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Many of the videos and media available on this site are not actively hosted live, such as on video hosting services like You Tube due to their rare use. When available, these videos or other media will be listed here along with the offline path to the media. If you wish to request that the media be uploaded to an active hosting service like You Tube, please Contact Us and provide the media topic (like M 1306)

Topic Date Title Media Link Offline Path
M 1402 2013-10-21 CPUC Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Triennial Proceeding 2012 Media Archived Offline
M 1401 2013-10-07 CPUC Evidentiary Hearing on San Onofre (Phase 2) Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20131012 - (M1401) CPUC SONGS OII Phase 2 EH"
M 1388 2013-10-01 CPUC Public Participation meeting in San Diego, 2013-10-01 (Afternoon session: Media Archived Offline) "\\RUBY\Users\Public\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20131001 - CPUC Public Hearing, San Diego"
M 1347 2013-02-21 CPUC Public Participation Hearing on San Onofre (Costa Mesa), Meeting: Media Archived Offline "\\RUBY\Users\Public\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20130221 - CPUC Mtg on San Onofre, Costa Mesa (M1347)"
M 1306 2012-09-24 Del Mar City Council Considers San Onofre issue Media Archived Offline "\\RUBY\Users\Public\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20120924 - San Onofre at Del Mar City Council Meeting (M1306, not produced)"
M 1190 2011-11-01 Occupy San Diego - City Council 2011-11-01,,, Media Archived Offline "\\RUBY\Users\Public\Videos\IMxLibrary\CANON\20111101 - OSD at City Council Meeting (M1190)\20111101-AllOSD-AM-OccupySD-CityCouncil.avi"
M 1222 2011-10-28 OSD Live Stream Video on 2011-10-28 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\osdlivefeed\20111028 - osd livefeed on 2011-10-28"
M 1220 2011-10-27 OSD Live Stream Video on 2011-10-27 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\osdlivefeed\20111027 - osd livefeed on 2011-10-27"
M 1219 2011-10-26 OSD Live Stream Video on 2011-10-26 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\osdlivefeed\20111026 - osd livefeed on 2011-10-26"
M 1174 2011-07-21 Helix Water District Rate Increase Community Meeting Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20110721 - Helix Water Dist. Rate meeting"
M 1128 2011-02-07 LAFCO meeting 2011-02-07 incl Home Depot Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20110207 - LAFCO Meeting on Home Depot Project in El Cajon"
M 1122 2010-12-13 Hearing on Wind Zero on 2010-12-13 by Imperial County BOS Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101213 - WindZero Hearing Imperial BOS"
M 1120 2010-12-06 Grossmont Healthcare District 2010-12-06 meeting on Director Emeritus and Building Dedication to Stieringer Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101206 - GHD Meeting"
M 1115 2010-11-23 Grossmont Healthcare District 2010-11-23 special meeting regarding resignation of Stieringer Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101123 - GHD Meeting"
M 1116 2010-11-19 Grossmont Healthcare District 2010-11-19 meeting Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101119 - GHD Meeting"
M 1099 2010-11-10 GHD Emergency Meeting on Stieringer's employment scam Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101110 - GHD Emergency Meeting on Stieringer"
M 1091 2010-10-18 CD52 Kearny Mesa Debate Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101018 - L4C 52CD Debate at Kearny Mesa"
M 1082 2010-10-14 Crest Candidate Forum - Congressional Candidates 2010-10-14 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101014 - Judge Debate & Crest Debate"
M 1092 2010-10-14 Candidate Forum: Superior Court Judge, Seat 20; 2010-10-14 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101014 - Judge Debate & Crest Debate"
M 1081 2010-10-07 CA 52CD Debate in Poway 2010-10-07 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20101007 - L4C 52CD Debate in Poway"
M 1062 2010-09-20 Congressional Debate - CA-52 2010 - Alpine, CA Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100920 - L4C 52CD Debate in Alpine"
M 1080 2010-08-18 'Hungry for Debates' Press Conference Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100816 - L4C Hunger Strike Rally"
M 986 2010-05-13 Poway City Council Forum Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100513 - Poway City Council Forum"
M 985 2010-05-10 Sunrise Powerlink Meeting in Alpine, 2010-05-10 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100510 - SRPL Meeting in Alpine"
M 977 2010-03-30 ECPAC Remodel Public Comment Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100330 - ECPAC Public Comment"
M 971 2010-03-09 ECPAC Presentation to El Cajon City Council Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100309 - ECPAC Presentation to City Council"
M 945 2010-02-23 Lakeside Fire District Meeting 2010-02-23 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100223 - Lakeside Fire District Board Meeting"
M 944 2010-02-17 Helix Water District Board Meeting - 2010-02-17 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100217 - Helix Water"
M 933 2010-01-26 Lakeside Fire Board 2010-01-26 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20100126 - Lakeside Fire District Board Meeting"
M 909 2009-12-18 Grossmont Healthcare Board Meeting Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20091218 - GHD (Boys & Girls Club)"
M 908 2009-12-16 ECPAC Community Forum Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20091216 - ECPAC Community Forum"
M 876 2009-10-20 Hearing of the Assembly Select Committee on K-16 Articulation, Access and Affordability -- Marty Block, Chair Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20091020 - MartyBlock SDSU Admissions"
M 858 2009-10-03 Attorney General Jerry Brown Addresses Grassroots Convention Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20090926 - SDCDP Convention"
M 798 2009-06-10 Southwestern College Governing Board meeting, 2009-06-10,,, (BW ITEM Media Archived Offline) "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20090610 - (M798) SWC incl. Blackwater item"
M 873 2009-04-23 Ethics and Military Contractors: Examining the Public-Private Partnership. Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20090423 - (M873) Ethics and Military Contractors Seminars"
M 727 2009-02-09 Proposition 11 Redisticting Commission Meeting, 2009-02-09 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20090209 - (M727) COPS Prop11"
M 660 2008-10-20 A Question of power -- Stop the Sunrise Powerlink Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20081020 - AQuestionOfPower (M660)"
M 603 2008-08-15 Grossmont Healthcare District 2008-08-15 Full Meeting Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20080815 - COPS GHD"
M 604 2008-08-15 Grossmont Healthcare District Board 2008-08-15 Communication Policy Changes Only Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20080815 - COPS GHD"
M 605 2008-06-10 Jeremy Scahill speaks in San Diego, June 10, 2008 Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20080610 - BW ScahillInSanDiego"
M 864 2008-05-13 ECPAC Expansion Proposal by Pacific Realty Advisors Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20080513 - ECPAC Realty Advisors Proposal"
M 309 2007-11-08 Potrero CPG 2007-11-08 Blackwater Resolution Only Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20071108 - (M308-M309) BW PCPG"
How To Submit Media 2007-05-13 How to Submit Media Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20070513 - HowToSubmitMedia"
M 965 2006-05-07 2006 52nd CD Forum: 'Lesson Plan for a Brighter Future' (education, equality, the economy and jobs) Media Archived Offline "R:\Media\Videos\MediaArchivedOffline\20060507 - (M965) 52CD Forum"


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