Procinctu Fast Track Application


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Tony Carstens • Agency Director Planning Department
Robert C. Johnson • Planning Director
DATE: June 12. 2006
TO: Richard Dozier
CC: Procintu Groups Inc. John D. Choate
RE: Fast Track No. 2005-23
Planner: Adam B. Rush, Planner IV

Planning Staff has reviewed the Fast Track application materials and has the following comments:


General Site Information:

  1. The project is designated as Very-Low Density-Rural Community (VLDR-RC-1 acre minimum) and Rural Mountainous (RM-10 acre minimum) on the Lakeview Nuevo Area Plan.
  2. The project site is zoned Residential-Agriculture-one acre minimum (R-A-1) and Residential-Agriculture-10 acre minimum (R-A-10).
  3. The project site is not located within the 100-year or 500-year floodplains.
  4. The southwest portion of the project site is located within an area of Low Liquefaction.
  5. According to the most current Riverside County Vegetation maps, the project is a mixture of the following: CHAPARRAL, FIELD CROPLANDS, NON-NATIVE GRASSLAND, PENINSULAR JUNIPER WOODLAND AND SCRUB. RESIDENTIAL/URBAN/EXOTIC, and RIVERSIDEAN SAGE SCRUB.
  6. The project is located within the San Jacinto Valley Watershed.
  7. The project is located within the Fifth Supervisorial District. ,
  8. The project site is not located with the Sphere of Influence of any incorporated city.
  9. The project site is located within the Community of Homeland.
  10. The project is not located within the Influence Area of any private or public airport.
  11. The project site is not located within an Agricultural Preserve.
  12. The project site is not located within a Redevelopment Area.
  13. The project site is located within a County Service Area No. 146.
  14. According to the most current Riverside County Farmland Designation maps, the majority of the project site is not located within a Farmland Designation.
  15. The project site is located in a High Fire Area of Riverside County
  16. The project is located within the Romoland/Perris Union High School Unified School District.
  17. The project is not located within a Specific Plan.
  18. The project is located within an area designated by Riverside County Fire Department with special Fire Flow restrictions.
  19. This project is not located a Development Agreement.
  20. The project is not located with a Criteria Cell of the Western Riverside MSHCP; but is directly adjacent to the south of Criteria Cell # 3183 and 3184.
  21. The project is not allowed to construct outdoor billboards.
  22. The project is not located within any Policy Areas or Overlays of the Riverside County General Plan.
  23. The project is not located within a Criteria Cell Unit of the Riverside County MSHCP.

The Planning Department has reviewed the proposed site plan and has the following comments:

