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Immigration Survey of San Diego County Voters

Immigrant Rights Consortium of San Diego County (2007-08-01)

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  • View a presentation on the "Immigration Survey of San Diego County Voters" Commissioned by the Immigrant Rights Consortium of San Diego County. (shift-click to open a new window).
    • Summary:
      • Immigration is one of the top three local concerns, below affordable housing (1) and affordable gas (2).
      • A slight majority feel undocumented worker have a negative impact on: (1) Public health services, (2) Quality of Public Schools, (3) Local Crime Rate, and (4) County Welfare system.
      • A majority feel undocumented workers have no impact on: (1) Diversity of food, culture, music, arts; (2) Strength of the local economy; (3) Family Values; (4) Religious values; (5) Standard of living.
      • Respondents agree that immigrants: have strong family values (74%); have strong work ethic (69%); are good neighbors (62%); have strong religious practices (59%).
      • 85% agree that undocumented immigrants are mostly hard working people.
      • 66% agree that it is impractical to send back estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants.
      • Reform Proposals
        • 61% agree with earned legal status, (67% Dems, 57% Rep.), and every congressional district supports this notion by 56% to 67%, 60% in the 52nd CD.
        • 75% agree with legalizing undocumented youth, (85% Dems, 66% Rep.); every CD agrees by 69% to 85%, 72% in the 52nd CD.
        • 70% favors a temporary guest worker program (76% Dems, 65% Rep); every CD agrees by 64% to 77%, 64% in the 52nd CD.
        • 65% agree with increasing family-based visas (74% Dems, 56% Rep); every CD agrees by 59% to 71%, 59% in the 52nd CD.
        • 72% support reasonable border enforcement (75% Dems, 59% Rep); every CD agrees by 69% to 77%, 72% in the 52nd CD.
        • 52% oppose the border wall (65% Dems, 42% Rep); almost every district agrees except for Filner's district (which is right by the border).
      • Local Policies and Practices
        • 60% oppose vigilantism
        • Law enforcement should:
          • 64% -- directly enforce immigration laws
          • 62% -- Use ICE agents as interpreters to increase finding undocumented.
          • 64% -- ask crime victims if they are here illegally.
        • 53% approve requiring local health providers to ask for proof of residency before receiving treatment.
        • respondents are divided on whether local city ordinances should make it illegal to rent to undocumented immigrants.
        • 59% oppose allowing ICE agents to conduct raids on schools, buses, and grocery stores or any other places.
        • 53% oppose immediate deportation if it breaks up families and leaves minor children behind.
        • 69% oppose door-to-door searches.

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