Penal Code 12289

(a) The Department of Justice shall conduct a public education and notification program regarding the registration of assault weapons and the definition of the weapons set forth in Section Penal Code 12276.1. The public education and notification program shall include outreach to local law enforcement agencies and utilization of public service announcements in a variety of media approaches, to ensure maximum publicity of the limited forgiveness period of the registration requirement specified in subdivision (f) of Section Penal Code 12285 and the consequences of nonregistration. The department shall develop posters describing gunowners' responsibilities under this chapter which shall be posted in a conspicuous place in every licensed gun store in the state during the forgiveness period. For 50 BMG rifles, the department's education campaign shall provide materials to dealers of .50 BMG rifles, and to recognized national associations that specialize in .50 BMG rifles.

(b) Any costs incurred by the Department of Justice to implement this section which cannot be absorbed by the department shall be funded from the Dealers' Record of Sale Special Account, as set forth in subdivision (d) of Section Penal Code 12076, upon appropriation by the Legislature.


(a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), the Department of Justice shall, for every person, firm, or corporation to whom a permit is issued pursuant to this article, annually conduct an inspection for security and safe storage purposes, and to reconcile the inventory of assault weapons.

(b) A person, firm, or corporation with an inventory of fewer than five devices that require any Department of Justice permit shall be subject to an inspection for security and safe storage purposes, and to reconcile inventory, once every five years, or more frequently if determined by the department.

-- Raymond Lutz - 09 May 2008
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