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Cadem Resolution: Opposing Coal Liquefaction

Cadem Resolutions Committee (2007-07-15) Dante Atkins, DSCC Member, AD-42, and Platform Committee Member

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Opposing Coal Liquefaction

Resolution Number SAC07.17

WHEREAS, the Environmental Protection Agency has determined that even should carbon sequestration technology not currently in existence be developed for fuel production by coal liquefaction, conversion to fuel derived from liquid coal would still increase the emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change; and

WHEREAS, a recent study by MIT concluded that building coal-to-liquid fuel plants would be expensive and inefficient, with each plant costing nearly four times as much as would an oil refinery with equivalent capacity; and

WHEREAS, certain methods of coal production, such as mountaintop removal, cause severe environmental damage and blighted landscapes;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party opposes taxpayer subsidies for the construction of coal-to-liquid fuel plants; government guarantees of minimum purchase of coal-derived liquid fuel; as well as any minimum price guarantees or purchase requirements for liquid fuel derived from coal.

Author: Dante Atkins, DSCC Member, AD-42, and Platform Committee Member

Co-sponsors: Wendy Block, AD-42
Ricco Ross, AD-42
Joye Swan, Legislative Action Committee Member, AD-42
Carl Manaster, AD-75
Susie Shannon, E-Board Member, AD-42
David Hyman, AD-40

Rosalyn Kahn, AD-40
Michael Jay Miltenberg, AD-42
Johanna Olson, Platform Committee Member, AD-42
Daniel Licht, AD-42
John Heaner, Region 13 Director
Jim Hilfenhaus, E-Board Member, Resolutions Committee Co-Chair, AD-38
Lyn Shaw Hilfenhaus, Platform Committee Member, AD-38

Diana Shaw, AD-38
Mark Kleiman, AD-42
Andrew Davey, AD-69
Paula Villescaz, Voter Services Committee Member, AD-05
David Dayen, AD-41
Wayne Williams, AD-41
Marcy Winograd, E-Board Member, AD-41
Ellis Perlman, AD-41
Jonathan Troen, AD-41

Desiree Funch, AD-68
Gila Jones, Voter Services Committee Member, AD-73
John G. Vigna, Organizational Development Committee Co-Chair

* * *

Adopted by the Executive Board
Of the California Democratic Party
At Its Executive Board Meeting
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento
July 15, 2007

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