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Peevey Toasters Face Public Scrutiny

Citizens Oversight (2015-02-11) Ray Lutz

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More Info: California Public Utilities Commission, Coalition To Decommission San Onofre, Shutdown Diablo, Shut San Onofre, Stop The Unfair Settlement


February 11, 2015


Peevey Toasters Face Public Scrutiny

Southern California Edison implicates Peevey in Unethical Warsaw Meeting, Violating Rules, Statutes, and Propriety

Attendees of Gala Event Tacitly Endorse Peevey Malfeasance

FEBRUARY 11, 2015 – Citizens' Oversight Projects (COPS) calls on citizens to put pressure on insiders who are planning to attend, sponsor, or accept funds from the planned “Peevey Gala Celebration,” scheduled to occur at 6pm, February 12, 2015, at the Merchant Exchange Building in San Francisco. Michael Peevey is ex-president of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

The official submission by Southern California Edison (SCE) on Monday outlined the improper and unethical meeting in Warsaw, Poland, between SCE and Peevey in 2013, apparently to concoct the bailout of SCE after the failure of the steam generators at the San Onofre Nuclear plant, finally disclosing the meeting 683 days late. The proper investigation of the near nuclear disaster at San Onofre was never completed, instead opting for the bailout settlement that Peevey and SCE executive Pickett likely outlined at this meeting on a Bristol Hotel notepad, confiscated recently in a raid on Peevey's home by the Attorney General's office.

Peevey is also implicated in the San Bruno gas explosion affair, which killed eight people and was to result in a multi-billion dollar penalty, and which was the primary impetus for the raids on the homes of Peevey, former CPUC Executive Director Paul Clannon, and former PG&E executive Brian Cherry.

“There is now no question,” said Ray Lutz, of COPS. “People going to the gala event now must decide if they will stand against this sort of abuse, or if they will go along with the obvious power play by Peevey and his cronies.”

Lutz said they would like to see the event canceled for lack of attendance.

COPS believes that we must hold public officials up to the highest of standards. Unlike every other state agency, there is no legal review by the Superior Courts of the actions of the CPUC. If they abuse their power, the only option we have as citizens is to make sure they leave their office in disgrace, and not toasted as heroes.

COPS plans to hold a press conference and “Prosecute Peevey” rally outside the event starting at 5pm on the 12th.

Lutz said he called the Henry Brady, Dean of The Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, a sponsor and recipient of any surplus monies generated by the $250 a plate affair. They do this in exchange for lending their untarnished name to the event. Lutz asked Brady not to accept money from the event and to pull their sponsorship. But Brady refused, saying he could see no conflict of interest. Since then, dean's office was swamped with 100s of phone calls, emails, and faxes, with no letup in sight.

“With the clear impropriety now outlined in writing by SCE, the support of this event by this UC school of public policy is beyond comprehension. I think Mr. Brady should retake Ethics 101, and the decision to support the gala event should be reviewed by Public Policy students, and also by the UC board of regents.”

Lutz said the COPS activist network is relentless, and will go to the various donors of the school to make sure they are aware of the unethical support of this event by the school, and to pull future donations. It will become far too expensive to continue to support malfeasance than it will for the college to take the high road and distance itself from Peevey. If any members of the public wish to express their displeasure with the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, they can call the office at 510-642-5116.

“We will be documenting every person, organization, and elected official who attends this event and we will make sure the information comes to light, so their donors, benefactors, and voters know they are continuing to support unethical malfeasance and abuse of power. We as citizens must use our power to stop such waste, fraud and abuse through civic engagement, the mission of COPS.”.


WHAT: “Prosecute Peevey” Rally and Press Conference – to encourage the continued investigation into the malfeasance of Micheal Peevey when he served as head of the CPUC.

WHERE: Merchant's Exchange Building, 465 California, San Francisco, CA 94104 (near corner of California and Montgomery)

WHEN: 5pm, February 12, 2015

WHO: Anyone can attend! Bring signs and loud voices! Definitely anyone in these groups:
  • Students of the Goldman School of Public Policy

  • Shutdown Diablo activists

  • Shut San Onofre activists

  • Smart Meter activists

  • San Bruno Accident activists

  • Stop The Unfair Settlement activists

  • Watchers of the California Public Utilities Commission

  • Occupy protestors

  • Media and Reporters!

  • Michael Aguirre: San Diego Attorney (and former San Diego City Attorney)

  • Ray Lutz: National Coordinator and Founder of COPS.





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