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Evidence supporting Election Fraud in San Diego

Citizens Oversight (2016-08-10) Ray Lutz

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More Info: Election Integrity, Election Audit Lawsuit

Here is some evidence of possible election fraud in San Diego. It is clear that more information is needed to determine if these actions are legal or not. We find it very disturbing that many 100s of ballots were modified with no real oversight, second set of eyes, board review, etc. We are just supposed to trust them. Really?

When is altering a ballot legitimate?

I asked a few people with experience in other districts and they said altering the original ballot was strictly forbidden. If they needed to make a correction, then they would re-make the ballot by transferring the vote from one ballot to another with more than one person providing oversight, and they would preserve the original ballot. But in this election, the ROV said that because they ran out of "crossover" ballots, they had to use Democratic ballots for NPP voters who wished to vote in the Democratic primary for president. Those NPP voters are not allowed to vote for the Central Committee members, which is also on the Democratic ballot (but not on the crossover ballot). So if an NPP voter requested a Democratic crossover ballot AND they were out of those ballots AND they gave the voter a pure Democratic ballot AND if the NPP voter attempted to vote in the Central Committee race, THEN they would need to white-out the Central Committee race.

Although non-standard, that explanation seems reasonable. However, it does NOT explain any situation when workers should white-out votes in the presidential race. It also does NOT explain why workers use white-out on VBM ballots, which can be observed in item #5 below.

1. Written observations by Patricia Gracian, attached, regarding white-outs.

2. Video showing whited-out votes for president.

People talking on this video, Patricia Gracian and Josephine. Go to offset 1:15 to see whited-out vote for Bernie Sanders in the video.

3. Various scams to "fix" the election detected.

Patricia and Josephine explain that many ballots were thrown out due to address mismatch. However, election law says address will not be compared at all for provisional ballots.

4. Charlie Wallace confirms whiting out of ballots is being done.

  • Charlie Wallace admits white-out is being used.

5. Video showing workers applying white-out and enhancing the ballots.

6. Pictures, attached, of document shredding truck parked at Registrar of Voters. Notice in the background during our press conference in front of the ROV.

Michael Vu says no materials were shredded from the ROV but we are still concerned and tried to access the manifest of what was shredded. This needs to be further investigated.
  • Shredding Truck at ROV on June 28:

  • View of shredding truck in background at our press conference documenting that it is at the ROV:


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