Publish Cops Canvass Report Config

Version Specific Options

Web options

Relative directory Path of a directory relative to {PublishPlugin}{Dir} where you want the output generated. '/' means generate the output directly in {PublishPlugin}{Dir}.
  • Set PUBLISH_RELATIVEDIR = w/pub/Common/CopsCanvassReport/
  • {PublishPlugin}{Dir} = /var/www/vhosts/

Relative URL used in sitemap -- the base URL that your published Foswiki topics will reside at (if you are publishing to the root of your site, / is correct) See Google webmaster tools

Output format. Options are file, zip, tgz, pdf, ftp. The output will be generated on the server, in the directory pointed to by the {PublishPlugin}{Dir} configuration setting. You can manage the contents of this directory from the browser using the %PUBLISHERS_CONTROL_CENTRE% macro (See Publish Plugin Control Centre).
NOTE The rendered data can get pretty big, and the process itself puts a heavy load on the server, especially when using compression on large webs.
  • Set PUBLISH_FORMAT = pdf

Generator Options - For file output, "F" means "use flat file structure (i.e. no web/subweb)

  • Set PUBLISH_GENOPT = --no-duplex --numbered --portrait --quiet --titleimage /var/www/vhosts/ --firstpage p1 --toclevels 4

# --no-links --duplex

Common Options

Web to publish
  • Set PUBLISH_WEB = Common

Inclusions. Comma-separated list of wildcard patterns that match the names of topics to include. Use * for all topics.

Exclusions Comma-separated list of wildcard patterns that match the names of topics to exclude. Leave blank to include all topics.
  • Set PUBLISH_EXCLUSIONS = Web*,Publish*

Versions Name of a topic that contains a table, each row of which maps a topic names to the version of that topic to publish. Leave blank to publish the most recent version of each topic. The table can be generated by a %SEARCH or other macro. For example: | Web.TopicName | 1.33 |. If a topic does not appear in the table, the most recent version will be published.

Regex Filter A regular expression that will cause a topic to be excluded if the RE matches the topic content. Leave blank to include all topics.

Enabled Plugins Comma-separated list of Plugins to enable during publish. Leave blank to enable all plugins. You are recommended to disable any plugins that generate buttons in the output.

Skin for published HTML. The skin provides the template for how topics are published. See Skins for more informations on skins.
You are recommended to pick basic_publish, or plain, or a print skin. Your installation may also offer a special export or publish skin.
IDEA! The view template is used to generate published pages, so view.basic_publish.tmpl is the template that will be used to generate the output. You can preview any topic in this skin simply by appending ?skin=basic_publish to the end of the view URL. Note that the standard VIEW_TEMPLATE template override still works when publishing.
  • Set PUBLISH_SKIN = basic_publish

Publishing history topic. This is where the history of your publishing is stored. Each time you publish, this topic is re-written with the log of the publishing process. You have to have "change" access to this topic. You can specify a topic in another web using the standard Web.Topic syntax.


Web options

Web options are only relevant for web output formats (file and ftp) The web formats generate a sitemap.xml, and can also generate default.htm, index.html and google site verification files.

Google file. generates the HTML verification file needed to verify your site claim. See Google webmaster tools

Default topic Name of topic to used to generate default.htm, index.html

Use Pub Attachments - do not worry about attachments in the pub directory, just leave them there and refer to them using absolute links.

Use Web Prefix - normally, the web/subweb prefix is added to the resulting filename.

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