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Duncan D. Hunter's Dictatorship

Citizens Oversight (2011-05-12) Raymond Lutz

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Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, in an interview recently with Laura Ingram, said that he would "Rather have a conservative dictatorship" than have to endure the frustrations of democratic institutions like the Congress. This statement made me wonder: what would such a conservative dictatorship actually look like if the youthful Hunter had his way?

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't suggest we actually follow through with Hunter's suggestion to throw in the towel on our democracy and set up a dictatorship instead. Even if we don't abandon our constitution and the dream of our founding fathers, we may still be in for a surprise if "conservative dictatorship" extremists like Hunter have their way.

Of course, we can only imagine, because the Republicans rarely proposed any viable legislation, because whenever they do, we see the stark reality of their goals. What would this look like?

  • Gut Social Security - This was already tried by President George W.Bush. We know now that had he been successful, there would be no safety net left, with all the money scraped off the table and into the pockets of Wall Street.
  • Gut Medicare - This was recently proposed by Rep. Ryan in the GOP budget, providing healthcare to seniors through vouchers. Seniors would have to rely on inadequate "death vouchers" because they would be inadequate to cover the costs. The plan does nothing to improve the efficiency of our healthcare system and hold down costs. It saves money by withholding care.
  • Abolish unions - Note attempts in Wisconson
  • Repeal Fair Labor Standards Act -- Eliminate the minimum wage, abolish 40-hour week and overtime
  • Eliminate the progress of Healthcare reform - Eliminate the new right to buy insurance if you have pre-existing conditions, no limits on profits by insurance companies, etc.
  • Further tax cuts for the wealthy - Even though there is no evidence trickle-down economics works or creates jobs.
  • No tax on capital gains - reward non-working investors while taxing honest workers, a tax policy which is completely upsidedown
  • Overturn Roe vs. Wade - abortions become illegal and unavailable and any woman practicing self-abortion, say using a coathanger to "murder" the fetus would be executed.
  • No background checks for gun ownership -- even automatic weapons are available to anyone. Loaded weapons are routinely carried on the street.
  • Creationism would be taught in schools as science and evolution made illegal.
  • Christianity would be declared the "official" state religion and Jews would be incarcerated for "killing" Jesus
  • Military would be fully privatized, with Blackwater, Halliburton, and other firms taking over for the military on a for-profit basis
  • Drill-baby-drill in deep water areas without additional safeguards, including the coast of California.
  • Open the floodgates for nuclear reactors in every district and abandon renewable energy development
  • Promote SUVs and off-road vehicle use without restriction and ban "liberal" hybrids
  • Abolish endangered species act; Eliminate the EPA
  • Ignore climate science and avoid cap-and-trade market-based solutions to reduce pollution.
  • No marriage equality, make gay relationships illegal, and execute any homosexuals (See GOP linked rock ministry says executing gays is moral)
  • Re-enact ban on gays in the military.
  • Ship all illegals to the border, no matter the cost. Pull over anyone that "looks Mexican" and check their paperwork, including long-form birth certificate.
  • Embed REAL-ID chips in citizens to allow everyone to be tracked
  • Reward outsourcing of jobs to China, India, etc. as demonstrated by Carly Fiorina of HP
  • Restrict voting to the ruling class and deem all corporations as voting citizens.
  • Reverse new regulations on credit card companies and other lenders.
  • Eliminate any attempts to root out fraud on Wall Street.

Is that the sort of world you want to live in? There would definitely be a real demand for those firearms, but mostly by people aiming at their own heads.


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