their company has nothing to do with Home Tex Packaging Inc, or Blackwater Worldwide or its affiliates, and I apologize for sloppy research.

Hometexco was misnamed as Hometex in an article in Furniture Today, and I made an assumption that was in error.

I have edited the error out of this posting, and statements made by me to future postings to this or other sites will be confirmed from multiple sources, or noted as unconfirmed, prior to posting. Dave Wiley
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