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Voting on Thin Ice

Shelby Advocates for Valid Elections (SAVE) (2017-09-01) Mike Kernell, Carol Chumney, Joseph Weinberg

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  • Voting on thin ice (Mike Kernell)
    • Aug 2, 2012 elections, thousands of voters in Memphis and Shelby County over 3,000 voters were given the wrong ballot.
      • The Shelby County Chancellor ordered a new election, but it was later overturned on appeal.
      • Met with FBI agents to request an investigation.
    • In 2010 an e-pollbook loaded wrong information that indicated thousands of individuals had already cast a ballot when they had not.
      • Susan: used the data from the May election.
      • News item said that people were being arrested for voting twice, thus discouraging people from voting.
    • SCEC Admin Holden was suspended briefly
    • There were actually 5794 misassignments, a 9.3% error rate, and then after "fixing" them still a 4.6% error rate.
    • All poll tapes were not printed out on election night.
      • Susan and Bev Harris found poll tapes in the dumpster.
      • Susan was there and witness wiped clean computers on video.
    • SCEC said it was confined to only 2 precincts.
    • in 2012: 20 extra memory cards uploaded for precinct COR 09 before the polls closed.
      • Carol noticed numbers going up and down.
      • called the FBI.
      • Guy who uploaded the cards right after that drowned, went fishing with two other guys and drowned.
      • Investigator also drowned?
    • Election results database was downloaded with "no results" and then it was sent to Canada for correction.
    • GEMS second database in two elections with complications
    • Voting machines were connected to county network and not air-gapped.
    • Passwords not appropriately handled.
    • Unauthorized software installed on Shelby County system would allow editing of election results.
    • Improper controls to ensure no unauthorized memory cards are used.
    • Calibration problems.
    • Candidates were not allowed to inspect the system, no independent audits.
    • Election data and poll tapes destroyed or discarded.
    • Did not perform a complete audit of poll tapes with voter sign-in sheets, voter ballot apps, and printed tabulator results.
    • Requests for investigations ignored.
    • Susan says: got chased on the interstate. Car was tailgating, they would not go around. Pulled off on exit. Followed in u turn.
      • Witnessed people in warehouse waiting for them to leave, and then started removing voting machines from warehouse.


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