  1. The proposed project site is zoned Residential Agriculture-one and ten acre minimums (R-A-1 and R-A-10). This zoning classification does not list any specific uses that include "security training facilities, providing tactical and academic training programs for military and law enforcement personal" as described in the project description. Furthermore, the R-A zoning does not afford any subsequent consideration by the Planning Director for uses "not specifically identified," within Article Vlb, Section 6.50, (b) or (c). Based on the current zoning classification, the Planning Department cannot process and/or support this application under the current zoning classification of R-A.
  2. The Planning Department suggest that a Zone Change Application be filed to alter the current zoning classification of the project site from Residential-Agriculture-one acre minimum (R-A-1) to Rural Commercial (C-R) on portions of the project designated by the Rural Community: Very Low Density Land Use Designation (VLDR-RC). Furthermore, this facility is not listed as a use specifically identified and shall require specific consideration by the Planning Director under Article IXd, Section 9.62. Subsection (d). The Planning Director shall find that the proposed use is substantially the same in character and intensity as those listed in the designated subsections (a and b). Such a use is subject to the permit process, which governs the category in which it falls. Any require outside storage shall be specifically detailed within the findings above, and consistent with Section 9.64 (g) of this ordinance. The above-mentioned findings shall be issued by the Planning Director in writing to the applicant and/or their representative.
  3. Primary concerns regarding this project are the incorporation of buffering concepts to shield the existing and future residential units surrounding the proposed project to the west and south. A Specific Plan proposal located west of Briggs Road, south of Mountain Avenue, north of Mapes Road, and east of Menifee Avenue is currently proposing approximately 750 single-family homes, which are urban in nature. Even though this Specific Plan is not approved, consideration shall be given to the potential development of additional residential housing within the surrounding area as well as the existing land uses.
  4. Please detail all building setbacks as they are delineated from the nearest existing lot line. All front, side, and rear yard setbacks shall be a minimum of 25-feet from the proposed street line.
  5. Please detail on plans the appropriate number of trash enclosures to service the project site. All enclosures shall be screen with a six-foot (6') high fence and be inaccessible to wildlife.
  6. The proposed project shall be required to install, and provide proof of installation to the Riverside County Planning Department, of an acceptable security system.
  7. The proposed septic system located at the southern portion of the project site (located adjacent to Building #1) must show the proposed leach lines, and 100% expansion area.
  8. The proposed septic system located northwest of Building #1 1 is located within the pad area of this building, please relocate to a more appropriate position and show the proposed leach lines, and 100% expansion area.
  9. Provide further information regarding the proposed "earthen berm" located to the east of Briggs Road. What is the propose? The location of this berm seems to conflict with the implementation of the proposed R-O-W section for Briggs Road.
  10. Revise Section "A-A" to detail the improvements proposed by this project and improvement "by-others" rather than 'Future."
  11. There are a large amount of "blank-space" delineated on this site plan (pages 2-3) that is surrounded by the "Perimeter Road" (Section "E-E") and the Central Road (Section "C-C"). Is this are to remain "natural," "graded," etc. What is the proposed disposition of these areas not impacted by any proposed structures?
  12. There are areas on the site plan that appear to represent access roads, but are not delineated by a particular section or shaded. Please provide more information on these areas.
  13. Are the "arrowed" details shown around the proposed slopes that surround Buildings #21 and #22 supposed to represent drainage flows? Please clarify.
  14. Are the "Exst. Stl Buildings in Place" as shown on the site plan to remain, and if so, will they be incorporated into the project proposal?
  15. Please provide further information regarding the incorporation of retaining walls in favor of sloped areas for building pads. Retaining walls in excess of five-feet (5') are generally discouraged for Planning purposes.
  16. Please provide additional information on this project's intent/requirement to realign/improve Briggs Road. Consideration of potential findings under Ordinance No. 460, Section 3.2J may be required as part of this project proposal.
  17. This project will be required to apply for a Certificate of Compliance prior to the first Building Permit, as it is a portion of a lot.
  18. This project does not propose any parking as shown on the proposed site plan. Since no specific use exist within Ordinance No. 348, Section 18.12, the project proponent shall provide a list of all full-time and part-time employees, and project number of clients that will visit the facility on a daily basis.
  19. Will this project provide for any "overnight" accommodations?
  20. Please provide further information regarding the hours of operation.

The following reports/plans shall be required and submitted for County Review:

  1. A Phase I Cultural Resources report
  2. Conceptual Landscaping Plans (specifically identifying landscaping along Briggs Road) (3 copies)
  3. Slope Analysis Report (all drive areas, structures, and access points shall remain out of the areas of 25% slope). Please overlay the site plan onto this exhibit.
  4. An acoustical analysis to evaluate the potential noise impacts from vehicles and weapons.
  5. An Air Quality analysis to evaluate the potential impacts from fugitive dust and vehicular emissions.
  6. Full size Colored Architectural elevations (3 copies)
  7. Full size Elevations (6 copies)
  8. Full size-Proposed Floor Plans for all building (6 copies)

The estimates of your current application fees for this proposal are:
  • Conditional Use Permit: $9457.00 or
  • Public Use Permit: $7522.00 as determined by the Planning Director
  • Environmental Assessment Fees: $559.91
  • Posting Fee for California Fish and Game: $64.00
  • Total Fees due upon project submittal including a 1.5% surcharge for IMS: $10080.00

Actual fees will be those in effect at the time of project submittal.
Planning related fees required at grading Permit, building Permit or occupancy Permit:(see other Department/Special District letters for additional fees required)
Ordinance 810 Fee: $3293/Acre Ordinance 659 Fee: $26,085/Acre
Actual fees will be those in effect at the time of project submittal.
Please include a copy of this letter when submitting your application.
No issues other than those identified in this letter will be raised by staff during the processing of an application for the development proposal. However, where the Planning Director subsequently determines that conditions have changed or that the existing information does not fully address all significant concerns, staff may require an additional study or studies not specified in this letter. Similarly, County and special district policies may change during the letter's two year life and policy recommendations which were valid when the letter was issued may or may not be valid when the development proposal is filed and processed. In such cases, the development application will be subject to County and special district policies in effect at the time of filing or hearing, whichever is appropriate. State and Federal policies and laws unknown or not effective at the time of the Fast Track meeting may also affect the subsequent application.



