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Requesting Information Procedure

Citizens Oversight (2016-08-08) Ray Lutz

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Requesting Information Procedure

This is a general procedure for requesting information from governmental officials and more specifically, from elections officials.

Public Records Request

Most states have a public records act, which acknowledges that the records maintained by our government are owned by the public, and the public has access to those records. The tricky part is knowing what records to request, and requesting them in such a way that you will get results.

  • California: Called the California Public Records Act (CPRA), they are only required to provide records that already exist, and are not part of litigation, personnel records, and other exemptions. Furthermore, California has a state constitutional provision, Article 1, Section 3 b

SEC. 3. (b) (1) The people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business, and, therefore, the meetings of public bodies and the writings of public officials and agencies shall be open to public scrutiny.
(2) A statute, court rule, or other authority, including those in effect on the effective date of this subdivision, shall be broadly construed if it furthers the people's right of access, and narrowly construed if it limits the right of access. A statute, court rule, or other authority adopted after the effective date of this subdivision that limits the right of access shall be adopted with findings demonstrating the interest protected by the limitation and the need for protecting that interest.

Voters Bill of Rights

Many states have a "Voter's Bill of Rights". You will want to acquaint yourself with these additional rights. The exact provision will vary state-by-state.

  • Californa: Elections Code section 2300(9). States that :
(9) (A) You have the right to ask questions about election procedures and observe the election process.
(B) You have the right to ask questions of the precinct board and elections officials regarding election procedures and to receive an answer or be directed to the appropriate official for an answer. However, if persistent questioning disrupts the execution of their duties, the board or election officials may discontinue responding to questions.

For California, we recommend the following text. Modify accordingly for other states.

Please immediately acknowledge this email letter by return email.

The following request is made under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) and the California State Constitution, Article Sec 3(b), and the California Election Code, Section 2300 (9).

Please provide the following information. If existing public records exist, please provide in electronic form. If no records exist, please answer the question, and explain your answer. If you intend to provide the documents for inspection, please list which documents exist and why they cannot be provided in electronic form.

1. Here is my first question, etc.

We recommend that you:
  1. Email to the official in question.
  2. If they are new to your requests or do not immediately confirm reception, then print two copies, and hand-carry them to the office. Have the receptionist time/date stamp both, and you take one copy to prove you submitted it. This is faster, cheaper and better than certified mail, but it does require a personal visit.


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