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Election Team Email of 2016-09-04

Citizens Oversight (2016-09-04) Ray Lutz

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Election Team Email 2016-09-04

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Welcome to our election oversight team. We are getting more volunteers as more people are learning of our election oversight project, but we still need to work hard to get coverage of our targeted 175 top districts in the nation.
NEWCOMERS: Please visit this page: Welcome Election Oversight Newbies

Below, please review some important information about recent progress in FLORIDA and ARIZONA in the 8/30 primaries. These are important to learn about procedures and to get our teams in place if possible as a "dry run" for November.

Florida Primary

We have an urgent situation in Florida and need more people to help attend Race and Precinct selection meetings, many coming up on TUESDAY, September 6. In Florida, they chose ONE random race, and hand-tally 1% of the precincts that apply to that race. However, if there is a MANUAL RECOUNT ordered for any race in that county, that eliminates the need for a recount. We have apparently CAUGHT THEM trying to short-cut the audit requirements by avoiding an audit with a AUTOMATED RECOUNT. More details below.

We are happy that we have at least one video of the selection process that occurred on Sept. 1 in Marion County, courtesy of Margaret Carlock. Here is the video page with comments and the applicable law in Florida:

Our oversight appears to already be providing results!
That's right. The Marion County Board said they would not need to perform the manual tally, but the law says it can be avoided ONLY if there is a MANUAL RECOUNT. The recount done in Marion County was an AUTOMATED RECOUNT, and should NOT therefore qualify as a reason to avoid the manual audit.

UPDATE: A manual recount is scheduled for 9/5/2016 at 10:00 a.m. in Marion County.

Actions Needed for all districts that said audits may be canceled.

  • Find out if the RECOUNTS were AUTOMATED or MANUAL.
  • Ask election officials if they are still going to hold the audit.
  • Attend and video record the race and precinct random selection meetings if they are to be held. Many are scheduled for SEPT 6 (Tuesday).
  • If they only do a AUTOMATED RECOUNT and then they say they will not do the MANUAL AUDIT, then we need to ask them to do it according to the law.

Arizona Primary

Arizona also had a primary election on Tuesday, August 30. John Brakey has been an election integrity activist in Arizona for many years and has the organization Audit AZ.
  • Maricopa County (Phoenix) would not allow John to attend their random selection meeting.
  • Pima county has an initial meeting but does not choose race or precincts until a later meeting. The first meeting is only to allow them to be compliant with the law so they can say they started the manual audit on time.

Conference Call

We may be calling a conference call on Wednesday to discuss the results and decide on next action. Please just set aside 6pm PT for now.

--Ray Lutz


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