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The 2006 Election Administration and Voting Survey -- Summary of key findings

Election Assistance Commission (2007-12)

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Summary of Questions

Section One: Voter Registration

  • NVRA Exempt?
  • Total number of registered voters statewide and by county/local jurisdiction in last two elections (2004/2006)
  • Total number of voters
  • Number of voter reg. applications received Nov 2, 2004 to Nov 7, 2006
    • From all sources
    • By Mail
    • In person
    • at DMV offices, Public assistance offices state funded agencies, Armed Forces recruitment offices, All other agencies.
  • Number of voter Reg. apps that were:
    • Duplicates
    • Change of address
    • Invalid or Rejected
  • Total number of new registrations, 2004-2006
  • Total number of jurisdictions conducting Voter Reg.
  • Local entity primarily responsible for registering voters.
  • Other state/local agencies also responsible for voter reg.
  • Your office provide training on Voter Reg. process, how often?
  • How are voter reg forms transferred.
  • Who verifies & processes reg forms? (local state or both)?
  • What ID number(s) are used on Voter Reg forms?
  • What lists are consulted to verify voters?
  • What fields are compared
  • Does state electronically check for duplicates in other states?
  • Are all applicants notified if they are rejected?
  • How does statewide database link to state DMV data?
  • Does it link to disability and social services agencies?
  • What process is used to perform list maintenance?
  • Who is responsible?
  • Total number of regs deleted from the registration list
  • Total number of removal notices mailed per NVRA?
  • Total Number of responses received to those notices
  • Total number moved to inactive list.
  • Total number removed from inactive list due to change of address, Death, felony, failure to vote, voter request, or other reasons
  • Identify all sources considered in list maintenance
  • Are persons eligible who are convicted of felony, serving a sentence for a felony, or on probation?

Section two: Election Results

  • State conduct early voting?
  • total number of ballots cast, at polls, early voting, absentee, domestic military, overseas military, overseas civilian, FWAB, provisional?
  • Total number counted in same classifications?
  • Total statewide and county/local votes for each candidate in a federal contest
  • Total provisional ballots rejected, and for each reason (already voted, ballot not received in time, deceased, elector challenged, incomplete ballot, ineligible to vote, missing ballot, multiple ballots in one envelope, No ID, No Signature, Non-matching signature, not registered, REgistration purged, Wrong jurisdiction, wrong precinct, other).
  • Num. Absentee ballots requested / received.
  • Num. advanced ballots transmitted to overseas military and citizens
  • Num. absentee rejected, for reasons listed.
  • Same for advanced ballots to Military and overseas citizens.
  • Total number of undervotes & overvotes
  • Num poll workers assigned to each polling place by law
  • Num actually served.
  • Num polls with insufficient poll workers.
  • Local jurisdiction type.
  • number of jurisdictions in state
  • number of precincts
  • polling places
  • accessible to voter polling places
  • disability private ballot
  • num juris. responding
  • types of equipment in each county.
  • contact info for responding official
  • list of people responsible for registering voters

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