Farm Installed capacity (MW) Country Total Number Of Turbines Total Land Area Acres Per Turbine Notes
Altamont Pass Wind Farm 596 USA 4900     Considered largely obsolete, these numerous small turbines are being gradually replaced with much larger and more cost-effective units. The small turbines are dangerous to various raptors that hunt California Ground Squirrels in the area.
Biglow Canyon Wind Farm 450 Sherman County, Oregon 225 25,000 acres 111 The facility is authorized to install up to 225 wind turbines totaling 450 MW and averaging 150 MW distributed over 25,000 acres (100 kmĀ²). Each turbine's supporting tower must be between 265 and 280 feet (80-85 m) tall; combined with windmill blades, each unit may be from 400 to 445 feet (122-136 m) tall. The turbines may be aligned in up to 30 corridors 500 feet (150 m) wide on private farmland leased from the appropriate landowners.
Brazos Wind Ranch 160 USA 160      
Buffalo Gap Wind Farm 353 USA 222      
Cedar Creek Wind Farm 300 USA 274      
Centennial Wind Farm 120 USA 80      
Desert Sky Wind Farm 160 Pecos County, Texas 107 9600 acres 90 1.5 MW each
El Marquesado Wind Farm 198 Spain 99     2MW each
Elbow Creek Wind Project 122 USA 53     2.3 MW each
Fenton Wind Farm 206 USA 137     1.5 MW each
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm 750 Benton County, Indiana 222 38,400 acres 173 1.5 MW each, 253 ft RD. Uneven terrain is similar to SD Area. "Spacing between the wind turbines is approximately 4 to 5 rotor diameters (RD). Spacing between wind turbine strings is approximately 7 to 8 RD. Adjacent wind turbines will generally be located 1800-2000 feet apart in the north-south direction and 1400-1600 feet apart in the east-west direction. (58 acres to 73.46 acres)
Gray County Wind Farm 102 USA 170     600KW Each, 154ft RD
Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center 736 Nolan County, Texas 421 47,000 acres 111 291 GE Energy 1.5 MW wind turbines and 130 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines
London Array 1000 UK 341 57,600 acres 169 3MW to 7MW rated capacity each; Located offshore with no terrain issues.
San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm 619 USA 3218      
Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm 685 USA 5000+     108 KW Each
Thorntonbank Wind Farm 300 Belgium Trent Wind Farm 150 USA Twin Groves 1 359 USA Vankusawade Wind Park 201 India Waubra Wind Farm 192 Australia Whitelee Wind Farm 322 UK Wild Horse Wind Farm 229 USA Wildorado Wind Ranch 160 USA Woodward Wind Farm 159 USA Windpark Egmond aan Zee (offshore) 108 The Netherlands

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