FROM: Supervisor Marten Ashley SUBMITTAL DATE: March 8, 2007


RECOMMENDED MOTION: Thai the Board pf Supervisors grant Fast Track status to The "Ranch" Training Center In accordance with Board Fast Track Policy A-32.

Economic Development Agency staff has received a request for Fast Track status from Procinctu Group to construct a privately owned police, military and governmental agency tactical training center. The proposed development project will be located northerly of Morden Drive and westerly of Briggs Road in the unincorporated community of Homeland totaling 194 acres. The training center wiil consist of administrative office buildings, a gymnasium, s covered pool, classrooms, training structures, several mock streets arranged to sirmrfate a town, indoor firing range/simulation firing ranges, indoor rifle ranges, and a tactical driving test track and skid pad totaling approximately 77,875 sq. ft.

The proposed development project received Fast Track Authorization on 12/13/2006. However, after further review from the Plannffig Department it was deemed that a Publfc Use Permit was the most appropriate land use application for this development project. The Public Use Permit land use application is not eligable to receive Fast Track Authorization under current Fast Track Policy guidelines. Therefore, in order to assist the applicant in expediting the land use and permit process approval, I am recommending that Fast Track status be granted to this project.

Marion Ashtey, Supervisor
Fifth District
Agenda Number: 3.1

To: Subject: PUP 18.29
Date: Won, 18 Aug 2008 7:30 am

a. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this ordinance, the following uses may be permitted in any zone classification provided that a public use permit is granted pursuant to the provisions of this section:

(1) Educational institutions.

(2) Deleted. Amended Effective:
09-10-99 (Ord. 348.3883) repealed.
10-21-99 (Ord. 348.3888)

(3) Government Uses

(4) Any hospital or other facility that is licensed by the California Department of Public Health, or by the California Department of Mental Hygiene, not including a family care, foster home or group home that serves six or fewer persons.

(5) Any home or other facility for the aged or children that is licensed by the California Department of Social Services, or by the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services, not including a home or facility that serves six or fewer children or aged persons, nor a large family day care home that serves seven to twelve children. Said facilities shall be developed in accordance with the standards set forth in Sections 19.102 and 19.103 of this ordinance.

(6) Halfway house.

(7) Public utilities.

b. APPLICATION. Every application for a public use permit shall be made in writing to the Planning Director on the forms provided by the Planning Department, shall be accompanied by a filing fee as set forth in County Ordinance No. 671, and shall include the following information:

(1) Name and address of the applicant.
(2) Evidence that he is the owner of the premises involved or that he has written permission of the owner to make such application.
(3) A plot and development plan drawn-in sufficient detail to clearly describe the following:

a) Physical dimensions of property and structures.

b) Location of existing and proposed structures.

c) Setbacks.

d) Methods of circulation.

e) Ingress and egress.

f) Utilization of property under the requested permit.

(4) Such additional information as shall be required by the application form.

c. PUBLIC HEARING. A public hearing shall be held on the application for a public use permit in accordance with the provisions of Section 18.26 of this ordinance and all of the procedural requirements and rights of appeal as set forth therein shall govern the hearing.

d. CONDITIONS. A public use permit shall not be granted unless the applicant demonstrates that the use will not be detrimental to the health, saftey or general welfare of the community. Any permit that is granted shall be subject to such conditions as shall be necessary to protect the health, safety or general welfare of the community.

e. USE OF PERMIT. Any public use permit that is granted shall be used within one year from the effective date thereof, or within such additional time as may be set into the conditions of approval, which shall not exceed a total of three years; otherwise, the permit shall be null and void. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a permit is required to be used within less than three years, the permittee may, prior to its expiration, request an extension of time in which to use the permit. A request for extension of time shall be made to the Board of Supervisors, on forms provided by the Planning Department and shall be filed with the Planning Director, accompanied by a fee as set forth in County Ordinance No. 671 . Within 30 days following the filing of a request for an extension, the Planning Director shall review the application, make a recommendation thereon, and forward the matter to the Clerk of the Board, who shall place the matter on the regular agenda of the Board. An extension of time may be granted by the Board upon a determination that valid reason exists for permittee noi using the permit within the required period of time. If an extension is granted, the total time allowed for use of the permit shall not exceed a period of three years, calculated from the effective date of the issuance of the permit. The term "use" shall mean the beginning of substantial construction of the use that is authorized, which construction must thereafter be pursued diligently to completion, or the actual occupancy of existing buildings or land under the terms of the authorized use. The effective date of a permit shall be determined pursuant to Section 18.26 of this ordinance.

-- Raymond Lutz - 2008-10-13

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