November 2006 Voter Guide

As a chartered club of the Democratic Party, these are our voting recommendations. Endorsements shown here may go beyond endorsements provided by the County Democratic Party.

  • Judicial - General Info On Justices (The following recommedations based on info from Bill Irvine, Elected Member, San Diego Democratic Party, 76th Assembly District.)
    • California Supreme Court - Associate Justice
      • Seat 1 Joyce L. Kennard Yes (Benefit of Doubt)
      • Seat 2 Carol A. Corrigan Yes (Benefit of Doubt)
    • Associate Justice Court of Appeals Fourth Appellate District
      • Division 1, Presiding Justice: Judith McConnell Yes
      • Division 1, Associate Justices:
      • Division 2, Associate Justices:
        • Seat 1: Art W. McKinster No (Caution) Info...
        • Seat 2: Betty A. Richli No (Extreme Caution) (Appt by Deukmejian) Info...
        • Seat 3: Jeffrey King No (Extreme Caution) Info...
        • Seat 4: Douglas P. Miller No (Extreme Caution) (appointed by Pete Wilson and Schwazenegger) Info...
      • Division 3, Associate Justices
        • Seat 1: Kathleen E. O'Leary Yes (Appt by Deukmejian) Info...
        • Seat 2: Raymond J. Ikola Yes (Benefit of Doubt) (appointed by Pete Wilson) Info...
    • Judge of the Superior Court - Seat 36 - Rod Shelton (Endorsed) <-- VERY IMPORTANT

  • Local Propositions
    • Prop N: Yes (San Diego Community College District: School Improvement Bonds)
    • Prop R: Yes (Santee School District: School Improvement Bonds)
    • Prop S: Yes (Julian-Cuyamaca Fire District: Fee for Fire Station)
    • Prop V: Yes (Boulevard Community Planning Area: Creation of Planning Group)
  • State Propositions
    • Prop 1A: Yes
    • Prop 1B: Yes
    • Prop 1C: Yes
    • Prop 1D: Yes
    • Prop 1E: Yes
    • Prop 83: No
    • Prop 84: Yes
    • Prop 85: No
    • Prop 86: Yes
    • Prop 87: Yes
    • Prop 88: No -- Prop 88 Comments
    • Prop 89: Yes
    • Prop 90: No -- Prop 90 Comments
    • Prop A: No

Notes: Only Democrats may be Endorsed. Non-Democrats may be rated acceptable in non-partisan races. Unrated, acceptable means the candidates are part of an opposition slate adn they did not seek our rating but are considered superior candidates to their opponents.

-- Raymond Lutz - 26 Oct 2006
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