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MI lawsuit 2020 General Election by Sidney Powell


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Now, here is a complaint re: Michigan.

I created a webpage for this to allow sharing.

(This one has a lot of similar language as the one in GA, at

Between the two, I think we can place the issues into a number of categories:

1. observers were not given adequate access or fair access, were harassed and intimidated or physically removed, ignored R challenges

[ even if true, this does not mean anything fraudulent occurred. ]

2. Dominion BMD devices don't allow full auditing.

[ yes, and no one in the EI community likes these, but that is an issue to take up outside the election. They are not perfect but both sides must live with the same imperfection in this regard. It is an imperfection that does not in itself bias for one candidate or another. But the fact that this issue is included in these lawsuits is to some extent a good thing in that it further points out the weakness of these BMD devices.]

3. Dominion election system allows votes to be changed en masse.

[ This does not really apply as an issue in GA after the full hand count. MI has no audits, so this is still an issue there and really MI, you need to have some audits. ]

4. Election workers modified etc. ballots

4a. election workers forged, added, removed or altered ballots.

4b. MI: Added 10,000s of ballots in two separate batches which were mostly for Biden, on Nov 4.

4c. MI: Forged voter information and added new voters to the the QVF using DOB of 1/1/1900

4d. Changed dates on absentee ballots.

4e. Allowed double voting by those who voted absentee and in-person.

4f. election workers coached voters to vote D.

4g: GA: election workers worked too long when water break occurred at 10pm at arena. [ Some of these can be investigated and evidence will be required to proceed on these I would think. ]

5. Non qualified or deceased voters voted, Counted ineligible ballots, Counted ballots without signatures or without attempting to match signatures.

[ I am interested in seeing evidence of this, as from what i have seen myself, this is biased in that mostly R voters were cheating like this. ]

6. (GA only) The full hand count in GA was illegal or conducted improperly.

[ Whether the hand count is legal or not seems almost immaterial to me, as it is certainly the goal of EI activists everywhere to have full hand counts if there the contest is very tight, and if done well, these can be relied upon as no computers need be involved. Yes ARLO should not have been used. The assertions that some auditors put some Trump ballots in Biden piles can be checked with the recount, and it is doubtful that if this did occur, it would occur in sufficient volume to make up the margin of victory. ]

7. (MI only) statistical analysis expert testimony claims that nearly 385,000 ballots must be thrown out. New voters voted in too high % for Biden.

It seems the MI complaint is a bit weaker than the one in GA, but GA has had a full hand count, so many of the claims that votes were inserted in dominion voting machines later in the process are thus moot.


In brief:

The conspiracy detailed in the Complaint alleges that ALL of the following were responsible for changing or authorized the change of hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden: Dominion software and hardware, state election officials, Dominion employees, police officers, Michigan election workers; state, county and city employees; Democratic poll watchers and activists; AND agents from Iran and China.

The Complaint alleges that tens of thousands of ballots were delivered in the middle of the night of November 3, all for Joe Biden, and all by non-existent or fraudulent voters who were all assigned the birth date of January 1, 1990 (this should be pretty easy to disprove by looking at the voters-who-voted list that includes the date they voted and includes their birth dates).

Their "expert witness" Russell James Ramsland, Jr., has apparently had his report debunked because he used Minnesota precincts instead of Michigan precincts.

Dominion denies all of Sydney Powell's charges against the company, in detail, on its home page at Dominion employees are receiving serious threats to their safety, harrassment, and a bounty was placed on one worker over unfounded complaints of fraud. (Dominion does mistakenly state or imply that Michigan's voting systems are federally certified, which they are not due to their use of wireless modems).

In order to try to show that there are more fraudulent votes than Biden's winning margin of 154,188 votes over Trump, the Complaint alleges all kinds of manipulations with absentee ballots including not delivering ballots, altering ballots, altering the postmark, counting ballots received after November 3 (the deadline by law in Michigan is 8 pm on November 3), partisan duplication of ballots, changing thousands of undervotes to votes for Biden and undoing thousands of overvotes to increase Biden's total. It comes up with just about every possibility for changing absentee votes but where is the proof?

I read the Complaint fairly quickly and I am certainly interested in and open to differing opinions on this!!

There are some valid statements regarding problems with ballot-marking devices and some vulnerabilities of the voting system, but that does not mean that vote totals were changed.

Susan Pynchon


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