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Roster Review Procedure Tutorial

Citizens Oversight (2016-08-18) Ray Lutz

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Roster Review is conducted after the election as soon as voter sign-in rosters are available. This procedure is
  • a check on the chain of custody of the ballots executed at the polling place
  • allows us to gain information about how voters were handled.

It allows us to retrospectively review the conduct of the election.
  • Since we are not looking at ballots, they cannot stop us from reviewing these documents.
  • Although they make it very hard to do so.

Now is the time

This video was posted just after the June 2016 primary. We have started our roster review in San Diego.
  • Your district may be vastly different in how they conduct their paperwork at the polling place.
  • Main issue is how many ballots were voted, how many provisionals, etc.
  • This an be compared with the snapshot data file (if you have it) and final canvass results.

Data Analysis

  • This procedure is about CAPTURING THE DATA rather than analyzing it.
  • Analyzing the data is a separate step but we do include part of that in the video.
  • Some of the analysis is shown in the video.

We are limited to a small number of people at one time. We find three-person teams work well.

  • One person does the scanning using an automatic-document-feeder scanner (we provide).
  • Two people extract data from signature pages, which we don't scan.
    • One person looks over the signatures, counts them, and looks for any "changes"
    • The other enters into a spreadsheet. (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE VIDEO as we no longer use a paper form).


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