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Election Integrity List
Discussion of Election processing, vote tampering, etc. Election Integrity Anyone
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Details about this list:

This list: electionintegrity@citizensoversight.org

is NONPARTISAN and posts related to political issues that are not directly related to election integrity should not be posted. There is a fine line between working on nonpartisan election integrity, in terms of fair and complete processing of elections, and the specific contests that are being processed by that system. So please be careful!

--> PLEASE NOTE You must introduce yourself by sending an email to raylutz@citizensoversight.org to be subscribed to this list. We get too many robotic sign-ups.

Here are some appropriate topics:
  • Election laws
  • Oversight of elections and election audits of any kind.
  • Lawsuits over elections
  • Election scams and rigging.
  • Registration issues, including voter purging, same-day registration, ineligible voting, deceased or immigrant voters.
  • Ease of voting vs long lines and machine failures.
  • Voting machine issues, including Ballot Marking Devices, DREs (touch screens), hand marked ballots, etc.
  • Advanced voting methods, such as Ranked-choice voting (RCV), Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), Score then automatic runoff (STAR), approval voting, etc.
  • Risk Limiting Audits and Ballot Image Audits and any traditional audits.
  • Compliance audits of chain of custody, etc.
  • Other hazards in the voting process.
  • Invitations to events and engagement opportunities regarding ballot measures that affect election laws.

Here are some topics that are inappropriate:
  • Any sort if political ad for a specific candidate or ballot measure that is not itself about elections.
  • Invitations to political events, rallies, etc.
  • Comments on the latest scuffles in DC, such as impeachments, Trump tweets, etc.
  • Discussion about who is the best candidate, how the debates went, etc.
  • Media bias in coverage of political issues unless those issues are themselves about elections.

Even with this attempt to remain nonpartisan, there are some election integrity topics that are "spicy" and have a significant amount of misinformation, such as:
  • undocumented immigrants voting.
  • incarcerated prisoner voting.
  • Vote-by-mail schemes that are questionable.
  • Voter-ID requirements.
  • etc.
Please be respectful and provide EVIDENCE for any statements you claim are true so we can maintain evidence-based discussions.

Please also review and understand the following:

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