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Legislative Agenda for Election Integrity

Citizens Oversight (2016-12-20) Ray Lutz

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Citizens' Oversight Projects has made progress in a focus on election integrity. It has become clear that changes in the elections code is our only course to gaining cooperation with elections officials in terms of improved audit oversight, such as with the Snapshot Protocol, and for general progress in improved openness of the elections process, such as with the Open Ballot Initiative proposal. The legislative agenda outlined here will serve to guide proposals in the legislature in California and also in other states.


The following outline provides the general framework of issues which exist.
  • Overseeable Audits
    • Published canvass "snapshot" of frozen unofficial canvass tabulation prior to each random selection.
      • Format same as semifinal canvass and official canvass
      • Published on website prior to random selection
      • Broken down by precinct or batch, race, ballot type.
      • CSV format suitable for machine processing.
      • All precincts or batches must be provided such that a sum of tabulation for all precincts or batches results in published results.
    • Improved Audit Methodology
      • Random selection performed by using list-dice method and not raffle drawing method.
      • Random selection meeting must allow public to witness and video record the selection.
      • No re-scanning ballots (to generate a new report) when variance are reported (as they do in LA and many other counties which does more to cover up fraud rather than expose it).
    • Improved audit reports
      • Any rescan of ballots must compare with initial frozen canvass results
      • Vote totals must be reported in addition to variances.
  • Provide for better citizen involvement
    • Random selection meeting must be able to be video recorded by anyone.
    • Loosen rules on video recording/photographing ballots if the identity of the voter is impossible to determine.
  • Support Open Ballot Initiative
    • Future election management equipment must produce ballot images, and create standard Cast Vote Record.
    • Use cryptographic mechanisms to secure the ballots such as SHA digest of each image and Block-Chain digest of ballot set.
    • Ballot images data and CVR data shall be made available to the public prior to certification.
    • Since use of this approach supports 100% independent audits of the election, 1% manual tally is not necessary, but can be replaced by statistical checks that image data accurately represents the physical ballots.

Open Googledoc for comments and for better formatted document.


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